Nicki Minaj Pays Tuition Fees For Fans

Published: Sunday 7th May 2017 by David

Nicki Minaj changed the lives of several students hours ago when she shocked them by agreeing to pay their tuition fees.

Within minutes, hundreds of studious fans rushed to her Twitter page to ask for her support. Her answer to all of them?


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  1. MUSICHEAD May 7, 2017

    Now THIS is something most of these other celebrities should do. Bravo to Nicki for reaching out directly to her fanbase and helping them better themselves. Too often we see fans and stans obsessing over celebs and spending their last dime for a concert ticket but go home to eviction notices and disconnected utilities. These celebrities take their money but do nothing to directly help their fans. I don’t care about a foundation or community center or a scholarship fund. Let’s pay some bills. Help your fans get out of student loan default, pay college hold fees that are keeping them out of school. Education is the best way to help someone help themselves. The only thing I would do differently is pay the schools directly instead of wiring to these ppl’s account. Good job Nicki!

    • blue May 7, 2017

      how is this better than “foundation or
      community center or a scholarship
      fund.” those still help the community and fans…like where is the logic? Also if u got money for a concert ticket you ain’t in need

      • MUSICHEAD May 7, 2017

        The money that goes into foundations and other organizations is diluted by overhead and payroll costs. Not to mention other expenses that can sometimes reduce donations by more than 50%. Contributing the money directly to those in need usually goes a lot further and has a greater impact. Also, many of the fans u see at these celebrity concerts go into debt to see their favorite artists.

      • blue May 7, 2017

        foundation collect more funds and are able to spread it to a vast number of people, and a scholarship from rih’s Clf (example) is just as good as what Nicki has done here. and for how long would Nicki be able to keep this up? vs say the Clf which has donors year around and is independent of rih that it can function without her pumping money into it…

      • The King Of Shade ? May 7, 2017

        Brilliant! I don’t care why celebrities do things like this. Image or whatever it’s beautiful and it’s a blessing to others. I for one like her more for it. Who’s next? ??❤️????

  2. May 7, 2017

    nuff love and respect to her, she always encouraging fans and people who aren’t even her fans to get an education to stay in school, very kind of her to reach out like this to physically individually helping with some of them bills directly, in a different way from her charities. because she didn’t have to in no way or form.

    • Meme May 7, 2017

      This is so true….this woman ALWAY saying stay in school. When you see her in those paparazzi videos you’ll hear her telling her fans stay in school.

  3. Meme May 7, 2017

    This is what the F I’m talking about. I’m in legit tears right now. This is what I love seeing. Of course these celebs aren’t obligated to give back but it’s nice to this instead of them show off their wealth and throw their life styles in our face all the time.

    • The King Of Shade ? May 7, 2017


      For whatever reason I’m sitting here crying myself. Thank you ❤️

  4. NOFRAUDSoniTunesTanking May 7, 2017

    PR stunt bye

    • The King Of Shade ? May 7, 2017

      PR stunt or not. It’s helping the kids and that’s all that counts. I wish everyone would start pulling PR stunts!

    • JustCoastWitHa May 8, 2017

      After reading your screen name, I can’t help but ask this… How does it feel to dedicate your life to someone you “dislike” ? I really REALLY wanna know the logic behind it.

  5. Chasin Time May 7, 2017

    I have to give THIS to her. Like OP said screw a foundation or scholar program pay these bills. We pay yours. Hopefully this become some a new trend or “challenge” or whatever.

  6. Jason May 7, 2017


  7. Amoe06 May 7, 2017

    Another distraction she doing all she can to get our minds off her L’s … No matter what she does I’m still FOCUSED!! Y’ALL NEED TO STAY WOKE

    • FAF May 7, 2017

      Money doesn’t have Ls In it

      • The King Of Shade ? May 7, 2017


    • JustCoastWitHa May 8, 2017

      You sound even more stupid HERE than you did on R*****.com.

  8. DC789 May 7, 2017

    I like this story a lot. She’s got a big ass heart and is setting an example for her fellow celebrities and musicians, to look out for others less fortunate than themselves.

  9. Dyson94 May 7, 2017

    Most entertainers do philanthropy. Shout outs to Nicki and everybody us that gives back. However, I take serious issue with this tired ass blog. When y’all gon post bout Papoose coming through with receipts over the love child scandal being a big lie? Y’all had no problems stirring the pot in that last post on Nicki just to make Remy look bad. So the narrative is to celebrate Nicki’s money over true #blacklove? Disgusting.

    • Dyson94 May 7, 2017


  10. 4u2see May 7, 2017

    I bet your fave won’t do a one-on-one with a fan financially .

  11. binx May 7, 2017

    People got so much hate in their hearts that they can’t even be happy when someone does something good smh. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Nicki fan or not you can still appreciate a good deed.

    • The King Of Shade ? May 7, 2017

      Amen Binx! I’m here on your side.

    • JustCoastWitHa May 8, 2017


  12. Lea May 7, 2017

    Anything to grt those fans back because ant s*** poppin yo way…bye Nicki!

    • MiMi May 7, 2017

      I so agree

  13. Lady Empress8 May 7, 2017

    Proud of Nicki for this. I am a fan but I am a bigger fan of other artist and I must say Nicki is the only celebrity that actually gets personal with her fans. Yes I understand you cant all the time but it would be good if other artist stop making their fans feel so far away. I appauld Nicki. I still love the others as well.

  14. MiMi May 7, 2017

    Lmaooooo….. Nicki, people ain’t stupid, the “tuition fee” money ain’t directly coming outta her pocket though, if anything, the only role she playing in this is who gets their tuition paid….. she ain’t really paying for it their school is…

    and she trynna get some more fans huh?!? lol

    • JustCoastWitHa May 8, 2017

      With us knowing how long those pockets are… why don’t you think she’s footing these bills?

  15. King B May 8, 2017

    I love hearing this! Bey, Nicki and Rih ???

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