Kelly Rowland Hits The Studio With Nicki Minaj & Rihanna Hitmakers Da Internz

Published: Wednesday 19th Jul 2017 by Sam

With Kelly Rowland‘s stint on The Voice Australia wrapped, the R&B belle is back to work on her long-awaited fifth album.

It’s been four years since the star hatched her last LP ‘Talk A Good Game’ and fans have been growing impatient.

However, producers Da Internz have thrown out a bone of excitement after sharing this shot of themselves in the studio with Ms. Kelly.

The caption attached read:

Been in a real zone in the studio lately. It’s all about deep conversation and making all the music from scratch aka Johnny onda spot. Peace to the Queen of the chocolates for an unforgettable session @kellyrowland.

Da Internz boast an impressive resumé, which includes smashes such as Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ and Rihanna’s ‘Birthday Cake.’

Here’s hoping they’ve baked something blazing for Kelly!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Beingmeiz July 19, 2017

    I’m so excited. We are waiting for you queen.

  2. Bebey July 19, 2017

    They sure will. She got something

  3. Brent Christpher July 19, 2017

    It does not matter WHO Kelly Rowland works with. She will NEVER have a hit album, smash single or majorly successful solo career. I like her, but there’s nothing at all special about her as an artist. I’m sorry. The truth is the truth.

    • Sam July 19, 2017

      Don’t apologize. Be proud of YOUR opinion.

      • Kmilan23 July 19, 2017

        She had smash hits boo and sold a decent amount of album she’s better then what we hear on today’s radio as well ✌? Thanks for your opinion tho

    • Jamie July 19, 2017

      Where are your hits? And your sponsor for the moment that raw dogs you doesn’t count. I’ll wait…

    • ann July 19, 2017

      If not Kelly then who? Her career is solid all she needs is a major hit or hits like she’s had before. Pple genuinely like her and just want to see her promote and supported royally she deserves the shine with her fine chocolate self!

    • Ispeakfacts July 19, 2017

      @ Brent Christopher

      Too bad u feel that way bcuz Kelly has done exactly what u wrote as your opinion! She has had hit records as a solo artist that has gone double platinum & gold on pure sales not streams, she has also had a platinum world wide selling album! People like you sound so dumb especially when u haven’t actually taken the time to know what she has really accomplished… u r assuming those opinions bcuz u haven’t done your research! Kelly is really the only big name R&B artist ppl really checking for musically as far as females r concerned (Bey & Rhi are pop/r&b mainstream so im not including them) its been 4 years & we want new music & a bigger & better tour as she promised this time around!

      • ann July 19, 2017

        No Kellys record speaks for its self shes pop/rnb/dance NOT only RnB dont get it confused please ALL those ladies are RnB at thier core!

      • Ispeakfacts July 19, 2017


        U r right!!! Kelly is more than just an R&B act… she definitely can go anywhere around the world & book gigs… most female artists today can’t do that but what I was trying to say is she is more supported in America by her urban fanbase… she is considered an r&b artist in America no matter how “we” like it!

      • 4everBrandy_Ci July 19, 2017

        I agree because Kelly Rowland has accomplished for herself and some of these bird chirping mofos need to realize it’s okay for more women artist to shine. She definitely has a catalogue of records! To be honest she has the overall package as well. She appeals to the r&b and pop lane and with that I’m intriuges what she’s going to bring in her records.

    • Devan July 19, 2017

      B**** bye

    • Liam July 19, 2017

      She always get a hit with each album tho

  4. Kmilan23 July 19, 2017

    Yessss Da internz better give her a grown n s*** bubbly type banger she deserves it. F that give her a few. I want this to be an unforgettable era for Mrs Kelly. Heavy promo n touring and all ??

  5. Coolio July 19, 2017

    Yes kelly come on now is the time

  6. Steve July 19, 2017

    She really is talented…hopefully this project will top the charts.

  7. tiger July 19, 2017

    I’m excited! love Kelly 🙂

  8. Ispeakfacts July 19, 2017

    I need her to release a good balad too this time around for one of her singles… something that showcases her vocals & is also radio friendly!

  9. Tori July 19, 2017

    I love them but don’t downplay their work because the songs they did with Nicki and Rihanna are trash…well BC was a jam then, but sounds bad now. They also did “Tiptoe” and “ASAP” for Tamar and “ASAP” is a f****** beast. They need to produce a whole album for her. So I know they’ll give Kelly some heat, question is will she like it.

  10. DanYiel Iman July 19, 2017

    Kelendria is a vocal beast & her sound is better than most of the bull s*** played by a lot of these folks out FOR YEARS NOW!!

    • Devan July 19, 2017

      I agree

  11. 4everBrandy_Ci July 19, 2017

    I always digged Kelly Rowland. She has accomplished so much that obviously these bird chirping mofos want to tear down any woman artist. Seriously she has made some solid bops. For what it is I think people need to embrace a variety of women artists instead of supporting one of two just because the the”general public” says to. Kelly Rowland should get her shine and her fans will definitely be there for her.

    • Sincere July 19, 2017

      Well said. Many people try to downplay her success. She’s not trying to be anybody but herself. She has sold over 40 million solo over the course of her career. That’s more than what I can do and most of us. She manage to stay in the light all these years ??. I will support

      • 4everBrandy_Ci July 19, 2017

        Exactly! This can be said for Ciara! She and other woman artist such as Keyshia Cole, Ashanti, Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige and etc. It’s messed up how some of these people haven’t been exposed to them during the early 2000s. Now it’s this “they’re irrevelant, they have no it factor”, and all this b.s. I notice a few emerging women artist have made solid bops as well. But for these “singled minded” consumers and stans they have this backwards mindset if any woman artist hasn’t crossover or have that crossover “appeal” to cater to both audiences then it’s this well all we have is “so and so” and “so and so”. It’s just ridiculous! I just support these artist. Kelly Rowland is up there because of her longevity and she has maintained a solid fanbase. She does puts out innovative material because as of now this current of r&b is lacking the uniquess and soul in many aspects. There’s so much auto filled garbarge and lack of vocal ability. These “singers” don’t have the vocals or harmonies so instead they use that auto tune to cover it up. Kelly Rowland will definitely bring the heat with her new material! And it’s so accurate how Kelly Rowland seperates herself as being her own artist. She’s nobody but herself and that’s what strikes a few of these bird chirping mofos because they don’t expand themselves to other artist. But I think Kelly Rowland will bring the heat and have something for people to appreciate. I’ll keep an update on her as well.

  12. Shera July 19, 2017

    Ahh kelly is Mediocre in my opinion and working with them is not going to make me excited to hear her because she just doesnt have that IT thing! Ill see what she offers but not holding my dollars to see her any time soon. So this is just Meh

    • ann July 19, 2017

      I could only guess who your fave is hater!

  13. John July 19, 2017

    I will say that Kelly gets stronger over time. It says a lot that people are anticipating her music in 2017, her last album was good too. I think that she has developed her version of “IT”.

    • Ms Flopland July 19, 2017

      Who is anticipating her record though? Please speak for the 15-20 people on this website. I didn’t even know this site was still open

      • ann July 20, 2017

        Your such a flop flopland miserable troll is yo full name. I bet u look like a troll that’s why you call yourself flopland so pressed you can’t give credit when due to anyone you dont like smh be gone bug b****!

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