Intense Racism Debate Ignites At Katy Perry & Caitlyn Jenner Dinner

Published: Monday 12th Jun 2017 by David

Keen to give the world unedited access into hers, Katy Perry welcomed us all into her home via a live stream built to promote her new album ‘Witness.’

On it, fans are pulled into Perry’s place as she entertains guests, discovers herself through therapy and enjoys the #1 album before the launch of her tour.

Hours ago, she invited the creative Amanda Seales and the Trans icon Caitlyn Jenner for dinner and what happened next must be seen to be believed?

What happened when the Trump-endorsing Jenner found herself in the middle of a conversation about systemic and covert racism in America?

Watch below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. lucy-fur June 12, 2017

    no matter how you feel about Jenner that was wrong of you to refer to her as “himself” and don’t say your shady asses just made a mistake. tisk tisk

  2. DondriA June 12, 2017

    “Trans weren’t accepted in america * checks watch* till maybe 2 o clock today ” ?????

  3. KelendriaRowlandDynasty June 12, 2017

    found “Herself” you mean ?

  4. sammie June 12, 2017

    herself* let’s keep the transphobia out of here.

  5. Carl June 12, 2017

    She’s talking real sh*t and yall in the comments are complaining about her not referring to Caitlyn properly. Yall gays aint sh*t sometimes ?

    • Carl June 12, 2017

      Oh yall meant tgj, my bad, sorry sistrens xxxx

  6. Sam June 12, 2017

    Caitlyn is not a trans icon as she stays un relatable and leeps putting her size 15 feet in her mouth.

  7. Enough Already June 12, 2017

    Caitlyn is not the face of the trans movement. She needs to go away.

  8. Meteorite June 12, 2017

    Damn She Preaching!!! ???

  9. The Empress of Popular Music June 12, 2017

    Amanda Seales is so fake. She does anything to remain in the industry with one toe. Now, she’s pro-Black. Girl, bye.

    • Camila cabello June 12, 2017

      Girl. Hush.

  10. Mother June 12, 2017

    She said “sis” ??

  11. Tony June 25, 2017

    Bruce has already stated that he couldn’t help himself that he’s rich, is white, and very popular, so does that mean the trans community shouldn’t embrace him? Well ain’t that nothing but a discriminatory bunch of hags!

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