June’s Diary Cover Jodeci’s ‘Stay’

Published: Thursday 16th Mar 2017 by David

Exciting music alert!

Still riding high on the wave that is their hit BET TV series is the R&B group June’s Diary!

Today, the five-piece force have surprised their fans with a cover of Jodeci‘s smash hit song ‘Stay‘ as they search high and low for material to complete their hotly-anticipated debut offering.

Let’s start our love again
We can be more than just friends
Don’t you know
The sun
Is going down
So baby won’t you just stay
Baby won’t you just stay
For a little while

Mentored by Kelly Rowland, the group can be expected to support their forthcoming material with a live show in the coming months!

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  1. KelendriaScalpLand March 16, 2017

    in shoooook !!!!!! ???

    • H4RMONY March 16, 2017

      They are going no f****** where

      • Angela Wesley March 16, 2017

        Why are you so pissed there is enough room in the industry for all of the girls
        groups that are out right now.

    • 2bad2bme March 16, 2017

      A real singing Girl Group! They all have something to bring to the table. Not just being fierce and sassy. Girls took that style from Beyonce and ran it to the ground.

      • #ispeakfacts March 16, 2017


        These girls don’t look nothing like Beyonce! I’ve never seen Beyonce do all black with the feminine/masculine vibe! Why do Bey fans always tryna put her in somebody’s come up! This is Kelly & Frank Gatson group! All 5 girls have unique styles and voices… stop forcing a comparison on them that isn’t even accurate!

      • Angela Wesley March 17, 2017

        2bad2bme, you are saying that they copied Beyonce, but I think they were
        inspired by AAliyah style than Beyonce. But I think they did a good on this
        song and I like their new look.

      • 2bad2bme March 17, 2017

        @ispeakfacts & Angela Wesley – learn to comprehend while reading, I wasn’t comparing them to Bey. I said other girls and girl groups try to do all the Beyonce-isms and looks forced but these ladies do not. You saw I mentioned Beyoncé’s name and automatically thought I was comparing them to her and I was against the group when I LOVE THEM!

      • #ispeakfacts March 17, 2017


        Oh ok… I thought u were saying they were trying to be Bey but it’s so refreshing to see a group that isn’t trying to be Destinys Child they have their own swag individually and it’s good bcuz no one wants another DC ppl want to see something different. That is what’s wrong with upcoming artists and groups. If I were the girls I would take the jodeci female image with a mix of s*** and run with it! It works for them!

    • ? + ✈ = ? March 17, 2017

      Should’ve covered Eternals Stay instead

  2. Ciah’s Turtle March 16, 2017

    They ate this. But I hope they don’t get too much into the habit of doing covers. I want original music !

  3. CiaraDaily March 16, 2017

    Phuck it up Heffas ??????

    • H4RMONY March 16, 2017

      the junes diary stans are delusion AF

  4. H4RMONY March 16, 2017

    Flops and they sound god awful

  5. JunesDiaryLite March 16, 2017

    The Junes Diary fans actually like 5th Harmony

    why all the shade?

    • HiElsie March 16, 2017

      Tell them STAR is already booked, and we don’t need them

      • Jamie March 16, 2017

        Girl, shut the fukkkkk up!!!!! Your dumb ass got intrigued that quick by those Star chicks. You already practicing the moves huh? With your half-somebody ass.

    • Angela Wesley March 17, 2017

      June’s Diary Lite, That is exactly what I am saying. I don’t understand why some
      of the harmonies are feeling threaten by June; Diary putting out a cover song.

  6. Mixer March 16, 2017

    Great, another cover….

  7. Kareem March 16, 2017

    Great!! I see they are establishing their image. From there they can build something new always having that strong 90s music root to fall back on.

  8. OhhNoNotYouAgain March 16, 2017

    Ol Girl With The Blue Springs Is Givin’ Me LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS GIRL

  9. camila March 16, 2017

    i would give them our old music (F4,Ft Me) with better lyrics and they’d kill it

  10. Suicide Blonde is 35 March 16, 2017


  11. IKNOWTHETRUTH March 16, 2017


  12. Boosie March 16, 2017

    I like the video and the cover although the harmonies background sounded like one voice.

  13. Liam March 16, 2017

    They sound great I love it

  14. @ASAPicon March 16, 2017

    Ok, another cover…….

  15. DanYiel Iman March 16, 2017

    They actually sound pretty good & I’m a fan I purchased a few of there songs they need to release an album ALREADY!!

  16. Angela Wesley March 17, 2017

    I like the way they did the song which the music playing in the background and
    then Ashley came in with the vocals and the other girls followed. They need
    put out a combination of dance song and slow jams.

  17. PlayWithMe March 17, 2017

    So We Got Lyndriette From Rich Girl, Kehlani, Loni Love, Necole Bitchie, & Naturi From 3LW In One Band? ??

    • Jamie March 17, 2017

      And you’re saying…?

    • SdotB March 19, 2017

      lol she low key do like Necole Bitchie lmao…

      But who’s supposed to be Loni Love and Naturi??

  18. Ziggy Stardust March 17, 2017

    Some people may not know this, but group member Kristal Lyn Smith used to be a part of the R&B girl group, “Rich Girl”, along with Sevyn Streeter. She used to get compared to Beyonce for her looks and vocals quite a bit. She was compared to Beyonce, and Sevyn was compared to Kelly. They also worked with Rich Harrison, who gave them a Destiny’s Child/Amerie type of sound at the time with their music. If you don’t remember them, check out some of their videos on YouTube.

    • #ispeakfacts March 17, 2017


      At this point nobody cares about richgirl! It’s the past…. most of JD fans don’t even really know that Kristal was in a group. Sevyn Streeter is a talented solo artist doing her thing and Kristal is on the brink of possibly being apart of something huge! Win win for both!

  19. KelendriaScalpLand March 17, 2017

    #StayPressed ?

  20. NtsWNow at uyoufr best game way tuesidnz March 18, 2017

    Pretty nice and there are some people will like the group and some of them won’t

  21. Mar March 19, 2017

    This is what radio needs man. Some passion in the music.

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