Madonna Dancer Bares All On Shocking Janet Jackson Incident

Published: Sunday 30th Apr 2017 by David

One of Madonna‘s former friends and dancers have stepped out to confirm that the star had a deep rooted hatred of her 90s chart rival Janet Jackson.

Kevin Stea, who stood as one of the brains behind Madonna’s creative machine, is now feuding with the singer after he joined a large group of her former employees to sue her for moves he claims she made to invade their privacy and exploit them during their time together.

Now, he has opened up an incident which he says shocked him to his core and exposed, according to him, Madonna’s supposed desire to take Janet down.

#FBF: Former Madonna dancer , #kevinstea states that there was tension between #madonna and #janetjackson — coming more from Madonna and says there was an incident which confirmed their dislike for one another.

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Kevin’s remarks and insinuation that Madonna may have been envious of Janet’s success in the 90s come after Michael Jackson sang to a similar tune when discussing his relationship with the ‘Body of Evidence‘ performer.

Listen below…

Madonna’s supposed efforts to derail Janet are said to have inspired the unforgettable moment below…

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  1. truthteller April 30, 2017

    As much as I like Janet, I’d be surprised if Madonna was jealous of her. The only places Janet came close to rivaling her were Japan and the USA. Certainly not in Europe, Oceania or South America.

    • Cough Cough April 30, 2017

      Well you heard it from her team member so don’t be surprised, it’s the truth.

      • truthteller April 30, 2017

        Except he has an axe to grind. I’m not saying Madonna wasn’t jealous. I just find it surprising and if it is true, she is very insecure.

    • Jasmine April 30, 2017

      What rock were you living under in the 90s. Madonna was queen B in the 80s with Whitney Houston as the other Queen B. In the 90s, Madonna publicly expressed her resentment of both Janet and Mariah numerous times. It was not some big secret Madge’s stans should be shocked by or be in denial of. Also why are you twisting the words in the article to say that Madonna was jealous of anyone? Jealousy and resentment are 2 totally different things. You can certainly resent someone without being jealous of them.

      • Archie Gurley Jr May 13, 2020

        Madonna came from a world where she had to struggle to get to where she is at now. Janet and Michael were already there. So, in respect, there was a little jealousy on Madonna’s part….however, now? I don’t even think she holds any animosity since she’s richer than Janet.

  2. Suicide Blonde April 30, 2017

    Madonna is always villainized, when having “problems” with other artists, the others are saints, people don’t even give her the benefit of the doubt, no surprises, her IDGAF attitude makes her an easy target, it’s ok, i have always prefer the bad ones in films, maleficent ?

    • B**** please May 1, 2017


  3. HansomeGumDrop April 30, 2017

    Madonna is trash she hates the success of other female artist like Janet Jackson to Mariah Carey to even Whitney Houston it’s not their fault they dominated the billboard charts worldwide while Madonna ass was striving to compete and couldn’t mind you Janet signed the biggest record label contract in the 90’s twice beating her own brother and Madonna pathetic ass and been billboard most successful act of the 90’s so Madonna ass can stay mad.

    • Slayer April 30, 2017

      I’m sorry. I love me some janet and Madonna but neither dominated the 90s or was the most successful artist. Janet was #2. Mariah was#1 Female USA and #1 male/female WW. CONFIRMED

    • Archie Gurley Jr May 13, 2020

      It’s true that Madonna didn’t like Whitney Houston because she had her own que as “The Voice”. Madonna had to work harder to make her image known to the world. Why do you think her productions are elaborate and stunning?

  4. Cough Cough April 30, 2017

    of course she was jealous of Janet. Janet stormed the industry like a bat out of hell and kept releasing slay after slay!

  5. HansomeGumDrop April 30, 2017

    Let me clarify your ass Janet Jackson has success in all those countries and her biggest fanbase is Asia countries Japan and China yet she always sold out quickly there she even goes all the way there to support her albums back then and she very famous in Europe Africa, Europe and Asia is where Janet very famous at Janet been there done that they treat her as gifted Madonna grandma ass don’t even travel lately.

    • Darnell April 30, 2017

      Lol… Madonna has sold more everything than Janet. More Albums singles and concerts. When was Janet’s sold out tour or top ten hit. 80’s 90’s 00’s 10’s Madonna is still doing it. Also Janet was out before Madonna. Even if she disliked Janet she probably had good cause. Don’t let that good girl image fool you for a second (i.e Whitney Houston).Lastly Madonna was and is a leader. No matter how closely she followed behind, she was behind.

      • Mr. Check Yourself April 30, 2017

        She still failed to have a bigger impact then Janet Whitney and Mariah especially in accolades Madonna not a leader she use Marilyn Monroe as a template to start her career and Janet holds the record of most successful debut tour and only female to be in the top 5 amongs tours try again.

  6. G7Pat April 30, 2017

    Madonna has always known janet is the caliber of performer she can never be .and she hates it

  7. Brian April 30, 2017

    Madonna will derail anything good! She is an evil satanic b****, she has only got better at acting nice! And technology keeps her sounding younger on her recordings! Teams of people to help her

  8. Lmfao_Hoe April 30, 2017

    It’s likely true. Hell she admitted after Whitney’s death she was jealous of her too. Some Madoona fans need to seriously stop acting like Janet wasn’t the s*** back in the late 80s and importantly the 90s to early 00s. Janet influence on the industry still lives on and is evident. You can’t deny her impact including the artists that’s our favs have looked up to highly as well. She too paid the way for Beyonce, Rihanna, Aaliyah, Clara, tinashe , Britney spears ect.

    • Lmfao_Hoe April 30, 2017

      Control, Rhythm Nation, Janet. , And Velvet Rope all slay

      • I MightNate April 30, 2017

        All 4 u put the girls in their place too. Janet has more iconic eras than most.

    • Archie Gurley Jr May 13, 2020

      That is so true! Janet opened the doors for other female artists to hold the reigns of success. Madonna doesn’t have no one who looked up to her as an inspiration.

  9. I MightNate April 30, 2017

    We gone pretend like Janet wasnt that queen b**** from 1986-2002?? Of course Madonna hated her. Let’s not forget MTV gave the ICON award to Janet first… Even Micheal was jealous over that.

    • Sai May 3, 2017

      Why would Michael be jealous of Janet when his “Thriller” album has sold more than every Janet album combined!! Haha stay delusional.

  10. LB April 30, 2017

    Granny is trash and an envious s****. I believe the dancer because Granny did the same thing to Lady Gaga.

    If Granny relied on her talent, maybe she wouldn’t be so jealous of artists that can do 10x anything she tries to put on.

    I mean sure the white gays can convince you that the light show used to mask the struggle yoga moves at her Parkinson’s disease tour is art is total b******* and we see through it.

    • Phoenix April 30, 2017

      You had me until “white gays” and I’m not even white…. as soon as you use race ur no longer making a credible point your making a racist statement.

      • Keith May 1, 2017

        WHY do we always want to ignore the impact of race? Don’t see how things can get any better if people won’t discuss it or minimize the feelings of those who bring it up. Even the most objective person can see race when discussing the career trajectory of Janet Jackson vs. her non-black contemporaries (Britney, Madonna)…

      • Archie Gurley Jr May 13, 2020

        Hello! Race had nothing to do with talent. Madonna didn’t have the sort of talent that Janet does. Janet starred in television productions and movies…several of them. Madonna only did bit parts of a couple. Janet relied on her own image and talent. Madonna brought out hers with Marilyn Monroe’s and kept it for a minute. So, when it comes to talent, admirers, and followers; Janet has the lead in that.

  11. Angelino April 30, 2017

    Hahahaha you all losers and who won in the end? who is the best selling female artist? who stayed there for 30 years? who kicked everyone’s b***??? MADONNA dieeee haterssss

  12. Mr. Check Yourself April 30, 2017

    Madonna is a hating ass dried up b**** she mad Janet is the only artist who put her ass in her place Janet influence and impact artists more then her they all copy Janet Madonna trash Janet the queen ? she slayed the late 80’s and became legendary in the 90’s Janet more legendary then her in everything and she never had to hump floors or finger herself or make s** books to be a legend Janet showed talent the b**** was trying to compete with Janet Mariah and Whitney and failed they scalp her ass ?

  13. I MightNate April 30, 2017

    Toni Braxton was even outselling Madonna in the 90’s. Black queens owned her! Why yall think she started working w babyface and other rnb producers? She was tired of being slayed.

  14. Kilolo April 30, 2017

    I LOVE JANET BUT MADONNAS CULTURAL IMPACT SURPASSES HER BY A LONG SHOT. Tour sales, album sales, and she was the irst female artist with her own merchandise line. “Like a virgin” “papa dont preach” “ray of light” etc all surpassed janets entire catalogue.

    • Smh April 30, 2017

      No it doesn’t. Janet’s Control album started trends in the music industry.

      • B**** please May 1, 2017

        It actually didn’t. Be jealous, it’s pathetic though. ??

    • Archie Gurley Jr May 13, 2020

      Michael had nothing but love for his sister. There was no way he could’ve been jealous of his own sister considering that his “Thriller” album broke all records and his stardom was higher than hers. So, when it comes to someone being jealous of Janet? It’s me!

  15. Erica April 30, 2017

    Without Janet there definitely wouldn’t be Britney Spears, people always says she follow madonna as far as career, but Britney was nothing like madonna & she’s was everything like Janet the only thing britney & madonna share was they both white, other than that’s Britney is Janet to a T

  16. Caleb April 30, 2017

    So he basically said a whole lot of nothing.

  17. Laquatta Rochelle Bell April 30, 2017

    Janet tell white devil to leave you own white devil nothing the 80 90 or over with this 2017 now sue b**** Kiss black ass miss Janet you have baby husband God to live for you owe white woman a dime she older then you need let Lord Fight battlers let God handle too she nothing but hater like rest sorry low life people they need check them self look in mirror she mind her own busy get real with old ass she Has mental problem you nerd get wissiam get their ass use husband help out with evildoer people

  18. Laquatta Rochelle Bell April 30, 2017

    Janet need to tell crackhead crazy hold quick lie on first all they don’t no me you miss Janet keep doing right by love your husband baby don’t let world get down cause is go do away with hateful people just believe see they talk about Jesus Chr die For all sin let miss Janet I don’t no you I have kids my self WOMEN HATE ME TO GOD WILL FIX ALL THINGS DO CHRIST JESUS KEEP YOUR HEAD UP KEEPFAITH HOPE DON’T WORRY ABOUT WORLD LET GOD TAKE CARE ALL THINGS MISS YOU HAVE GOOD LOOK HUSBAND TAKE HIM TO SUE ALL THEM PEOPLE WHO ARE JEALOUS HAVE MENTAL ISSUES TELL MENTIONED CHALLENGE HOLD God go fix get behind Satan Have God bless day

  19. Bernard Alston April 30, 2017

    Que all the tacky Madonna fans who simply can’t believe that Madonna was jealous of Janet….Its not about record sales ppl…Janet is WAY more talented and a much better performer..Before the Superbowl debacle her tours made more money as well…

    This isn’t surprising.

  20. Laquatta Rochelle Bell April 30, 2017

    miss Janet like president said it a race thing b white people don’t black people doing better then them first all white people has kept down for a long time they took credit For ever thing we done gave it to their people miss we not slavery any more they didn’t like president he smart only thing they let buy was a house miss It took 2000 thousand yea for them dump white people to understand we not dump

    • Brandon April 30, 2017

      That is the most pathetic and basic excuse ever.

  21. Pat April 30, 2017

    He sound messy as hell and i dont believe him at all!

  22. Slayer April 30, 2017

    Post 1990 Mariahs Impact is better than Madonna. She wrote, produced, and sang her own songs. Madonna did not. She has sold 190-200 million albums Worldwide and over 75 million digital/physical singles Worldwide. Madonna has released 19 album’s since 1990. 10 of those album are not studio albums and account for 75 million total albums. The other 9 studio albums that required ACTUAL Work only accounted for 68 million albums worldwide. This doesn’t include her several albums in the 80s that she didnt write nor produce much. She has release a total of 61 combined albums and box sets. No wonder she was jealous of Janet and Mariah. They accomlished so much with studio albums that she had to make up their success by releasing the same music through compilation albums and a whopping 21 box sets.

    • Brandon April 30, 2017

      Madonna has released 13 STUDIO albums, the rest are greatest hits and best of albums. If your going to make excuses for Mariah’s failures you may as well know what your talking about when it comes to Madonnas successes. She is known as the highest grossing female of all time for a reason.

      • Slayer April 30, 2017

        You mean 9 albums since 1990. You mean that Mariahs been the best selling artist since 1990 for any female artist. Since 1991 Soundscan Era Began, Mariah ranks #1 is total album sales in the US with 54 million albums. Mariah is also the 3rd highest selling female albums artist of all time in the USA, only 500,000 copies behind #2 Madonna 64.5 million certified albums according to the RIAA. Mariah has 64 million certified albums. We are talking album sales since 1990 not 1984 or whateva. Since you want to go there, Madonna should have more than 64.5 million albums in the US given shes been around longer than Mariah and she has 61 albums combined. Sad really 🙁

    • Evan April 30, 2017

      Where are you getting your facts? Madonna 350 milion albums sold and written by Madonna and Mariah 200 milion. That is 150 milion more by Madonna

      • Slayer April 30, 2017

        Records are albums and singles combined. Madonna has sold over 350 million records not albums only idiot. If that was the case she would have surpassed Michael Jackson. Mariah has sold over 250-275 milion records(including singles) WW with far less albums and at a younger age.

    • B**** please May 1, 2017

      From the warped mind “I love Mariah” Cult. You’re wrong btw.

    • Sai May 3, 2017

      Your numbers are wrong.
      Madonna album sales are 200+ million. Mariah 150 million. And Janet 60 million. If you wanna see receipts look at chartmasters, they did a breakdown of all the sales. Janet has sold less than 1/3 of Madonna’s sales and less than half of Mariah’s.
      Janet’s sales are very underwhelming for a “legend”.

      • Zay October 4, 2017

        Janet Jackson has sold over 160 million records worldwide according to Billboard. look it up its factual.

  23. Maria April 30, 2017

    no reason for jealousy or hatred. Get over it you both have enough

    • Slayer April 30, 2017

      Everytime you Madonna fans come for Mariah or Janet, you always fail to mention the 61 albums and box sets she has released to crack 350 million albums AND singles COMBINED mostly from NON STUDIO albums. Mariah is at over 250 million plus records with a quarter of that album total. Janet has sold over 150-180 million records with less than quarter of that total. You also fail to mention that Madonna doesnt write or produce her own music like Mariah and Janet. Madonna is a fashion icon that relied on hype and fashion to sell music. Actual musical Talent always wins respect in the music industry and at the end of the day, Madonanas talent is dancing for sold out shows and looking like cruella dé ville!

      • Kilolo April 30, 2017

        That would be a lie. Madonna wrote and produced on all her albums

      • Brandon April 30, 2017

        Looking like Miss De Ville helped Madonna earn 1.6 billion in ticket sales. What has mariah earned on any of her low budget tours?

      • Slayer April 30, 2017

        Mariah has never needed to tour. She always made all of her money from her song royalties and contracts. She continues to do so and she now has her own label. She never needed to go through 3 different people or hire several writers and producers to imput only 10% towards her songwriting and producing. She didn’t give her up music rights to live nation to make a quick 100,000,000 for touring. Thats the easy way out. See Mariah stays winning. She will always make money from her music until the day she dies from multiple platforms. You should figure out how Madonna is going to make money now that her 360 deal hasn’t been renewed and she no longer can make money from her songs. She should stick with touring.

      • Moose May 1, 2017

        Madonna is the record female holder for penning the most no. 1. hits. She is talented songwriter there is debate. Album sales are another argument tho. She doesn’t have the vocals that Whitney and Mariah have. Their albums dominated globally. Numbers don’t lie. Tours, merchandise, entrepreneurship etc is another debate.

      • Slayer May 1, 2017

        I had to laugh at that. Time to post receipts. …



        Hot 100 Billboard 200 BBMAs 2017 Podcasts Pop R&B/Hip-Hop Chart Beat Festivals Artists Concerts


        Jennifer Lopez Performs New Spanish-Language Single at the 2017 Billboard Latin Music Awards

        Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee Perform ‘Despacito’ at the 2017 Billboard Latin Music Awards

        Ricardo Arjona Serenades the 2017 Billboard Latin Music Awards With Beautiful Performance

        Watch J Balvin and Bad Bunny Perform at the 2017 Billboard Latin Music Awards
        Remembering George Martin: ‘Fifth Beatle’ Holds Record for Most No. 1s by a Producer on Billboard Hot 100 Chart
        3/9/2016 by Keith Caulfield
        EMAIL ME

        Chris Ware/Keystone/Getty Images
        The Beatles with EMI’s George Martin in April 1963

        The late George Martin, who has died at age 90, continues to hold the record as the producer with the most No. 1 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

        George Martin, Producer and Arranger for The Beatles, Dies at 90

        Martin produced 23 No. 1s on the Hot 100 chart, which launched with the Aug. 9, 1958-dated list. Of those 23 chart-toppers, 19 were by The Beatles (of their 20 total leaders, the record for an artist). He also produced No. 1s for The Beatles’ Paul McCartney (“Say Say Say,” with Michael Jackson and “Ebony and Ivory,” with Stevie Wonder), Elton John (“Candle in the Wind 1997”) and America (“Sister Golden Hair”).

        Most No. 1s by Producer on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart*
        23 – George Martin
        19 – Max Martin
        16 – Dr. Luke
        16 – Jimmy Jam
        16 – Terry Lewis
        14 – Mariah Carey
        14 – Barry Gibb
        13 – Lamont Dozier
        13 – Albhy Galuten
        13 – Brian Holland
        (*through the chart dated March 19, 2016)
        “This week’s Ask Billboard column by Gary Trust publishes the current leader board of songwriters with most #1s on the Billboard Hot 100. The list, compiled with assistance from Fred Bronson’s “The Billboard Book of Number 1 Hits” has Mariah as the highest ranking female songwriter with 17! 32, Paul McCartney 26, John Lennon 17, Mariah Carey 16, Barry Gibb 15, Brian Holland 14, Lamont Dozier 14, James Harris III 14, Terry Lewis 13, Robin Gibb 13, Eddie Holland 11, Jermaine Dupri 11, Maurice Gibb 11, Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald 11, Martin Karl “Max Martin” Sandberg” -April 3, 2011

      • B**** please May 1, 2017

        And she has 5 times as much money as Mariah or Janet so……. I don’t think she’s worried about those scags or you bottom feeders.

      • Sai May 3, 2017

        Janet has sold 115 million records.
        60 million albums, 52 million singles and 3 million videos. Stop inflating.

      • Archie Gurley Jr May 13, 2020

        Either way, they’re all great artists!

  24. un April 30, 2017

    no reason for jealousy or hatred. Get over it you both have enough

  25. Brandon April 30, 2017

    This b******* is as old as the birth of Jesus. They were in competition, of course they didn’t get along. Michael and Prince hated each other too.

  26. Michael Bosket April 30, 2017

    Madonna is controversy Janet Jackson pop culture everybody copied and use Janet format to start their careers there wouldn’t be no Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Ciara, Rihanna etc without Janet Jackson period.

  27. N.J April 30, 2017

    Madonna was the s*** in the early 80’s all by herself BUT when Janet came along that all changed. Janet’s tours dominated/s like no one else. Talk s*** because thats what people do, but it aint hard to tell. Janet slays even Bey

  28. Mark Davidson April 30, 2017

    Janet Jackson heavily uncertified ver and her net worth has not been updates in years but why somebody rich like Janet worry about Mafossil?

  29. Tanya April 30, 2017

    Nothing is wrong what janet said. At the time she was more classy than Madonna. And still is. Yes janet have had some s*** acts on stage but it out do madonna s*** i mean raunchy. But guess what? I liked madonna raunchy and janet s***… so o well..

  30. Flaca April 30, 2017

    Janet actually was more successful in American charts then Madonna until the Superbowl. I assure you Janet would have more hits on the charts if it wasn’t for the incident. Of course Madonna is more successful globally because white people love her. Race does help sales, people feel connected to what is like them. White folks are richer around the world so they buy her albums. Pay attention only women of color who are attractive sell millions.

    • The King ? April 30, 2017

      This the poorest excuse I ever heard so how Michael sold more then every single artist worldwide?

    • Alistaire Aubrey May 4, 2017

      Agree 100%, If you don’t believe Madonna Benifited from white privilege, you need mental help

  31. David April 30, 2017

    Well look at that revolting has been hand bag Madonna and compare that thing to anyone, then you realize how insignificant she’s is and always was. No talent tramp!

  32. Laquatta Rochelle Bell April 30, 2017

    Janet You need to get naccp to help you with white nasty folks miss Janet press charge on her so she go jail miss you are beautyblack woman you don’t have bow to no one Miss Janet let your husband handle b**** she Got hate to she lie on TV she white drop out don’t listen what world say stay positive You wissiam keep love your baby that 3 weeks old keep love your husband and self you need Fail charge on her slanndler cause she issue two way older then you are Miss Pleased show your husband baby your self together don’t worry about hater she a fade she also witch two leg snake dog Stay positive Stay London let roll off shoulder Do time she go get her Miss Janet God On side and baby wissiam Call black wed America About white woman she crazy nuts Don’t want see you family happy

  33. Laquatta Rochelle Bell April 30, 2017

    Janet You need to get naccp to help you with white nasty folks miss Janet press charge on her so she go jail miss you are beautyblack woman you don’t have bow to no one Miss Janet let your husband handle b**** she Got hate to she lie on TV she white drop out don’t listen what world say stay positive You wissiam keep love your baby that 3 weeks old keep love your husband and self you need Fail charge on her slanndler cause she issue two way older then you are Miss Pleased show your husband baby your self together don’t worry about hater she a fade she also witch two leg snake dog Stay positive Stay London let roll off shoulder Do time she go get her Miss Janet God On side and baby wissiam Call black wed America About white woman she crazy nuts Don’t want see you family happy she unhappy mirstable got all them kids mad cause she got man like you she nothing but old ask hold that great white is 58 years old need to grownup Tell white folks Go hell You Try To BE WITH YOUR FAMILY SIX YOU HAVE 14 RECORD SHE DOES TOO YOU HAVE RICH HUSBAND SHE DOES SHE HAS NO NONE YOUR HUSBAND OWN EVER THING LET JESUS LEAVE YOU AND BABY HUSBAND

  34. Coockie April 30, 2017

    Who cares what was back then , they all great singers and performance , at the end of the day they have made history in music Industry, music live forever ,empty gossips about past will not benefit any of you. Life is short .Let’s dance ?

  35. B**** please May 1, 2017

    Madonna is the most successful female artist of all time. Most sales of any female ever and most money made by a female artist ever. She has a Guinness Record of that exact thing to prove it so hate all you want, she’s better PERIOD.

  36. Daniel May 1, 2017

    Class? really? Listen to Janet’s last big hit, 2000’s , It’s All For You. A snappy little ditty which was about as raunchy as you could get. Madonna outlasted all her rivals. 300 million records sold and 38 top tens will forever place her as the best selling female of the 20th century. Janet deserves induction into the Rock& Roll Hall of Fame. I’m surprised that honor has yet to come her way.

  37. Sanket May 2, 2017

    It is very obvious that Madonna was jealous of Janet because unlike her Janet had talent. She remains better singer, dancer, performer, actress, writer than her.

    • Archie Gurley Jr May 13, 2020

      Argument or debate has been won by Sanket!

  38. Alistaire Aubrey May 4, 2017

    I agree with Janet, everything she does has class, period!

  39. Archie Gurley Jr May 13, 2020

    It’s a shame that Madonna was jealous of Janet, but she needs to realize that the Jacksons were on the front first before she became famous herself. Janet is a person who is quiet, shy and non confrontational. Madonna will cut you up with a straight razor is you looked at her the wrong way. Janet knew and had the best things in life before Madonna grabbed her fair share of fame. The worlds between Madonna and Janet were far and few between. Now, had Madonna been a woman who was raised in the richness of fame along with Janet and Michael, then the animosity may had been a lesser thing to deal with. Anyone coming from nothing, let alone the streets into fame would have hatred or jealousy for someone who already knew what it’s like to have the finer things in life. But, I think Madonna is over it now that she is a mega star herself.

  40. Archie Gurley Jr May 13, 2020

    To all of those debating on the issue of who is better, sold more albums, influenced more people, has more love from fans, looks better than, can sing better than, can act better than, who dresses better and whose been in the world of fame longer; Janet takes the lead on all of those who came out in the 80s, 90s and 2ks. Although Whitney didn’t have much competition in the vocal range of strength and clarity, Mariah had the humming bird octave range and beauty, Janet had the talent for dance, acting, singing, beauty and influence on a positive aspect than the others. She was / is more of a humanitarian of gift than the others have been throughout their own careers. No matter the argument of who is better than the other; Janet has touched more than those who came before, with or behind her. Madonna made her influence through risque tactics and talents of making a good thing look good. Check history and facts; don’t be like Trump and be a ‘Know-It-All asshole’ who thinks they know it all.

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