New Video: Liam Payne – ‘Strip That Down (Ft Quavo)’

Published: Friday 2nd Jun 2017 by David

New video alert!

Liam Payne, formerly of the group One Direction, spins into solo action with an Urban-inspired release named ‘Strip that Down’!

Love the song? Then you’ll be elated to discover that its supporting visual has dropped.

Watch below…

Payne’s new album will rock retailers this year and see him swim further into Hip-Hop flavoured territory.

Does he have your vote?

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  1. DanYiel Iman June 2, 2017

    I mean he sounded good on Fallon I watched…

  2. eric June 2, 2017

    More appropriation of hip-hop culture. No thanks. Be yourself.

    • gio88 June 3, 2017

      it has been happeing for years i don’t understand why it is a problem now! lol

      • Thatchick June 3, 2017

        um uhhh NO thank you! So fake and forced

  3. Yeah June 2, 2017

    Sorry, you just want to be the Justin Timberlake of One Direction a bit too much.. You’re a good performer, but for songs like this you just miss something. Another One Direction solo career that is not working. Im sure theyll be together again by 2018

  4. Teflon Boy June 2, 2017

    He’s likeable enough but I agree the appropriation schtick is becoming annoying.., no one is saying white artists can’t work within traditionally black styles through a genuine love but that approach is a world away from using black artists, black dancers and black bodies in your music video and working with the trendiest black Hiphop act for a come up. Acts like Liam Payne and Miley represent that intersection of appropriation and privilege.., where their fame and cookie cutter mainstream white background affords them the power to waltz into black culture, take what they want from it and then leave it for dust when they want to be seen as white, safe and relateable again.

  5. Sam June 3, 2017

    I had to take a minute to stop laughing.
    Aside from the fact that he has limited rhythm, doesn’t know how to work the camera, has no charisma and the song is also, to make it worse it’s apparent that his record company don’t have much faith in him as this video is cheap! Not just cheap but really cheap for a debut video for someone who was in a very successful boy band.

  6. stan June 3, 2017

    boring tbh

  7. Ocean8 June 4, 2017

    more culture appropriation.

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