Ariana Grande’s Re-Released ‘One Last Time’ Hits #1 on iTunes

Published: Sunday 4th Jun 2017 by Rashad

Ariana Grande‘s still feeling the love after ‘One Love Manchester,’ her headlining benefit concert to support victims of the horrific bombing at Manchester Arena.

Taking place at the Emirates Old Trafford earlier today, the fundraiser – watched by the 50,000 in attendance and live streamed to millions more across the globe – raised a whopping $9 million (with very penny set to aid the ‘We Love Manchester Emergency Fund’).

As if that wasn’t enough, Grande (ahead of the concert showing) also re-released her 2015 single ‘One Last Time’ to assist the cause.  Taking to Twitter yesterday, it was announced:

Shortly after, the tune jetted to #1 on the digital tally – a feat supported by tonight’s live showing.  Broadcast across the world, the impact of Grande’s performances was so powerful, the pop princess not only maintained her hold at #1, but also saw other former hits storm the top 20 on UK iTunes.


The song is faring well on U.S. and global iTunes charts as well, hitting the top 10 on both.  The real-time U.S. chart is seen below:

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  1. XoMoDe June 4, 2017

    She’s so damn phony. Up until now it’s been relatively easy to just dismiss her as the callow kiddie act she is, but this event that she’s exploting for all it’s worth is making that harder.

  2. Pat June 4, 2017

    She better milk that s***, lol!

  3. truthteller June 5, 2017

    Bizarre that a song about sleeping with your ex is being used as an anthem for terrorist attack victims

  4. BAM June 5, 2017

    I can’t support feels like they have other motives, realising that song would’ve been the last thing on my mind..everyone could’ve went to YouTube for all of that.

  5. I can’t June 5, 2017


  6. Chasin Time June 5, 2017

    Post about Azealias New song Chi Chi. It started trending on twitter. The girl only has 12k followers on your new account and it still trended.

  7. fr3sssh2deathhh June 5, 2017

    Omg Azealia banks new song “Chi chi” on repeat. I am #Shooketh?? Those BARZ went HARD!

  8. JOHNVIDAL June 5, 2017

    Ugh this is starting to feel kind of disgusting. I don´t want to blame Ariana herself directly. But damn it. You were a bad copy and in a lower level than B list artist. Stay there. It´s been proved 90% of the adult world didn´t know who this girl was, and foor a good reason. Childish and generic music toa whole new level. Katy perry looks like a master next to the even worse new girls. If she becomes bigger than what she was based on this, that would be awkward. I wouldn´t want a career boost due to this and not to my great (which she hasn´t) music. It can backfire too to begin with.

  9. Sam June 5, 2017

    Well, it was said that she was now the popular woman on the planet and the new already recorded album will garner great promotion as well as all the magazines and `TV shows grappling for her first interview, and she can mill this every year for years.
    This is nothing but a blood sacrifice on a mass scale.
    You also have Katy my singles and album are gonna flop so let me just add my promotional tour to this event Perry up there as well. I have ho time for any of them up there tbh

  10. DanYiel Iman June 5, 2017

    Still doesn’t get her tones a well warn out version of Mariah Carey’s voice as a whole…

  11. Justafan June 5, 2017

    How is THIS trash a charity single??????

    • JOHNVIDAL June 5, 2017


  12. DTG June 5, 2017

    This is more disgusting than her licking the doughnut. This little w**** is trying to just exploiting the situation for her own personal gain, all while pretending to be genuine and some sort of humanitarian. Just gross.

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