New Video: Jason Derulo – ‘Swalla (ft. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign)’

Published: Friday 17th Mar 2017 by Sam

It’s here!

Jason Derulo has unleashed the video for ‘Swalla’ – his infectious collaboration with Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign.

Burning up radio and club dance floors, the colorful visual arrives right on time.

Do the trio have a spring/summer smash on their hands? Watch below and let us know…

For what the song is, the video more than serves its purpose and in many ways was exactly what it needed to be.

Bright, bold, boisterous, and rich in replay value.

Your thoughts?

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  1. 2bad2bme March 17, 2017

    Don’t really care for him but to be completely honest Jason Derulo killed this video. Oh and Nicki’s verse just got me even more excited from the visuals. Over all this was a satisfying

  2. March 17, 2017


  3. JanStan March 17, 2017

    I can’t quite figure it out but no matter what he does there is something about him that just comes off as a try hard poser. I’m never here for him regardless of whether I like some of his songs.

    • Danzou March 17, 2017

      yah i must agree. i like him more and more but i can’t put my finger on what’s so off about him. i don’t wanna not like him but i don’t really like him like that.

      • Rogue Riches March 17, 2017

        Agreed… Something about him just isn’t right ,but there isn’t anything particularly wrong either. He’s just there

      • TEAMING March 18, 2017

        Because we have seen it before Chris Brown

    • Jasmine March 18, 2017

      I don’t think he is a poser. I just think he is very lame and wack as an artist. Besides “Talk Dirty To Me” I cannot remember any of his previous singles and the only reason why I remember that one is because it was used as the theme of a tv show I used to watch. I agree there is something missing definitely. Today’s music artists want their fans to somewhat know who they are and with Jason I think he is hiding in the closet.

  4. Rihboy March 17, 2017


  5. Danzou March 17, 2017

    he worked this video. he looks so good.

    • Kwinzy March 17, 2017

      ^LOL! #hypocrisy

      • Danzou March 17, 2017

        hypocrisy like what? shut the F*** UP.

  6. Killian March 17, 2017

    Really nice video, it should be a top ten soon …Nicki verse did come to life with this.Nice look Jason Derulo.

  7. Pat March 17, 2017

    Don’t like him, her, or the video. #Next

  8. Meme March 17, 2017

    Love Nicki this era! Killing it!

  9. Acquired tastes March 17, 2017

    He does have somethin missing but both brought their A ? for the ?! !!

  10. @ASAPicon March 17, 2017

    Loved this video, and Im not even a Derulo fan, But I like his look and he killedT the choreo!

  11. ShakaZulu March 18, 2017

    This video A1 compared to some of the s*** other people put out good job Jason!

  12. Beyonnaise March 18, 2017

    Nicki is a fat, child aborting wh@re

  13. RhiRocks March 18, 2017

    I was expecting some carnival influenced vid as that’s the vibe I was getting .

  14. Jeans March 18, 2017

    There is something off about him. I feel like no one knows anything about him, like, he is just there, like y’all said. No presence, just THERE. Good for him. He can make hit records I must say and it seems to come easy for him.

  15. Fifi March 18, 2017

    Poor Jordin Sparks, she nursed him back to health and then he canned her, all while his career went up and hers went down..

    • Jasmine March 19, 2017

      Two divas cannot last in a relationship together. Jordin wants a real man and know one knows what Jason wants because he is in the closet.

  16. Ajax March 18, 2017

    This sounds dated. Next!!

  17. robert March 18, 2017

    jason derulo looks a hot daddy in all that fur. all he needs is a cigar and he can be the next r kelly!!!!

  18. Casual-T March 18, 2017

    Great video, though I don’t like the song. It has hit potential, though the chorus has a slightly odd, choppy quality ti it.

  19. cocobutta March 18, 2017

    Liked the song as soon as I heard it so did well to pull off a cool video.

  20. BEYONCE & RIHANNA says March 20, 2017

    Yes my queens are slaying!!! Come on through and screw da white folks. Finna get dis paper and coin gurl, finna get it.

  21. SmNtsWNow at uyoufr best game way tuesidnz March 21, 2017

    Nice song

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