Beyonce Reaches 100 Million Followers On Instagram

Published: Thursday 20th Apr 2017 by David

Parkwood power player Beyonce has learned that she has reached an impressive milestone on Instagram this week.

What it is?

100 million accounts on the platform are now following the star’s official page extending her lead as one of Pop’s most influential purveyors on and off the net.

Where she comes on the platform’s list of users with the highest number of followers?

Want more Beyonce news?

We’ve got you covered.

Following its release on November 14th 2008, the vocalist’s third studio album ‘I Am..Sasha Fierce’ has moved over 8 million units in pure sales with help from its singles ‘If I Were a Boy’, ‘Single Ladies’ and her Lady Gaga-backed ‘Video Phone’.

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  1. Honda Accord April 20, 2017

    When will Rihanna?

    • Meme April 20, 2017

      Rihanna don’t need fake followers sweetie. When will those 100 million followers actually request Beyoncé music on the radio and support her 100 flop singles. I’ll wait.

      • Jeans April 20, 2017

        True tea!

      • realish April 20, 2017

        WAIT A SECOND, When will Rihanna fans start buying the album girl? ANTI- US, 500,000 LEMONADE – US, 1.5 MILLION ……

      • Jay April 20, 2017

        Thats all them Rihanna fams cling to is singles .. lol Single vs album sales .. i think id rather have my Album sell lol yet i have #1 singles but my album stalles at 500,000 .. nothin to brag about n cany even sell out a tour .. what a complete joke!!

      • Meme April 20, 2017

        All those album sales and still can’t get 1 hit? I rather have hit singles and decent album sales than a shotgun release with big first week numbers followed by ZERO hit singles, ZERO radio play and a forgotten album 3 months later.

      • Meme April 20, 2017

        We cling to singles and all the Hives cling to is that 1.5million albums which is even nothing to brag about. All the other big album sellers, (drake, Taylor, Adele, Ed) all have #1 singles. Their album actually perform year round with MULTIPLE charting singles. For as much videos as Beyoncé release, performing her entire album at award shows, being a mega star and the most talented of them all….1.5million is nothing sweetie. Step your pu$$* up.

      • gina April 20, 2017

        i know , the bugs brag about 1.5 million after a whole year of hype when adele sold more than than in less than 245 hours lmao.

      • gina April 20, 2017

        *24 hours

      • Mya April 20, 2017

        Actually Lemonade outsold Drakes album in the US (1.8M). and WW (3M). Lemonade’s US sales are bigger than ANTi’s ww sales. And let’s not talk about tours lmao! FWT vs EMPTi tour
        FWT stadium -$256M from 49 dates only
        EMPTi tour – $60M from 50 dates.

  2. Bad_Bihhind April 20, 2017

    Yep @meme 1. 5 is nothing to brag about. 1. 5 with a visual album is actualy a bit embarassing. I wldnt say that in public if i was a beyhive. If album sales is bey’s lane then she shld be doing taylor and adele numbers. Rihanna’s lane is singles and shes untouchable at it, hit after hit. Shes never been an album seller and thats the reason she dont even promote/hype her albums up. There are singers out there that can easily sell 1. 5 in a day. So sit down. Be humble.

    • Meme April 20, 2017

      This! The hives be bragging about beys album sales like it’s so stellar. Out of all the big album sellers Beyoncé is at the bottom of the pack. And look at how much she has to do to get 1.5. Drake did more with NO videos, NO promo, NO 15mins award so performance.

  3. Romanus April 20, 2017

    Yet they can’t push her weeping singles to top 10…. Overrated bi*ch.

  4. Francis April 20, 2017

    I love Bey, but Video Phone is probably her worst song till date and such a wasted opportunity for a great collaboration, but at least she redeemed herself on Telephone.

  5. Rima April 20, 2017

    Why cant those 100m followers get her a #1 hit? Its been 9 years

  6. gina April 20, 2017

    see, beyonce is all smoke & mirrors. all her hype and her sales numbers are pitiful at best. numbers don’t lie, the beehive does. most overrated artist of this generation.

  7. LadyEmpress8 April 20, 2017

    Why are you hater so mad this morning?????? Yall stay lying on Beys sells.

  8. Meme April 20, 2017

    100 million followers and still can’t get an online. Lolol that the real gag.

  9. Mark April 20, 2017

    Any singer can sell 1.5. But your fave ain’t doing it Lol So quick to talk about another artist when yours is lacking in the issue at hand. Have fun selling them singles. We’re to busy selling $18 albums and selling out stadiums over here. You’re fave can’t relate.

    And since y’all wanna cling to singles chart. Formation peaked at #10 and Drunk in Love peaked at #2. No mater how short or long. It happened!

    • Memo April 20, 2017

      Might be clinging, but that doesn’t take the fact Beyoncé is no album seller, honey. We all know Rihanna will never scan Diamond, but y’all acting as if Beyoncé would have. Cut the crap.

  10. T April 20, 2017

    And she follows no one! Queen bey…your fave could never. Why are pressed rihyodel stans in here talking about $1.29 singles??? Didn’t her singles flop and she had to hop on drake d*** to get a #1? Y’all love to pretend like those singles didn’t happen. When she releases new singles they will flop like Katy’s unless she clings to another artist. Queen bey is sellling $18 albums and is the biggest artist on the planet. Stay mad lol.

    • Memo April 20, 2017

      The singles prior to ”Work” charted well, not like Beyoncé’s singles. Out of 274618361828 singles only 1 reaches Top 10 status. Selling albums? Has Beyoncé outsold Adele or Taylor? I mean, if she’s that great, that would be an easy task.

      • Baddiebeymyfav April 21, 2017

        Has Rhigoat outsell Taylor or Adele? Not in her wildest dreams. Lmaooo Rhigoat is nothing but a try hard struggle next to Beyoncé & Adele! She’s like the dirty useless mop Beyoncé throws out in her garbage pile in her backyard. LOL. Nomatter how many singles Rhigoat sell’s, she’lll never come close to half of Beyoncé’s achievements, money, fame, looks, and happy married life. You can yap about Bey not selling a lot of singles all you want. Just know that, her pockets is still heavier than your favs all day everyday’!!

  11. Jamon April 20, 2017

    What a stupid post. Y’all acting like she’s the 1st and only!! Selena Gomez, Ariana and Taylor has more and hit 100 million before her! Such a bias site! Btw this new site sucks

  12. Fatusankoh April 20, 2017

    You go queen Bey haters have nothing on you all the Fans from otherartist against queen Bey and beautiful Behives by the grace of god she is still winning long live Bey good luck and

  13. HailLegendBeysus April 20, 2017


    Btw she won her Peabody Award!!! LEGENDS ONLY!!

    Also why is the Navy talking about sales? Beyoncé outsold all you favs in 2016 Album + Single sales in 2016. Who needs a #1 hit when Beyoncé is outselling your favs without em!? LMFAO! A self DRAG. But I guess I’d be seething 24/7 like a rabid dog too if my fav sold double the album’s and out grossed my favs tour 3x over last year all without a #1 hit 💀!

  14. We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler April 20, 2017

    Frih could never

  15. DanYiel Iman April 20, 2017

    Whoa & I happen to be a fan of her music & style!! So who can be mad at this? 🎶

  16. How Many Drinks April 20, 2017

    Lol Rihanna fans seething. Death at them talking about sales *Looks at how many people purchased Anti compared to Lemonade*

  17. Savage_life April 20, 2017

    I’m gagging at the fact beyonce still doesn’t follow anyone on ig yet has all them followers.
    That’s how you know you a bad.
    Now yall need to stop two smart beautiful black woman against each other like bey and Rihanna are cool.
    That beef is getting old and tired. They’re both snatching wigs from these whie h***

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