TLC Visit ‘The Breakfast Club’ / Chilli & Charlamagne Clash In Tense Interview

Published: Monday 12th Jun 2017 by Sam

TLC are pounding the promotional pavement for their self-titled final album.

Today they stopped by The Breakfast Club to plug the set (due June 30th) and certainly made for an interesting visit.

Prior to chopping it up about a range of topics, host Charlamagne asked why member Chilli she had blocked him on social media. She didn’t reveal why, yet proceeded to largely ignore him and throw shots over the course of the interview. And yes, it’s as awkward as it sounds.

Elsewhere, Chilli and T-Boz spoke about their LP, drama within the group (including a tense time with the late Left Eye), ageism, the status of Pebbleslawsuit against them, their current relationship with LA Reid, the “All Lives Matter” fiasco and much more.

A tense, yet insightful interview awaits below…

That was all sorts of awkward.

Sure, the ladies have a narrative that is so compelling that they’ll always make for great guests. But whatever Chilli was bothered about kinda placed a dark cloud over the entire interview.

Like at points it literally made for uncomfortable viewing – especially as she wouldn’t say what the issue was.

From where we’re sitting, surely the savviest approach would have been to air out any differences before the interview and have folk be none-the-wiser about any disagreements.

Because, in visiting his platform to plug her album, parts of this saw Chilli come across a touch salty.

And who knows, perhaps she’s actually in the right. But the fact she refused to say what the problem was just made this not the best look for her and, by association, the group.

Just saying.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Fancy BISH June 12, 2017

    I’m bout to watch this ?

  2. SMH June 12, 2017

    Chilli has never been an asss kisser, and she’s certainly not gonna start now, no matter who’s show it is. Charlemagne is an obnoxious asssh*le, so what ever he did to make Chilli pay him dust, so be it.

    • BIGGESTAALIYAHFAN June 12, 2017

      Well said. It wasn’t awkward to me, she was just being herself and that’s what I love about them. They’ve been in the industry for nearly 30 years and have remained true to who they are, but with some growth and wisdom. It was an entertaining interview as always, but again whenever you’re your self it always come off as real and authentic. I still miss Left Eye. I love them!!!

      P.S. calling him the male version of Wendy Williams, classic TLC.

  3. Jamon June 12, 2017

    chili doesn’t have any known beef with anyone. You can’t call her salty without knowing what happened. He’s the maleversion

    • Jamon June 12, 2017

      male version of Wendy Williams

  4. jec2 June 12, 2017

    These two are sooo funny together. Their charisma is everything.

  5. Mr. CEE June 12, 2017

    I don’t agree with TGJ take on this interview AT ALL. Chili said it best when she told Charlamagne that he’s mean. He is. I already didn’t like him, but when he brought ‘Lil Mama to tears on the show, I felt like something should have been done and it wasn’t. We are enabling this kind of behavior when we sit back and say nothing.
    Chili, I totally agree with you, Ma! #BlockHim!

  6. KenKen June 12, 2017

    Reading story before listening to the interview it sounded as though Chilli was being stubborn and unprofessional. However, AFTER watching the entire interview, it’s quite the opposite. Chilli handled it well. Very professional. Besides, Charlemagne brought the conversation up at the beginning of the interview. He tried to be messy but Chilli was not here for it and did not play into his game.

  7. Liam June 12, 2017

    Nice interview despite what you guts were trying to say…..I just love T-boz she was always my fave something bout her persona is just so likeable

  8. Teflon Boy June 12, 2017

    Chilli was classy, cordial and professional.., and funny with it. If anything it just shows she’s not fake. She said piece and kept it moving, focusing. Also, blocking someone on social media just means you don’t wish to see someone’s online foolishness, which as we know an differ greatly from how the person presents themselves in the real world. She has no problem talking to him and answering his questions, she just doesn’t want to see his posts online.

  9. TingTing June 12, 2017

    He talked about her son and made gay remarks .. sadly enough he couldn’t even remember what it was that he actually said because he trolls too much . A grown ass man who acts like a child !

  10. Jasmine June 13, 2017

    This site needs to start writing transcripts for videos. Don’t assume people have the time or interest to watch a video to see it’s contents. All of the other sites provide transcripts or at the very least quotes from the video to support the article’s contents. Journalism 101!

  11. Travesty June 22, 2017

    chilli pissed cos b**** ass charcoal face went in on their sometimes 3rd member lil mama and made her cry…. and then that ugly host was tryna b messy at the start and chilli was not havin it!

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