She’s Coming! Janet Jackson Launches Countdown Clock

Published: Saturday 29th Apr 2017 by Sam

Janet Jackson is gearing up for a big reveal!

The Pop superstar sent fans into a frenzy moments ago when she launched a mysterious countdown clock on her official website.

Its appearance comes in the wake of mounting speculation that the 50-year-old diva is set to return to the road.

As widely reported, Janet postponed her ‘Unbreakable World Tour’ in 2016 to “plan a family” – the fruit of that being son Eissa who was born in January of this year.

Observant fans who held on to their tickets (after promises of rescheduled shows) noticed updates on their Ticketmaster accounts; specifically revised Fall dates and a new name for the trek – the ‘State Of The World Tour.’

Whatever the case, judging by the clock, definitive word on what’s happening looks set to arrive next Monday (May 1st).

We’re ready, are you?!

Your thoughts?

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  1. kigian April 29, 2017

    I’m readyyy!

    • LB April 29, 2017

      Me too, come through Miss Jackson if ya nasty

  2. _ April 29, 2017

    Never again would I buy Janet tickets

    • Maude April 29, 2017

      That’s fine you won’t be missed

      • Petite one April 30, 2017


      • Kimberly April 30, 2017


    • Torestrictive Fan April 29, 2017

      Then don’t

    • LB April 29, 2017

      Stop fronting like you got money n****, we all know your ramen noodles aint affording no Janet Jackson tickets.

      Now sit your Nokia 3310 boost mobile ass down somewhere.

      • Chaz Williams April 29, 2017

        You are so gorgeous.

      • Petite one April 30, 2017

        The library is open. That was a read. Wig and edges snatched. ????

      • Ms. Get you mind right April 30, 2017

        LB……………Your very intelligent for using that word.

      • Kimberly April 30, 2017

        Hell Naw! Im done?☠? Good one!

    • Nycgir Brooklyn April 30, 2017

      No one cares!

  3. Indie April 29, 2017

    Mama is BACK!!!!

    • LB April 29, 2017


  4. We Fall Dowm April 29, 2017

    So….she gonna scam her fans again or maybe release a another flop single that will put US to sleep. I know one thing , I’ll never buy another ticket for one of her shows unless its a aguarantee that we can get a damn refund.

    • Maude April 29, 2017

      First of all JANET never scammed anyone you did it yourself when you bought tickets from a 3rd party refunds was offered and given so do us real fans a favor stay home!!!

    • LB April 29, 2017

      N**** please, your ass wouldn’t afford Janet Jackson tickets even though they were giving them out for free at your local soup kitchen. Sit your Walmart brand jeans down somewhere.

      • OMG Logic!!! April 30, 2017

        Ew, only tacky, wannabe money kids bother pointing out brands to look good. Like girl, you’re not fooling anyone with that front.

      • BoyToy1814 April 30, 2017

        LB is the bomb!! See you at concert!! Janet is BAAAAAACK!!

  5. Stoney-Brie April 29, 2017


  6. Maude April 29, 2017

    I’m so ready this is going to be awesome! She going to really bring it I won’t miss it this maybe last time we see the queen tour again

  7. Suicide Blonde April 29, 2017

    She’s still way out shape to hit the stage, first work on that figure.

    • KenKen April 29, 2017

      Work on your ignorance

    • Pat April 29, 2017

      …you sound stupid as f***…maybe u really are a racist since u would never say such a thing about Madonna whose older!

    • LB April 29, 2017

      Don’t you stan for Granny giving us yoga moves at her osteoporosis tour.

      Sit your delusional ass somewhere.

      • Shade King Of Kings April 29, 2017

        LB ?? not yoga osteoporois !! That s*** got me ? over here ??

      • Petite one April 30, 2017

        **throws phone* LB scalping. ??? ??

    • Petite one April 30, 2017

      Are you really fat shaking a woman that just had a baby.Janet at 50 looks better than you. Don’t pull

  8. Dawo April 29, 2017

    OMG 🙂

  9. Trevor Shaw April 29, 2017

    Yesss…I’m ready and always a DEVOTED fan!

  10. DanYiel Iman April 29, 2017

    Well I like a few of her old songs but her latest music isn’t for me so I’ll pass on her efforts, I like real VOCALIST…??‍♂️

    • DANJA April 29, 2017

      Like who Beybleach? Haha her whole entire shows are inspired by Janet and Tina Turner. And she cant sing shes just a regular “i use to sing on the choir” voice that we’ve heard many times before.

      • Alex April 29, 2017

        @Danja Janet whispering ass wishes she had Beyoncé’s voice! Janet is washed up!! Deal with it!!

      • lee April 29, 2017

        @DANJA…I don’t see the point in incorporating Beyonce or any other vocalist in this conversation…The topic at hand raises the question on our thoughts of Janie presumptive return…

    • Torestrictive Fan April 29, 2017

      Yet all your faves copy Janet

    • LB April 29, 2017

      Oh f*** off b****, you wouldn’t know a real vocalist even if they played I will always love you.

      Sit your deaf chewbacca looking ass somewhere.

      • Shade King Of Kings April 29, 2017

        Here’s the shade. Call Janet the whisper if you want but that b**** is the silent but deadly ? Queen. So let’s not compare because the Queen is here honey in you will deal. ? ????

  11. Savage_life April 29, 2017

    Yesss come on Janet I’m ready I can’t wait I hope its a message with new song.
    I’m purchasing tickets this time around

  12. The Wig Snatcher April 29, 2017


  13. Keith April 29, 2017

    A little excited. I hope the era completes this time. I will get tickets, though…

  14. BlackIce April 29, 2017

    I can’t wait, I’ve seen every concert of Janet and I went to the Miami show and had tickets for the bb&t center show in ft.lauderdale. I Still have my tickets to the front.lauderdake show. If you guys are not fans don’t come in the page and say rude sit. Your not a true fan, things happen in a business.Mive the &#:’!+&_ on and Jeep it moving. True fans stay real there’s a lot if Janet haters out there. LOVE YOU JANET

  15. Torestrictive Fan April 29, 2017

    She didn’t scam nobody dumb ass refunds always been issued stop reading everything on the internet

  16. HansomeGumDrop April 29, 2017

    Yay the queen of pop left her throne

    • Jack November 27, 2017

      Queen?! Bwahahaha! THAT title sugar tits belongs to Madonna! 315 million albums and 3 tours in the top 10 grossing of all time proves it! Not to mention her slew of wannabes like Gaga, Britney, Kylie and yes, even the black girls want to be her, step forward Riri and Beyonce! This washed up 90’s reject hasnt been popular since she let that crusty nipple fall out at a family event decades ago! Shes just a copycat of her brother. Never changed her moves and still popping her dead brothers moves!

  17. eric April 29, 2017

    May 1st may not bring anything but an announcement of something not set to occur until much later, so I’m not getting my hopes up. Too many disappointments lately from Janet.

    • Lmfao_Hoe April 29, 2017

      Disappointments like what? if its about marriage please that’s non of our business especially when her and husband still mutually love and respect each other.

      • eric April 29, 2017

        The videos and singles from “Unbreakable” were rolled out like Mariah’s “Chanteuse” project, and in the end, Janet’s best album since All for You was completely abandoned and wasted. I won’t even get into the tour cancellations/delays/postponements, whatever her camp wants to call it. The last 2 years have been the sloppiest in Janet’s 30+ year career. I hope she gets her stuff together for the new tour.

  18. JSrb April 29, 2017

    She said that she will resume touring in 2017. She is keeping her promises so this hardly came as surprise to me. I just wonder is there even more? New music announcement? Unlike her peers, she is still having #1 albums.

  19. Laquatta Rochelle Bell April 29, 2017

    Janet you are very dump you need raise your baby stop try go on road you have three month old baby who need a full time mother miss Janet you need to leave road alone what kind mother has three month old baby who need a mother not fool your ass hold dumpass miss Janet you need a reality check raise that cute baby cause you go miss out on lot things miss Janet you want miss baby first word or when he starts talk miss Janet you need to be mom raise baby with wissiam stop non sense Get real baby need you miss Janet full time job raise kids you can’t walk away from stop being a stupid b**** you need that lady who works on TV to fix your life you need to call on her for help it take to raise baby and family don’t need raise your ? baby your baby need see your face ever day not other person or man you need to be in your baby life ever day stop the mad miss Janet you have plenty money stop being selfish cause you have new born baby who need care Love feed time change diaper miss b**** be a mother quick try make record go road your baby not old enough yet you need some Jesus Christ to halo your ass you are fool your fans can wait beside people want hip hop not old woman you 50 years young act like be a mother stop being a unfit mother cause that you not care about your newborn he can’t talk yet baby need you ever day miss Janet stop let world control you their nothing be a mom you don’t want miss out baby growing up miss Janet you take mother class and some wife class stop being stuiod

    • Jeans April 29, 2017


    • Stoney-Brie April 29, 2017

      @Laquatta with that fake ass name.. you ain’t black you ain’t a woman.. you’re just a sad loser hating ass white boy trying to make it look like an African American woman is reading Janet. Sit your pressed ass down and focus on Madonna or something like that u love. Bye.

    • Kimberly April 30, 2017

      Girl, learn how to spell first before you come after someone please??

  20. Laquatta Rochelle Bell April 29, 2017

    Dear miss Janet you are a dump b**** and jack ass need learn how to be a mother old b**** you need tell your fans you have baby raise stop pleased your fans pleased God that baby need you plus your baby is 3 three old he need a mother at home too miss your baby need to see not other people quick worry about money let your husband wissiam take care you that baby and thosevpeople who try sue you don’t need to work any more you need take care that baby you got Tell hater to kiss your black b*** leave you along you stay home with your baby husband

    • Petite one April 30, 2017

      He won’t be the first or last baby to go on tour. You can’t tell a grown woman how to raise their children.. F*** BOY

  21. Laquatta Rochelle Bell April 29, 2017

    Dear miss Janet you are a dump b**** and jack ass need learn how to be a mother old b**** you need tell your fans you have baby raise stop pleased your fans pleased God that baby need you plus your baby is 3 three old he need a mother at home too miss your baby need to see not other people quick worry about money let your husband wissiam take care you that baby and thosevpeople who try sue you don’t need to work any more you need take care that baby you got Tell hater to kiss your black b*** leave you along you stay home with your baby husband Tell your fans leave you along tell your husband to help you sue them people miss Janet you have right to have a baby and family their nothing wrong that F them people miss Janet get with your life You don’t have bow to them people you don’t owe F***** your life soul you don’t have shot off people who try sue you need to let your husnand wissiam check them nasty people go keep raise your three week old baby miss janet please dont leave cute baby dont let world get you and baby husband be down show happness make a fool out them dumpasd

    • Petite one April 30, 2017

      You said f*** punctuation.

  22. Laquatta Rochelle Bell April 29, 2017

    miss Janet you need get NACCP TO HELP SUE THEM PEOPLE GET YOUR HUSBAND TO HELP MISS JANET YOU NEED TO TELL YOU HAVE THREE WORK OLD BABY YOU NEED TO RAISE BE A MOTHER MISS NO ONE MISS YOUR MUSIC MISS YOU NEED GROWNUP Road For young artist not old you don’t need the money you need keep being a stay home mom tell people F*** them self kiss your husband white ass Have bless day keep real

    • Jeans April 30, 2017

      GTFOH! Troll!

    • Jeans April 29, 2017


  23. room319 May 1, 2017


  24. Jack November 27, 2017

    Didnt her career die when she let her crusty tit fall out at a family event?! Ive never liked her. Just a one trick pony with moves stolen from her brother. Limited global success and nasty habit of slagging off her far superior peer Madonna. Which reminds me, who’s sold 315 million albums? Whos the biggest touring artist (solo) of all time? And who is Beyonce, Gaga, Kylie, Britneh & Rihanna want to be like…. yeah, not TRAnet

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