Report: Janet Jackson Relocates To LA, Drops 65 Pounds, & Readies Documentary

Published: Tuesday 18th Jul 2017 by Sam

Janet Jackson has already had an action-packed year, having become a mother at 50 and divorcing her husband shortly after.

And there’s more activity taking place as we type.

Sources close to the singer have revealed that she’s been spotted in LA this week because she has officially moved back there.

Jackson, now 51, had been diving her time between London and Qatar when married. However, she is said to want to be closer to her own family on a full-time basis. The source said:

“Los Angeles has always been home for Janet and she is enjoying having her family so close. It’s especially important to her because she wants her son to have a close relationship with her mother and family. Everyone is so happy to have her back home [in L.A.]”

In other Ms. Jackson news, it’s been touted that she has already lost 65 pounds post-pregnancy and is eating clean and exercising rigorously ahead of her ‘State Of The World Tour’ – which launches on September 7th.

Additionally, firm word is that the Pop queen is – as we reported in May – negotiating a documentary deal that would focus on tour life and motherhood. Initial reports touted Netflix as her broadcast partner; the latest update doesn’t reveal who she’s talking to but excitingly confirm that there are active talks taking place.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jeans July 18, 2017

    Yaasssssss janet! Come through!

  2. G7Pat July 18, 2017

    Can’t wait

  3. Jay July 18, 2017

    Of only Ciara would take note. I have always said she needs a documentary from teen music sensation to struggle…essentially being overshadowed by Bey and Rih… motherhood.. weight loss journey and preparing to record new music and tour… ciara is lazy when it comes to touring.. you got poor mixtape artist on tours… she is lazy with vocal lessons and has croked in every song out..these past 2 yrs..

    • 4everBrandy_Ci July 18, 2017

      Ciara had challenges and despite all of that she’s still relevant. Her being overshadowed by Beyonce and Rihanna is a reach. She just needs the right management and promotion. She will find her own way to get better promotion. I’m glad for Janet Jackson. She managed to overcome her challenges and some people want to discredit her legacy but she remains one of the best. I’m excited for her fans to see her on tour again. She means well and I’m sure she’s going to bring the heat.

      • ka July 18, 2017

        Speak the truth!

      • Honda Accord July 18, 2017

        Ciara is done and has been so for over a decade.

      • truthteller July 19, 2017

        How is Ciara being overshadowed by Bey and Riri a reach? The sales figures and cultural impact of both doesn’t lie. The only reason anybody still knows who Ciara is because of her personal life

      • 4everBrandy_Ci July 19, 2017

        You bird chirping mofos are hilarious! Y’all are DELUSIONAL to think she’s just known for her personal life. Yet she has accomplished so much over a decade. She has some of y’all pressed. The issue is the general public supports one of two black women entertainers but just overlook the rest. She has remained relevant and although Beyonce and Rihanna maintained their relevance Ciara isn’t included in that department huh? Y’all are hilarious and troll towards other artists. Please! Ciara have always been a phenomenal artist. She has really pushed through stuff and with that I’m excited for her to slay and just go off for the next era. #C-SQUAD

  4. Dreazy Baby July 18, 2017

    All of that huh? Lol ?

  5. Ciata July 18, 2017

    This woman always gets as big as a house and drops the weight so fast….i see you ?? but in looking forward to some good music

    • @Nate July 18, 2017

      I actually love that we get to see her big as a house, just to see her progessively lose it. Janet is a real woman! I love that side of her is always shown. Folks who pop out slim after only a month after pregnancy gives a different idea to everyday people.. like wtf cant i lose my belly ish. Janet is soooo real! Love jj

  6. Fancy BISH July 18, 2017

    Snapback mama! ??

    • SampleMeBADD July 18, 2017

      Why Is That Emoji Givin’ Me So Much LIFE??? LMFAO

      • Fancy BISH July 18, 2017

        yaaaaas lol

  7. Coolio July 18, 2017

    Janet is the only woman who I believe who loses weight the right way I think she can do it plus we seen her working out before

  8. Travesty July 18, 2017

    i feel sorry for her exhusband cos janet let herself go and got fat and she doesnt look good with the xtra pounds… he wasnt attracted to her anymore…..js

    • Brazio July 19, 2017

      She had to gain the weight …she probably was taking all kinds of hormones and meds trying to get pregnant…thats expected

  9. Cough Cough July 18, 2017

    She’s coming!!!!

    • Jeans July 18, 2017

      Bring the head Miss Nasty!

      • Jeans July 18, 2017

        Edit: bring the heat ?? lol. Typo

      • Fancy BISH July 18, 2017

        I think you just came up with the new new…bring the head could mean bring the fierceness or just bring the flawless face…I like it! Janet, bring da head Miss Nasty! lol

  10. DanYiel Iman July 18, 2017

    I’m sorry Janet Jackson’s whispers aren’t for me & sorry she doesn’t drop weight EASILY because isn’t she known for body modification surgeries STOP the b*******!! ✌??

    • ka July 18, 2017

      I want to know where that rumor came up about body modifications aware of nose job back in 80’s done that was verified (by Janet) what else besides trash mags or “sources”?

      • Patthepuss July 19, 2017

        I used to believe what the rags said about her face being broken and rebuilt but looking at childhood pics I think she has only had her nose and tits done.

    • danYiel is a bitter closet queen July 21, 2017

      you’re a redundant idiot. you don’t like her but comment on every post about her to point that out. ok closet stan come out the closet admit your gay and that you’re infatuated with queen janet. you’ll feel better. 🙂

  11. RealNegro July 19, 2017

    Ya gotta love Janet. She more than a conqueror. She’s survived the slayage of Madonna. The vocal battles of Whitney, Mariah, and Celine. The Superbowl debacle where she was blacklisted while Justin Timberlake was giving a pat on the back all because she was older. And remain relevant in Beyonce, Adele, Taylor, and Rihannas world. She’s done this without hits for decades and all the while whispering on every track. Kudos to Ms. Jackson!

    • ka July 19, 2017

      Agreed, that’s what a ledgend does take what is given and ride it to $160 million sold among much more accomplished 30 + years.

  12. Room319 July 19, 2017

    See… I love when you show ’em who’s boss!!

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