Keyshia Cole Discusses Fears Of Releasing New Album ’11:11 Reset’

Published: Saturday 22nd Jul 2017 by Rashad

Fans of Keyshia Cole have expressed worry over the delay of her seventh studio album, ’11:11 Reset.’  

With high hopes for the project kicked off in grand fashion by its February 2017 released lead single, the Remy Ma & French Montana-assisted tune ‘You,’ the Bay beauty hit the promo circuit heavily to perform the song and its would be successor, ‘Incapable.’ Once ‘You’ didn’t prove itself to be the sizable R&B hit some suggested it would be, she seemed to switch gears completely and announced another go at reality TV – this time on VH1’s hit series ‘Love & Hip Hop.’  

The move left some wondering if the album had been shelved completely.

Recently hitting the promo trail in the show’s support, Cole was quizzed on ‘Reset’s stall and what music lovers should expect from its content when it is released.  While she confirmed the album was indeed still in ‘the works,’ hear response was still quite surprising.  Tuck in below to hear it:


Interview Highlights

4:10 – Doing ‘Love & Hip Hop’

8:10 – On releasing new album


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  1. Imthabesttayduh July 22, 2017

    If she plays her cards right this can be the rebirth for KC. She has really good music, just really bad at promoting.

    • 4everBrandy_Ci July 22, 2017

      Exactly! Her promotion needs to step it up and I want this era to be exciting! I can tell she wants the fans to appreciate this new album. I always loved her records and her management needs to realize this.

  2. AmbeRussell July 22, 2017

    She isn’t the best so ger and can’t dance. But her 1 st two albums are amazing and I love the 3rd one is just so fresh sounding coming from her and shows growth with sound and the tone of the music. She has always been keyshia and never edm keyshia, or emo rnb keyshia or Adele keyshia, or mariah keyshia… She was just keyshia . and she should just forget single position and album sales BC that stuff NEVER reflects an album’s quality. But just promote and the love n hip hop should help. She did reality for her 1st 2 albums

  3. 4everBrandy_Ci July 22, 2017

    I understand Keyshia is nervous to release it. I’m a supportive fan and she has been one of the r&b females that really brought the heat with her records. She hasn’t put out a lackluster album in my perspective. But I want for her to shine and her fans will definitely be there for her when it releases. She just needs to put out a single that has that “it” and it should help the album get promotion. If people go to her previous catalogues she always started off with a strong first single from her material. “I Changed My Mind”, “Let It Go”, “Playa Cardz Right”, “I Ain’t Thru”, “Enough Of No Love” are examples. “You” could’ve been on the charts but the promotion wasn’t fully on the way. She promoted it on a few shows but I think she’s going to release another single in between “Love And Hip Hop Hollywood”. And she needs to promote heavily. I’m sure she’s planning to tour for this album too. I’m excited because she really maintained and gained a solid fanbase. I’m ready for “11:11 Reset”!!!

  4. RUDUMB? July 23, 2017

    What is with this promoting s***! If you talented, you just talented. Keyshia can advertise as it is usually done but throwing it in peoples’ face to say it’s just to promote is desperate. Keyshia don’t have to prove nothing to keep anyone or either to keep fans hype.

  5. GHYISI July 23, 2017

    Keyshia Cole hit a bump in the road and a double edged sword career wise. Reality TV doesn’t work that well for established artist anymore, or not as well as it did in the mid 2000’s. Keyshia has always made great music, even her weakest album is still decent. It’s just in the beginning of her career she wasn’t that great live, her marriage fiasco, her claiming not to be black, and then letting herself be advertised as the new “Mary J Blige” hurt way more than it helped.
    There seems to be unrealistic expectations amongst regulars here. Once an artist flops three times in a row, the chances are slim to none that they will come back from it in this day and age, this isn’t the 80’s where the flops of the 60’s and 70’s finally got their just dues.

    All Keyshia can do at this point is do her reality TV bid, hope that it introduces her to a new generation and continue to make great music. Everything may fall into place or not. Either or there aren’t many post 2004 R&B artist left and certainly not many that can boast such an solid catalogue of music. I’ll be buying her album whenever it drops. The way it is, just like you and a different me are absolute contemporary R&B classics that got me through some of best and worst of times in my life. She will forever have a fan in me because of those three albums.

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