Mathew Knowles Faces Fresh Legal Heat

Published: Thursday 30th Mar 2017 by David

Mathew Knowles has been sued for his alleged mishandling of money generated by his supergroup Destiny’s Child.

Knowles hired Lang Ferrer Law in November 2016 to assist him as he auctioned off valuable Destiny’s Child memorabilia with hopes of using them (and the $49,120.35 they gave him) to do so successfully.

The company now claims that he has opted out of paying them the money he owes for their support and services.

Quite interestingly, they claimed to have discovered that the music manager arranged a top secret auction during Super Bowl weekend to sell more items tied to Michelle, Beyonce, Kelly, LaTavia and LeToya, and are enraged that he hasn’t used his earnings to cover his bill.

A letter penned and sent by Lang’s lawyers to Knowles  on February 3rd read:

Presumably you are liquidating these items to pay debts, including the amounts due to our client. To the extent you may be disposing of these and other assets to avoid your debts and legal obligations, however, we will consider the sale of such items to be fraudulent transfers and will seek all available remedies for same in the event our client’s invoices are not paid as demanded.

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  1. Lana Del Fan March 30, 2017


  2. pat March 30, 2017

    how can this guy be that broke after managaing one of the biggest female groups…smh

    • g March 30, 2017

      when you remarry a women that is money hungry and trying to pay your debt . That is how … He new it was coming hell we all new . But guess what , the new wife will leave and take every penny he has because she is only there for money . which is sad , matthew really needs good people around him right now.

    • Jasmine March 30, 2017

      Just because you do not pay bills does not mean you are broke.

  3. jammy March 30, 2017


  4. meme March 30, 2017

    I just think its so crazy that as big as Beyoncé network is, she has her Father out her struggling. I just will never wrap my mind around how people with so much wealth will let their close families suffer. Esspecially considering how much Matthew gave up for this group and the fact that he is the reason Beyoncé is even a superstar. I don’t care how much wrong he did.

    • Likedbymany March 30, 2017

      That is so true. I know he did wrong but damn like. Let it go its your damn dad.

      Same with Mariah Carey and her sister. Let it go its your sis

    • Mike March 30, 2017

      I understand 1 singular affair, but numerous (and with children involved)? Messy situation. I still think Lemonade was about him and Tina.

    • Paulo March 30, 2017

      you must not know about Matthew. He ‘mismanaged’ (to avoid using the term FLAT OUT STOLE) money from the group (my fav Toya and Mama Pam done called him out on it 20 years ago hence why she was kicked out) and then proceeded to do the same with the careers of DC3 individually. He is shady and greedy as hell yet still alive breathing and not homeless so I don’t see why you or anyone would claim that Beyoncé has to keep giving him money.

      • B March 30, 2017

        Right what people fail to realize he stole hella money from Beyoncé as well. She realized this when she hit his ass with an audit! This is why she now acknowledges letoya and Latavia because She thought the girls were lying when in reality if he stole money from her and that’s his own daughter of course she know the things in the past were true. She could’ve sued him to get her coins back but she let him keep it and then fired him. The same with the other girls all firing him. He stole from Everyone!

  5. LadyEmpress8 March 30, 2017

    Someone is always trying to sue this family. Why though? These people never win. I miss seeing Matthew. Those were my favorite Bey days.

  6. The A Team March 30, 2017

    Take a minute girl come sit down
    whats been happenin?

    seriously matthew what happened
    youre gonna end up like joe jackson at this point

  7. DanYiel Iman March 30, 2017

    Sorry he maid the mess CLEAN THE MESS UP ON YOUR OWN & she let him go for cheating on her mother & fathering 2 kids during their marriage, that’s a No-Go in my opinion..??‍♂️

  8. Bad_Bihhind March 30, 2017

    Beyonce is low key evil for letting her dad go through all this mess.

    • Realtalk March 30, 2017

      How and why do you feel that Beyonce is responsible for all the actions that her father is doing. Let me state this, Mathew is not a child but a grown adult that knows right from wrong. For many years he has been so shadely in things that he has done and now people want to now point the thumb at Beyonce on why she’s not helping this man. Yes he is her father also the father to solange and some think Kelly, but not one of them is obligated to still continue to take care or him and his devilish deeds he doing. All the ladies have their own family and I do t care how well off Beyonce is she is only responsible to make sure her daughter blue ivy and her twins to be bare well care for. She already did a good deed for her father by not having him arrested for stealing millions from her and with that he should have been tried to make amends and get his s*** straight and stop from thinking that Beyonce own him anything but respect.

  9. @ASAPicon March 30, 2017


  10. 4u2see March 30, 2017

    Sooooo, mathew basically used a girls group after getting fired from selling medical equipment to travel and get new booty. I knew it was more to it than the flowers they’ve painted. Karma’s a biatch, beyonce’s karma will unfold after jay taught her to step on and to step back in the game ftom mathew on other peoples’ idea to steal the music industry. Onika retarded a** is diong it all wrong now and forgot that she can get called out on it.

  11. S jam best waytran boys tme ooh British March 31, 2017

    He got to pay child support to his two other kids a boy Alex Wallace and a girl koi knowles and beyonce Carter have nothing to do with what her father got going on in his life unless he is very sick dang he got 3 girls and one boy

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