DJ Khaled To Oversee Mariah Carey’s Career?

Published: Wednesday 24th May 2017 by David

DJ Khaled is said to be hard at work on plans which he hopes will see him replace L.A. Reid at Epic.

Reid’s fans will know that he was forced to abandon his role as CEO at the label following the unearthing of sexual assault allegations leaving the position open.

Home to Mariah Carey, Zara Larrson, Jennifer Lopez and Fifth Harmony, Epic falls under the Sony umbrella and is now on the hunt for a money-making industry power player to fill Reid’s multi-platinum shoes.

A source close to Khaled said of his plans…

He was petitioning to get that job. He’s like, ‘I make more happen than anyone in the game, why would I not be considered to run the label. Khaled is a big hype machine — not a person who’s running a record label. My guess is [Sony Music UK CEO] Jason Iley will run either Columbia or Epic or they will take [RCA president] Tom Corson . . . and put him at Columbia or Epic.

If he gets his way, Khaled would be charged with overseeing the careers of th aforementioned acts and steering the label to new creative ground as it continues to find its feet.


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  1. DanYiel Iman May 24, 2017

    S*** why not? He keeps his name out there making ways for a lot of folks including HIMSELF!! ???

  2. Mariah Carey May 24, 2017

    DJ Khalid keeps on spinning the cut dahhhling! Ohhh ooh whoahh ooooh babe!

    • Mariah Carey May 24, 2017

      I mean Khaled dahhhhling!

    • GoldGirl May 24, 2017

      It’s like that y’all!!!

  3. SAVAGE_beast May 24, 2017

    THIS actually could be good.
    But where is keyshia cole album?

    • Tori May 24, 2017

      Yeah, it was supposed to come out this month but I guess it’s being pushed back due to LA situation.

      • Jasmine May 24, 2017

        Keyshawn needs another single. Why would they release an album just for it to flop?

  4. AdrianL May 24, 2017

    Mariah’s career is a sad mess. That crazy old drunk has no idea how to do anything or who to let handle what. Relic needs to realize that it’s not 1995 anymore, Tommy’s not here to fix everything like before. No one can put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Retire played out woman, retire.

  5. I HATE BLACK and WHITE B****** May 24, 2017

    Huge mistake. DJ Khaled does not have the mental capacity or the years and time proven in the industry that he can run Epic…his name means nothing

  6. SMH May 24, 2017

    Lol misleading clickbait title. One would think he was specifically gonna run Mariah’s career going by the title, but it’s not even about Mariah specifically lol.

  7. all good things come to an end May 24, 2017

    Her career is already finished. Can’t sing, can’t tour to save her life (J.Lo is scalping her alive in Vegas) despite having 18 #1s, can’t perform, can’t entertain, can’t even lip sync properly. She is not a legend and never will be one. Real legends like Madonna and Celine are able to sell out stadiums/arenas all over the world, Mariah isn’t. Plus her music is boring, cheesy, pathetic, cringeworthy, generic, bland, repetitive, predictable, hollow, overplayed, forgettable. No wonder she is a big joke critically, just like her non acclaimed music.

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