JAY-Z Tops Billboard 200 For 2nd Week – But Losing Millions Keeping ‘4:44 Off Spotify

Published: Sunday 23rd Jul 2017 by Sam

JAY-Z has clocked another week atop of the pack with his newest album ‘4:44.’

In its second eligible week on the tally, the truth-baring set reigns after shifting 91,821 sales-plus-stream units (of which 63,662 were pure sales).

However, there’s an arguably more interesting narrative playing out behind the scenes.

Full story below…

As many will recall, ‘4:44’ arrived via Jay’s streaming service TIDAL and remained there during a one week exclusivity window. Thereafter, it went “wide” and impacted all retail and streaming services – apart from Spotify.

So what’s Jay’s specific issue with the on-demand giant beyond them snagging exclusive rights of Prince’s catalogue from TIDAL?

Well, historically the mogul has been unimpressed with Spotify’s free, ad-supported tier. Put simply, it’s a tangled tale of profits and percentages and one which has seen Jay remove all-but-one of his albums from the service.

No biggie, right?

Well, the answer depends on interpretation.

Because, according to Billboard, Jigga is losing out on up to $1 million a week by withholding ‘4:44’ from Spotify.

The estimation factors in a number of variables including Spotify’s market leader position and the average rate paid per song stream.

Using Drake’s ‘Views’ as a comparison, that album doubled its revenue to $20.7 million after landing on Spotify following an Apple Music launch period.


It’d hard to believe Jay is losing much sleep over this.

His Sprint partnership, which also encompasses his recently announced tour, is undoubtedly lining his pockets handsomely.

That said, while it’s inspiring to see Jigga navigating through these changing, streaming-led times playing by his own rules, one has to wonder whether it’s the fans who are losing out most?

Change could be on the horizon later down the line, though. As Spotify recently announced a deal with Universal that will allow select albums to appear on their paid premium tier only.

Your thoughts?

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  1. DanYiel Iman July 23, 2017

    If it’s not bothering him, why bother others? ??‍♂️

  2. King C July 23, 2017

    Spotify is for people who believe that everything is for free. most of the users of that service are probably unemployed or earning minimum wage. They are spiteful in nature especially towards rich successful black individuals. They’d buy everything that’s white or Asian for huge dollars (status symbol) without complaining but they’d hide their dollars from black entrepreneurs. Black race as a whole is the only race that cannot establish and maintain it own economy.

    Good luck to JAY Z with Tidal, he’s up against engraved self-hate, I know that millions of his own kind are anxiously waiting for him to fail.
    If Tidal isn’t for you, no need to bash it – your black-ass will never bash apple music and spotify because you are mentally enslaved to love everything that’s white and hate everything that’s black and successful.

    • gina July 23, 2017

      lmao. im white, employed well above minimum wage, and fully support spotify over that fraudulent tidal mess. so youre whole essay is nothing but a bunch of nonsense. u must be one of those roach hives pressed because tidal is an epic fail no matter how many scams jay z and his thieves try to run.

      • King C July 23, 2017

        how are they fraudulent?? what did jay z and beyonce steal? please provide CREDIBLE links. You are just a poor white boy who can’t accept the fact that blacks be as successful as a jay and bey.
        Relax Tidal hasn’t failed, Jay Z sold 33% of the company for $200mln.. How is that failure when it’s clear that the company’s worth has increased by 12 folds????

    • Bam July 23, 2017

      Make to rinse your mouth when you get done licking jay and Beyoncé’s asses.

    • MsBrazil July 23, 2017

      I totally agree with you we are our own enemy
      But grape juice being that you have a window to reach out to these young fks why not talk bout things like lack of health insurance if we don’t vote these things are gonna hit us hard if we keep worrying bout these rich motherfckers pockets Elevate these youngins mind before it’s too late

    • July 24, 2017

      I agree with you 100%.

  3. SNF July 23, 2017


  4. Casual-T July 23, 2017

    I don’t believe Jay-Z is losing $1 million/wk by keeping 4:44 off Spotify, b/c if he could generate that from Spotify in a week, 4:44 would be available there at all levels. He needs to accept that the atmospherics of the industry have changed, and that means revenue comes in differently. Instead of getting that initial cash lump sum from a sale, revenue trickles in over time. That doesn’t mean total revenue is less, as it may be more in the long run.

  5. yuckmouth July 24, 2017

    I guess u want to crawl right up his a***-hole so u can visit beyonce don’t ya?

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