#Flame: Twitter Trolls Tackle Tinashe Over “Fake Report” RCA Building On Fire

Published: Thursday 16th Mar 2017 by Rashad

What a bizarre twist of fate!

Literally, just an hour after she released the tune ‘Flame’ – the long-awaited first official single from her serially delayed RCA album, ‘Joyride’ – unsubstantiated reports surfaced Tinashe‘s record label’s NYC location experienced a literal fire breakout.

In true Twitter fashion, trolls have taken the story and run with it. Jokingly pointing the finger at the singer after the AP parodic account’s story, see the hilarious tweets in response to the ‘fake news’ [in Donald Trump‘s voice] inside:

After “Associated Piess” took to Twitter to announce:


Your thoughts?

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  1. Kam March 16, 2017

    You all know that’s not the Associated Press, right? It says Associated Piess lmao

    • #TeamTinashe Stan (New Single “Flame”) March 16, 2017

      LOL they literally got me too in believing that lol hehe.

  2. #TeamTinashe Stan (New Single “Flame”) March 16, 2017

    HASHTAG: #TinashesIMPACT lol….

    Btw Tinashe has announced that she will be performing at WrestleMania as well as be appearing on Empire’s upcoming episodes as herself.
    RCA is starting to do something. As the president of RCA personally listed Tinashe and other roster members as their top priority for 2017.

  3. Black power March 16, 2017

    Yessss at TeamTinashe doing more promo than RCA

  4. Rihboy March 16, 2017


  5. Belladonna March 16, 2017

    Tinashe if you see this but your new song on the CW’s new show RIVERDALE it’s the hottest new teen drama on tv and do Ellen

  6. Credits March 16, 2017

    Lol the photo doesn’t even look like office buildings, it actually looks like an apartment complex.

  7. pat March 16, 2017

    any publicity is good publicity…i wanna c her win so bad

  8. @ASAPicon March 16, 2017

    Not really funny, but ok… Will this “Promo” push her new single?

  9. NtsWNow at uyoufr best game way tuesidnz March 16, 2017


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