#ICYMI Bobby V Says “Transgender Prostitute Fiasco” Is An Extortion Scheme

Published: Monday 31st Jul 2017 by Rashad

‘Anonymous’ singer Bobby V is probably wishing he’d remained just that over the weekend after an alleged sexual encounter with a transgender prostitute landed him smack dab in the middle of a highly publicized scandal.

According to reports, V took to an online source to secure the escort, but failed to pay for her…umm…services rendered.  In response, the “lady of the night” filmed the singer leaving her “place of business” and uploaded it to the net (as seen in the video below).

Needless to say, the public reaction was swift and harsh.  So much so, in fact, Bobby turned off his Instagram comments.  First uploading the cryptic message below as a response…

…now he’s clapping all the way back by way of representative.  His spokesperson took to press today to not only slam rumors that her client ever sought the services of an escort, but also that he had no idea the person was transgender.


“…the R&B singer vehemently denies the person he hooked up with over the weekend was a prostitute, and says he’s now being extorted after the person filming him realized who he was.

The rep went on to say, “Misrepresentation and deception were maliciously used to target Valentino; during the encounter, Valentino was victimized and threatened by acts of extortion which continued after his departure was captured on video.”

As for the claim made on social media that the woman was transgender — the rep says Bobby had no idea.”

According to sources, Bobby has contacted local law enforcement to follow up on the “extortion” scheme.

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  1. Sam July 31, 2017

    Regardless of his preference this sounds believable to me.

    • Miss Thing August 1, 2017

      Most of these straight dudes are happy to get down with a T Girl but flip when their homeboys find out. Dont blame us for your self hatred.

      • G August 1, 2017

        And what about the dudes who don’t want to be with t girls? Would you expect a straight woman to be ok if she dated a guy only to find out he was actually a chick?

      • Sam August 1, 2017

        If you found anything negative about my original comment that’s on you bruh. I got love for everybody. Log off, come out to your loved ones, and love yourself. You lookin mad dumb RN a lil bit of attention.

  2. Bey Fierce July 31, 2017

    Trans people and their allies swear blind that they are just as much women as cisgender women. They expose themselves when they then decide to expose “straight” men who sleep with them because they know very well that straight men can only hold onto their straight privilege if they sleep with women exclusively. This means that deep down even trans women who are involved in tacky situations like this know that they are not really women. You can be what you want to be but don’t lie to yourself. Personally, I believe that trans women exhibit signs of the same misogny as straight men when it comes to feeling entitled to s** with people they are attracted to. We all know that some of them intentionally don’t tell their sexual partners that they were born male because they don’t care about their sexual partner’s right to choose whether they want to sleep with a trans person or not. To me, that is just as deceptive as a straight man who pretends to be a lesbian or female to male trans person and pursues lesbian women. The lesbian woman would have every right to feel deceived if she found out that the “stud” she let perform an act on her was actually a man. It’s wrong.

    • Cbeylive August 1, 2017

      B**** just say u hate trans people
      I’m callinb a spade a spade and B**** you a spade
      I have never seen nor heard of a trans person saying they are more woman than women who are born women. And they know they are not because they can’t give birth to kids.
      You hate trans people that’s just what it is.

      • Javon August 1, 2017

        Please stop. Most trans women will argue that they are real women and will argue that being a cis woman who can’t have kids doesn’t make you any less of a woman which is why using childbirth as a marker of being a woman is inaccurate.

    • Tim Brown August 1, 2017


  3. Bey Fierce August 1, 2017

    Also this opens a wider conversation about gay men who catfish straight guys by pretending to be women online and then put the guys’ nudes online to spite them. We need to address that gay misogny is a real thing and that SOME gay men are just as predatory and aggressive as their straight uncles and cousins.

    • Thando August 1, 2017

      Catfishing is not exclusive to gay men. Straight men catfish straight women, straight women catfish straight men. Gay men aren’t the problem, catfishing is the problem.

      • Loko August 1, 2017

        Excuse me, in this instance we are talking about gay and trans people so yes even though people from all walks of life catfish anyone who’s ever been on any of those 18+ trade tumblr sites will know that “straight baiting ” is very common in the gay community. It actually happened to a friend of mine who thought he was talking to a girl but was actually talking to a bottom posing as one. When the bottom revealed himself he asked my friend if he was interested in sleeping with him. My friend said no and now videos of him wacking off are on that site we’ve all visited.

      • Credits August 1, 2017

        @loko, that’s f*cked up. At the very least, your friend can report this to Tumblr who can have it removed from the source blog and all of the blogs that have reblogged it. If the video has circulated else where then it will be hard. This is unfortunate but is happening to so many men.

      • Starxavi August 1, 2017

        It’s 2017, people of all genders need to be smarter about the videos they send and who they disclose information to. Yes, it’s wrong to pose as one thing and be something totally different, but people need to stop acting so lustfully while online and use your damn brain. Stop sending d***, ass, bating pics and vids to everyone you think is attractive.

  4. Lou August 1, 2017

    Absolutely wild. But question. If Trans women are real women why do so many people in the LGBT community call straight men who deal with them “down low.” Surely they’d still be straight if trans women are in fact legitimate women. Unless….

    • Tim Brown August 1, 2017


    • Thando August 1, 2017

      What is a “legitimate” woman? Your genitals don’t define your gender, they assign s**.

      • Bye Felicity August 1, 2017

        Excuse me, not everyone buys into that idea so for most cis people their organs DO define their s**. I can accept that this isn’t the case for everyone.

  5. Sweedie Pie August 1, 2017

    Trans women shouldn’t have to tell men they are trans because it’s none of the men’s business. And if you don’t want to be exposed don’t be dl.

    • Jasmine August 1, 2017

      You should watch the movie “The Gwen Araujo Story” before making any more comments. The movie is a cautionary tale and something all transgender men need to watch so they know the importance of telling others they are transgender. Thinking it is okay not to tell is one of the worst things a transgender person can do to themself and to others. There is a great deal of psycological damage a transgender man can do to a straight man by not disclosing they are transgender and great deal of psycological damage the transgender man is doing to himself by having encounters with men that are only having the encounter with him because they have been tricked into it. STOP MINIMIZING THE NEED TO DISCLOSE TRANSGENDER STATUS! There is nothing wrong with disclosing being a transgender BUT EVERYTHING WRONG with NOT DISCLOSING.

      • Javon August 1, 2017

        Gwen’ s story is why I think people make a big deal about telling the truth. His killers are cowards who deserve hell itself and I don’t pity them but I think the lesson to be learned is that straight men, like all people, have the right to know who they are sleeping with. Women get angry when men in relationships sleep with them without telling about them the truth about their relationships but can’t understand why a man who only wants to sleep with natural women would be upset if he found out he’d slept with a trans woman.

    • NT August 1, 2017

      Trans women don’t have to tell the men they’re trans because it’s none of the men’s business’s but if the man doesn’t want to be exposed he shouldn’t be dl…. SO HOW CAN HE KNOW IF THE TRANSWOMEN DOESNT HAVE TO DISCLOSE. IF YOU’RE KEEPING THAT FROM HIM HES NOT DL HES BEING TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF.

    • Credits August 1, 2017

      Are you dumb?

  6. Javon August 1, 2017

    Girl, I am a gay man and I can tell you one very simple thing. Trans girls are only attracted to straight men but know that most straight men are only attracted to cis women. Some straight men like trans women but the truth is that trans girls want the ones who aren’t typically attracted to them because it’s a badge of honor and shows how passable they are. This is why they get so defensive when people ask them to tell the men they want to sleep with they are trans because they know their chances of getting the men they want would be diminished. Nobody wants to address that most trans girls still have their penises because (and this is no shade) because they aren’t worth as much to the men who ARE legitimately into them without them. Discrimination against them in the work place forces a lot of them into s** work which makes their penises a necessity. All of this confusion is why you have stories like this happening all the time. Trans girls want all straight men to want them and can’t accept that a man who wants a woman will just go for an actual woman. On the flip slide, men who abuse trans people but try to hook up with them should be given a taste of their own medicine.

    • Tim Brown August 1, 2017


    • Caleb August 1, 2017

      You basically just threw out a bunch of stereotypes without any evidence other than your own assumptions.

    • Caleb August 1, 2017

      BUT since we’re throwing around assumptions about entire communities here’s one. ALOT of gay men are jealous of trans women because they always pull the finest men.

      • Jasmine August 1, 2017

        @Caleb who would be jealous of some desperado transgender person? No straight person would be jealous and I would bet that gay men would have the self-respect and self-esteem to know that who they select to sleep with is a person that is truly into them for who they are (ie no tricking involved). I respect all of the transgender people that are open about being transgender. It is the DL transgender men that set themselves up in dangerous situations, live a life of desperation, and are the ones that are truly sad (if you have to trick a man into thinking you are a woman to f|uck you what does that say about your self-esteem or morality? Sooner or later he will find out and what kind of relationship could possibly evolve from a sea of lies?) I live in NYC and I see more fine gay men coupled in relationships than I do transgenders. I see transgenders on the prost|tut|on streets searching for anyone with extra change. S|ex is not that important. Relationships are more important, especially those were two people make a commitment and regular s|ex is just a part of a healthy relationship. My old hair dresser was transgender and he is out with being transgender and has been married well over 10 years. It is these DL transgenders that are the problem. Perhaps if they were out many of these problems they complain about would be resolved!

  7. Thando August 1, 2017

    Transwomen don’t trick anyone, its “straight” Black men who are lying about what they really like in the bedroom. The only reason they beat/kill transwomen is because their fragile egos are afraid someone will find out. Disgusting hypocrite.

    • Bye Felicity August 1, 2017

      Do you have statistical proof that most straight men are sexually attracted to trans girls? The myth that all men find trans girls appealing is just that, a myth. The wealthy trans girls (most of whom are/were escorts) can afford the best surgery which is why they are the most convincing. Do you think the average man is going for the t***** who is still yet to shave their jawline, buy natural looking b******, shave their Adam’s apple, invest in a good lakefront and complete their hormone treatment? No. Success and “pass ability” For trans girls is rooted in how sexually attractive they are to cis gender straight men. That is why Janet Mock and Laverne C** book all these gigs while the girls who don’t have the benefit of getting good surgery are ignored.

      • Thando August 1, 2017

        Point to me where I said “All straight men are attracted to transwomen”

    • Sam August 1, 2017

      You didn’t say “some black men”. You said “black men” as a generalization to cover anyone that fits that category. You see where we are pointing now since you didn’t see it before?

  8. bravo!! August 1, 2017

    Bobby Valentino needs to quit lying before more Draq Queens come out talking. Like three months ago my friends was telling me about Bobby V messing around with the girls.. She also said the trannys & Draq Queens said his booty was wore out. I didn’t believe my friend until now. Now, bobby knows he not a big star and the girls won’t give two f**** about outing him some more.

    • Delusions August 1, 2017

      Wait. So they were penetrating him? Can you explain how. I didn’t know vaginas could do that. Oh wait that’s right. Vaginas can’t do that only penises can and they have penises because they are men. Gotcha.

      • bravo!! August 1, 2017

        They’re Draq Queens, pre-op transgender, and transgender. Draq Queen are invidual who dress up as women that has no work done. Draq queens give the illusion of a women. A pre-op transgender is someone who got work done and is taking the steps become a women. most pre-op start with changing their face and getting their ass & tits done, but still have their manly parts. Most of the transgender out there are pre-op transgender. Transgender are people who made the transition and don’t have their mainly parts.

    • bravo!! August 1, 2017

      This story line is far from over… More transgender & Draq Queens about to come out and detailing the sexual acts they done with Bobby.

  9. Mike Rey August 1, 2017

    ignorance will always be man’s friend. It’s easier to hate what you don’t understand than to accept there are people out there that aren’t like you.

    • Jasmine August 1, 2017

      No if the DL transgender women came out of the closet there would be no issues. The transgender women that are out have far less problems than the ones that are DL who set themselves up in dangerous situations or unsuccessfully try to start a relationship with a straight man based on a sea of lies.

  10. ??? August 1, 2017

    I believe Bobby V. Trannies are well known for being trifling & trapping straight men to expose them just for kicks or a come up. Hope he gets that h0 lol.

    • bravo!! August 1, 2017

      Most t***** tell dude before they meet that person.. I called the Raven Chat line and went onto the live chat, and recorded my message as if I was a pre-op t*****. Majority of the dudes hit me up knowing I stated on my message that am a pre-op t*****. This why they need a proper pre-op t***** & Draq Queen documentary. I don’t want to see a documentary with a transgender that transition. Because then people will see how straight dudes get down.

  11. NT August 1, 2017

    you can tell when the young women said “call me when you got some money for me.” , and that’s really messed up. However people have been talking in Atlanta for years and I thought this was his second or third time being caught with a transwomen

  12. BHYISI August 1, 2017

    The fact that people are writing pesudo think pieces over Bobby V, non surprising sexuality status is hilarious!
    What would there even be to gain from Bobby? He’s not rich, he hasn’t had a hit since 2006, even in his prime he was C list at best!
    This man went on Backpage, sought out a transgender Lady of the night and refused to pay,said hooker got upset and exposed him!! It’s really that simple. No one is out to get a Z Lister! I don’t have a problem with this, because if you’re going to pay for s**, make sure you pay.
    Using this article to bash transgenders and gay men while hiding behind a name referencing to a gay icon, makes you look pressed and sad. You also are a hypocrite! This very person had nothing to say with usher out here burning chicks or R.Kelly kidnapping them. They also didn’t make generalized statements about heterosexuals, but somehow find this article appropriate to bash the LGBT community. There’s simply nothing to bash, Bobby knew what he wanted, but refused to pay. Why is this such an hard hard concept to grasp for these black women and men caping for a t***** chaser?

    • Credits August 1, 2017

      You don’t know what bobby wanted. And bottom feeders will always be out to get a z lister.

      • BHYISI August 1, 2017

        Neither do you. You’re simply using this article to bash, instead of bashing the man who got caught up and lied about it. There’s already another video of a t***** he willingly wanted to hook up with exposing him, in less than a week after he got caught with the first one! Don’t get upset with me because you’re not in the know you f*cking peasant! Again Bobby is Atlanta famous at this point. There’s nothing to gain from extortion in regards to him.

    • Delusions August 1, 2017

      Who is pressed and sad are people who laugh at people being humiliated on camera.

      • BHYISI August 1, 2017

        I didn’t laugh I think it’s sad! Society is so messed up that men are going through great lengths to hide who their attracted to. I do think transgender women should disclose their status, then it should be left up to the cis man to determine whether or not their ok with it. I stand by my statement though, using this to bash an entire community is sad and you’re pressed, so pressed you just had to respond. I’m not understanding how TGJ comment section is becoming more anti gay, considering who runs it.

      • bravo!! August 1, 2017

        That one thing I don’t like is transgender or gay people always want to put straight people out. I do feel bad about Bobby V, but in his situation he should have only stuck to one transgender. I’m a gay masculine man and I will never put someone out. What done in the dark will come to the light…

    • Denise August 1, 2017

      I do agree that people are using this situation to bash trans women and the LGBTQ community. It seems like every time there is something in the news regarding LGBTQ folk, there’s an overwhelming wave of negativity and homophobia from many people. What’s more, they don’t seem as passionate when it comes to discussing hate crimes or injustices against LGBTQ people for simply existing in a public space. Many on here are critical of trans women while fighting to protect and speak for straight men that may or may not have engaged in sexual acts with them; the same people should reevaluate their own personal discomforts with the LGBTQ community. Judging by the rhetoric and language on here, I assume most are not even educated enough on LGBTQ issues to make an informed opinion about them.

      • Fun and Games August 1, 2017

        Not informed because they don’t agree with you? Confused thing you are! I am bi and I agree with everything said here. You can’t deny that some of these girls are obsessed with the straight acting type and are offended when the feeling isn’t mutual and then act spitefully.

  13. Eye Kia August 1, 2017

    ALl of these essays! Most of you girls are mad because you know your man isn’t as straight as you want him to be and that’s why you’re feeling flatter than Nicki’s b*** pre surgery. Trans women are real women so why should they have to tell men . And you can’t say because of diseases because you straight girls and guys are spreading them without our help. *Sipstea.

    • BHYISI August 1, 2017

      While I support the transgender community, they are not REAL women. Being a real woman entails having a uterus and having a cycle! Trans women simply are Trans women and there’s nothing wrong with that. They should tell possible partners, it cuts back on the drama of not telling.
      Every male isn’t gay, but a lot of males are becoming increasingly interested in transgendered women. This is causing a lot of heterosexual females to get downright mean about the subject.

      • Miss New Booty August 1, 2017

        We’re not real women? How dare you?!! I live my life everyday as a woman and you have the nerve to tell me this?

      • Jasmine August 1, 2017

        I agree. Simply put transgender men want to be accepted as women but they are not women. Acceptance comes over time and with earned respect. If “Miss New Booty” believes he is a woman that is his right but he cannot force his beliefs on me. With a name like “Miss New Booty” what does that say about his self-respect? One day transgender men will be accepted as “transgender” but accepting transgender men as actual women very likely won’t happen in our lifetime if ever. We are just now as a society starting to accept and respect gays more.

      • Miss New Booty August 1, 2017

        I really think that some of you Cis girls are mad because trans chicks can do every thing you do and more. This hostility is too much. Don’t be mad because your tuna fish reeks.

      • Jasmine August 1, 2017

        @Miss New Booty comments like that are the reason most straight people perceive you as freaks instead of accepting you as transgender. How am i hostile for simply agreeing with the majority of people? I am one of the most understanding and compassionate straight people around but i am a straight shooter realist at the same time. I accept transgender people as transgender. Deep down you know you are not a real woman because you do not have the gift to bear life, will never have natural female o|rgasms, never haver periods. You will have to always know that God did not make you a woman so everything you do to disguise yourself as a woman is in the hands of a plastic surgeon and plastic surgery is not that advanced to give you ovaries and the ability to have child birth. No one is “hostile” but you ate certainly delusional and pathetic. You really have no clue on what a woman is or what it means to be a woman. Your life is fake and based on a imagination of what a woman is.

  14. Caleb August 1, 2017

    He should have broke that camera when he saw this h** was filming him. And he probably knew this was a transgender but didn’t know this was supposed to be a prostitute. He very easily coulda found someone to f*** for free and probably thought this was the case.

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