Lily Allen Blasts Taylor Swift Over Katy Perry Sabotage

Published: Friday 9th Jun 2017 by David

Taylor Swift has come under fire for what appears to be attempt to derail Katy Perry‘s new album ‘Witness.’

At midnight, Perry released her new album ‘Witness’ and, perhaps coincidentally, her nemesis Swift released all of her albums to the very same digital plans.

Her supposed bid to overshadow Perry’s release hasn’t gone unnoticed by Lily Allen.

What the Brit-Pop belle has to say about it?

Perry learned of Taylor’s alleged passive aggressive attack hours after she took to NME to criticise the ‘Bad Blood’ siren for what she says was an attempt to ruin her brand.

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Do you, like her ex Calvin Harris, think Taylor is out to get Katy?

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  1. Kareem June 9, 2017

    In this day and age something like this can affect Taylor’s branding. Then again we are talking about white America so…

  2. binx June 9, 2017

    Not Katy’s biggest fan but what she’s been saying about Taylor has been true all along. Not sure how people are still buying her “I’m a victim” act.

  3. SMH June 9, 2017

    Lord, now basics are blaming others for their flops? SMH @ this entire generation of “pop stars”. There was never this level of b*tchassness in the industry back in the days when MJ, Janet, Prince, Whitney, & Madonna ruled.

    • Rih Rih Bangz June 9, 2017

      You clearly know very little if you don’t know that everyone you mentioned fought like cats and dogs. There are actual audio recordings of MJ dissing Madonna on YouTube.

    • Brent Christopher June 9, 2017

      YES…THERE REALLY WAS! the difference is that there werent as many unnecessary, accessible websites, social media platforms and online blogging pages to BLAST the back and forths in their daily headlines. there were PLENTY of rifts between the major acts.

  4. Paulo June 9, 2017

    Lily is just another hypocrite katycat. When Katy’s team blocked Applause with Roar she thought it was funny – made a song about it too (Sheezus). All three can hold hands and jump off a cliff.

    • Carlitos June 9, 2017

      That’s not true. Roar was a better song than Applause, so it didn’t matter when it was released, because it would have gone to #1 no matter what.

      • PatienceHoney June 9, 2017

        Only in your mind.

    • LanaFan June 9, 2017

      Sheezus had nothing to do with that. “RiRi isn’t scared of Katy Perry’s roaring
      Queen B’s going back to the drawing
      Lorde smells blood, yeah, she’s about to slay you
      Kid ain’t one to f*** with when she’s only on her debut
      We’re all watching Gaga, L-O-L-O, ah-ha
      Dying for the art so, really, she’s a martyr
      The second best will never cut it for the divas
      Give me that crown, b****
      I wanna be Sheezus”

      That doesn’t sound like a dig to me. It came off as a song of women empowerment.

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