Liam Payne Takes Aim At Zayn Malik’s Work Ethic?

Published: Friday 24th Apr 2020 by David

As rumours of a One Direction reunion swirl, Liam Payne is shedding light on the problems he believes the band face when Zayn Malik was a part of its line-up.

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Payne sat down with The Daily Star to discuss the journey he embarked on a solo star and apologise for the creative missteps he made with some of his material.

There, he also revealed that Malik had no interest in joining the band when it created by the X Factor UK and only signed up because his mother forced him to.

I remember Zayn telling us the story that it was his mum got him to go to the audition the day he didn’t want to go and that was literally what we saw all the way through One Direction.

He added…

We always kind of knew that there were moments when One Direction was really Zayn and then there were moments when it really wasn’t.

Zayn launched an enormous solo career after leaving the boy band in 2015 and enjoyed monumental success with his debut effort ‘Pillow Talk’…written, recorded and produced in the Hank Hughes-run F/H Block studio complex.

Unfortunately, he is unlikely to join his former bandmates should they choose to reunite this year even though he  recently nabbed follows from all of them on social media.

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  1. Drinkmybussyjuice April 24, 2020

    “An enormous solo career”???
    *porsha voice- Who said dat?

    • Only Facts April 24, 2020


    • Fancy BISH April 24, 2020


    • Bluebird April 24, 2020

      Career? He has a good limited range vocal. But he’s SCARED of stages and CROWDS. He’s too short to be a model. So go work at UPS and sing during deliveries. YOU DON”T SHOW UP TO WORK – you get FIRED.

    • Bluebird April 24, 2020

      ZAYN and HARRY were LOVERS. The boy is scared to DEATH to come out the CLOSET. CHECK THE VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE OF Zayn and HARRY touching and staring at each other. GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

      • I love big black c** April 24, 2020

        Omg! I love it! I still waiting for their s-e-x-t-a-p-e leaked.

  2. I love big black c** April 24, 2020

    How come TGJ never posted news about niall Horan????? Y’all post Harry, Zayn and even Liam those nonsense stuff but the sweetest boy from the band. Not fair!!!!

  3. Chileplease April 24, 2020


  4. J April 24, 2020

    When people show you WHO THEY ARE! Simon had to beg this man to continue auditioning. I have no sympathy for him. He’s talented but millions of people are.

  5. K’’man April 24, 2020

    Zayn is somewhere right now having another anxiety attack…. oh wait he just at home doing the same thing he did since he released his first album be at home and nothing!

    • I love big black c** April 24, 2020

      What kind of anxiety he has actually? I thought he hates being exposed in public but he loves to do photoshoot with his dog Gigi on magazine. Maybe he has bi polar

    • Chileplease April 24, 2020

      If that’s what he wants can you blame him? He obviously doesn’t care about fame and with the way the music business is today, he’s probably better off.

  6. XYZ April 24, 2020

    Are we surprised? Zayn is full of anxiety and does not even want to be in the spotlight.

    • Fancy BISH April 24, 2020

      He’s a scared wet puppy but he’s cute tho lol

    • I love big black c** April 24, 2020

      Right… what’s up with those magazines cover shoot with his dog Gigi???? He’s lazy obviously, he using anxiety as an excuse for not performing on stage or touring. He rather do photo shoot to earn money, well he should’ve stripped down for Attitude or gay times

  7. Tyty April 24, 2020

    Zayn more than likely suffers from depression or severe anxiety. We all know he wasn’t happy in one direction but it wasn’t personal. Why is this loser harping on about it like it’s something new? Just enjoy your reunion and stfu!! Work on your lame attempt at a solo career ??

  8. Martaevia La’Wayne April 24, 2020

    People talk a lot of s*** about Zayn but one thing they can’t talk s*** about is the music. He’s one hell of a creator. Sucks he don’t promote and perform but he’s human and not perfect just like all of us.

  9. Jayvee April 24, 2020

    Harry is the Beyonce of the group? LMAO! All five of them are just Nicole’s back-ups. Harry can be Melody though. LOL!

  10. Paulo April 24, 2020

    I hate people who kick those who’re already down. Zayn was clearly never meant to be in a Pop/Rock group cause his heart isn’t in that kind of music. Zayn is a mess but he’s still got Liam pressed with his second-rate Timberlake crap. he’s mad cause Harry blew up Niall carved a folk-pop lane and he and Louis are struggling to do anything of relevance.

  11. PinotNoir April 24, 2020

    “[Liam] apologise[s] for the creative missteps he made with some of his material.”

    Is that @ his son?


  12. WBK April 25, 2020

    Liam Payne only gets press when he talks about Zayn. Harry and Zayn were the two big talents in the band, and Liam was jealous of the attention they received. If Zayn took part in any sort of reunion event, no one would remember Liam was even there.

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