Hot Shots: Janet Jackson Spotted At Divorce Hearing

Published: Friday 16th Jun 2017 by Sam

Janet Jackson made a rare public appearance today in London.

The diva, who is gearing to return to touring in the Fall, was photographed leaving a divorce hearing.

As widely reported, the 51-year-old has separated from husband of six years Wissam Al Mana. The news, which shocked many, came just months after the couple welcomed their first child – a son named Eissa.

In a message to fans last month, Jackson confirmed the split and said that the situation was “in God’s hands” and would be addressed in “court.”

Sources close to the singer claim Jackson will remain stationed in London, where she and billionaire Al Mana had based themselves.

During said time, the superstar will continue with what confidants have revealed is an intense snapback regime ahead of the September 7th opening of ‘State Of The World Tour’; a regime which has seen her lose 50 pounds already.

See pics from this afternoon’s hearing, which was also attended by her brother Randy, below…

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  1. SMH June 16, 2017

    Can’t wait for The Queen’s State of The World tour to start!

  2. EnRanc June 16, 2017

    Oh God, she looks like Jill Scott…

  3. 2bad2bme June 16, 2017

    These people don’t even TRY to stay together. I can’t stand seeing folks all lovey dovey then get a divorce.

  4. pat June 16, 2017

    she looks so natural and youthful

    • Your Mother June 16, 2017

      My thoughts exactly

  5. Liam June 16, 2017

    She already lost a good set of weight already…can’t wait for queen tour

  6. I HATE WHITE n BLACK BIT..,,,HES June 16, 2017

    Stop talking about Janet weight. .everytime…..that baby will not rest that is the next Michael Jackson…… Paparazzi are going to not let him live

  7. RIHANNA AND BEYONCE June 16, 2017

    I think she planned this that why she waited for five years.. i will never trust anyone in this industry no matter how much they have they still looking for where to gold dig.

    • Pat June 16, 2017

      And hopefully no one in the industry ever trusts u heifer!

    • DanYiel Iman June 16, 2017

      My thoughts exactly!!

    • Jasmine June 17, 2017

      There are plenty of long term romances in hollywood. Just go on google. People forget that celebs are just everyday people too and divorce can happen.

  8. Brazio June 16, 2017

    She looks great to be 51… she still looks like little Penny from Good Times

  9. Pat June 16, 2017

    She already droppin that weight, she bout to cut the f*** u on this tour!

    • dee June 16, 2017

      She is cute but I see no weight loss. Her thighs are huge. She will be not be tour ready in two months. Miss Jackson will continue her hammer pants for the tour to hide her weight gain.

      • Pat June 16, 2017

        Child please! Say’s the big heifer sittin at home in the roach infested apartment. Stay in your lane and out of Janets!

      • Jasmine June 17, 2017

        Most people, including me, state they see the weight loss. You might want to see an eye doctor if you cannot see what is clearly obvious to others. You are probably missing out on seeing a lot of things in life if your vision is that blurry.

  10. I MightNate June 16, 2017

    Janet is so real! She’s a real girl, and truly ageless. Even with the weight she still looks late 20’s -early 30’s. Will alwayss love Janet!

    • dee June 17, 2017

      Pat girl…That sounds like an old school read. Your’re telling your dusty age!

      • I HATE WHITE n BLACK BIT..,,,HES June 17, 2017

        Dee seems like your telling your own dusty age. We’re on tgj not nickelodeon . or cartoon network

  11. Junior in Jamaica June 17, 2017

    She looks so youthful!

  12. June 25, 2017


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