Drake To Be A Dad?

Published: Thursday 4th May 2017 by David

Drake has denied that he is with child after a former adult entertainer stepped out to claim that he placed a Canadian bun in her oven.

A woman named Sophie Brussaux claims she and Drizzy slept with each other around January 20th and that she is expecting his child.

Keen to prove that he is her baby daddy she unleashed an exchange they shared via text when she “broke the news”.


I can’t kill my baby simply to indulge you sorry.


Indulge me? F*** you. You do know what you’re doing you think you’re going to get money.

His team issued the following statement after learning that she has hired two high profile lawyers to take him on.

This woman has a very questionable background. She has admitted to having multiple relationships. We understand she may have problems getting into the United States. She’s one of many women claiming he got them pregnant. If it is in fact Drake’s child, which he does not believe, he would do the right thing by the child.

Drake believes that another rapper is the real father.

Could Maury be answer?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Meme May 4, 2017

    How are these stars out here F*ing these girls raw. Like serious? And this woman of all people. A ugly former s** worker. This is who you want your child’s mother to be. Oh ok.

    • Lmfao_Hoe May 4, 2017

      Girl its crazy out here smh. People just f****** anything with a fatass with no morals or standards.

      • Vigilant May 4, 2017

        They are all s** kittens like Beyonce and they are all in this ring called Illuminati under MK Mind Control Beta s** slaves.

      • Mama Tina May 4, 2017

        You are so dumb. Illuminati s** orgies occur at the private parties of the music elite in America. Go and watch Britney’s Slumber Party. It explains all you need to know. The intrepid reporter later writes down in big letters that Rihanna is an Illuminati s***. You think Rihanna would participate in Illuminati orgies like in the movie Eyes Wide Shut? How much would the Illuminati have to pay her? Quite a bit I think. Rihanna is a bad girl. She would do it if it paid enough. Rihanna could engage in the W**** of Babylon ritual where all the elite take turns fornicating with a Hollywood star just like Drake’s case!

    • Repent Yourself May 4, 2017

      As we all know Drake released an album titled “Views from the 6” now many people may not know but the 6 is a satanic number and represents the Illuminati. Drake is one of the most popular rappers and the reason why got so many views is because of the 6 (illuminati) thus this album title. How about now (get it) we stop listening to Drake.

    • Eyes Wide Opened May 4, 2017

      Must be one those girls . All Masonic members went to these “underground” parties involving orgy and sexual sacrifices. It so called “The Elite Only” like equivalant to Oscar and Met Gala party. Drake is clearly the member. A song by Migos featuring Drake called “Versace” they talk up the Illuminati and Drake even mentions a film that I’ve covered as key Illuminati symbolism:

      Metropolis…Versace, Versace, Medusa head on me like I’m ‘Luminati. This is a gated community, please get the f*** off the property. Rap must be changing cause I’m at the top and ain’t no one on top of me
      N****s be wanting a verse for a verse, but man that’s not a swap to me. Drowning in compliments, pool in the backyard that look like Metropolis.

      If you watch the video for Versace you’ll see some of the symbolism that goes hand in hand with the Illuminati; like the All Seeing Eye. He has been initited into a group few years ago. If you are not part of the group no way that you are going be as successful as Jay, Diddy, Lil Wayne…

  2. Fancy BISH May 4, 2017

    In the case of little Drakesha, Aubrey you ARE the father! lol

    • Kennedy May 4, 2017


  3. Vanessa May 4, 2017

    Another Iluminati puppet trying to potray he is capable setting a new family… 🙁

  4. Tatiyana May 4, 2017

    I agree, must be the beta s** slaves he messed up with. In SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC it explains how the music industry in the Us plays into the subconscious power realm and why the Illuminati seek to use it to their own advantage to control its members. If you pick up the book you’ll learn about the occult magick, alter egos, demonic possessions, and the imprisonment agenda that fuels rap music. If you want to understand how the music industry and the Illuminati go hand in hand- this is a must have!

    Rap music is so corrupted now. ???

  5. Drake The Puppet May 4, 2017

    Not surprised!!
    In recent days members of the organization have been equated with satanists. Drake was accused of using his uncle for a blood sacrifice just like Kanye with his mom and Jennifer Hudson which helped them obtain wealth and fame. The speculations rose with the release of his album ‘View From The 6’. There are very few artists who have risen to stardom that have not been rumored to be associated with Illuminati (Freemasons). In past and present times, the organization has always had distinguished and influential members and as a result most people in the limelight have been rumored to be associated with them. Drake’s new SUMMER SIXTEEN song calls out Barack Obama, Meek Mill, and Dreezy says his pool is bigger than Kanye West’s. The artwork on the album cover also features an all-seeing Illuminati eye and the number 6. Learn the truth!

  6. Mrs. JO May 4, 2017

    He is going to end up like Chris Brown or Kanye. He wont end up like Jay-Z because Jay is now the untouchable “Higher Priest” of America’s Freemaison. He is not even trying to hide it anymore. It is all part of the “1% club” they belong to. Nothing is free in the music industry, kiddo. You have to get ready to make money for them, pay the price, sacrifice or being manipulated. You are allowed to built a big mansion because they at the end of the day…they own it not you. This love child is just the beginning. He needs to do more “work” for them in the future and promote their agenda to free himself from this saga. It is an ugly business.
    If he refuses to cooperate, they are going to finacially drain, expose or tarnish your legacy like MJ or Whitney! Or they just make you OD and blame your llifestyle…like Prince! Open your eyes, Drake and America!!!

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler May 4, 2017

      Or if u try to speak up they’ll take u out like Pac

  7. LOL May 4, 2017

    Lol..This is just a small tiny bit people. Im not suprised if “they” f*cked Drake in the *ss. Many rappers rumoured to be sodomized and drugged by the record company execs as a s**** to secure a deal. Sleeping with prostitutes is nothing compared what they did at the beginning of their career! Look for the word…GRAVY!

  8. BeyMilitant May 4, 2017

    He likes his b*** licked. He got that addiction after dating with Rih… ?

    • Must Be May 4, 2017


  9. Mariah May 4, 2017

    I dont mind tongue f*cked him, dahlinggggg!

  10. King Of The Blackout Shade May 4, 2017

    ? this site went from not having any comments into conspiracy theory illuminati website.

  11. DanYiel Iman May 5, 2017

    I’m in shock tha Aubrey from Degrassi & his lil peen is doing anything for a woman tha thick….?

  12. Brandy keeps some TGJ posters mad which is why they down vote any positive comment about her May 5, 2017

    Did this site just turn into the vigilant citizen? I’m shocked! Never expected to see such comments here.

    • King Of The Blackout Shade May 5, 2017

      I didn’t want to say it but these peeps are from that website. They have the same name and everything. I hope they don’t act like PETA and start crashing every post screaming illuminati. If they think it’s true why come in and kill the ? fun for us? I have followed this site from the start and it’s sad ? because I don’t see any of my old peeps anymore. It used to be more fun. I think it’s the layout. Without the voting buttons people are turned off. I applaud the juice for making change. If the post were easier to get to it might encourage more people to comment. If you click the picture it won’t open the post. You have to read more. Small things. Just my two cents. Hope y’all fix it because I miss sharing people ? I hope this helps and I wish the best for you. ❤️

      • King Of The Blackout Shade May 5, 2017

        I meant to say, I miss shading the hell out of people!

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