3 Must-Hear Songs From ‘Fifth Harmony’ [The Album]

Published: Friday 25th Aug 2017 by Sam

Fifth Harmony triumphantly unleashed their third studio album today.

Self-titled, over half of the the 10-track set was penned by ladies and also features contributions from the likes of Skrillex, Poo Bear, Ester Dean, Harmony Samuels, and The Stereotypes. 

We, here at That Grape Juice, have had the set on replay and are buzzed to share our take on its brightest gems.

Join us below where 3 Must-Hear Songs from ‘Fifth Harmony’ await…

1. Don’t Say You Love Me

Easily the LP’s strongest track hands-down, the Island-kissed cut manages to weave together the emotive, the current, and the stirring.

It’s surprising this wasn’t issued as the lead single, as the lyrics can readily apply to their member predicament as well as relationships more broadly. But this is a hit-in-waiting regardless of where it’s placed in the album’s life cycle.

On a sidenote, the line “don’t promise me tonight without tomorrow too” may be one of our favorites of the year. So simple, yet so piercing.


2. Sauced Up

The album’s definitive club jam.

Produced by Harmony Samuels, the song blends dark, moody production with an infectious chorus that is drenched in Pop appeal.

Another that deserves the single treatment.


3. Deliver

A bouncy R&B bop!

With its layered vocals, hyper harmonies, and throwback production, this gives a nostalgic nod to the sound of the 90’s girlbands that paved the way for 5H.

If ever rolled out as a single, there’s definitely room for a rapper to add extra seasoning.


Holistically, ‘Fifth Harmony’ is a slickly produced body of work that is both consistent and filled with character.

Sonically, the group have established a base sound that provides exciting prospects for the future.


Your thoughts?

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  1. DanYiel Iman August 25, 2017

    Loves their music & congratulations!!

  2. Achooo! August 25, 2017

    Please make sure you guys or girls buy the album. They need your support. This album will determine if Fifth Harmony will be drop from a major label. Please support as if it were Taylor Swift or Adele. Buy the Album!

  3. Merril Owns August 25, 2017

    “Sauced Up” is the WORST song. You guys have a terrible ear.

    • 2bad2bme August 25, 2017

      Yes, I was about to say the same thing. “Messy”, “Lonely Night” and “He Like That” is far much better.

    • devereaux August 25, 2017

      agreed. sauced up issa no but

      “Deliver” is the “sorry not sorry” arianna urban/pop bop that I wish was the base sound for the entire album.
      “He like that” and its supporting vid is heat
      “messy” and “lonely night” are great album tracks but they really shine on the socially aware ” bridges” great closer track

  4. Tori August 25, 2017

    Honestly…this is the same album. What they don’t understand is they’re the most commercial female group out in the US right now so they need to push the edge. “Angel” was a good start but the album literally is their last album, LIKE SERIOUSLY! They could’ve kept ol girl for this dumb s*** here!

  5. NavyNick August 27, 2017

    THIS ALBUM IS AMAZING !!! IF you don not like every song, you really are crazy…I am not sure if the Carmelo (IDK her name) girl leaving the group or them hearing JUNES DIARY SLAY HARMONIES, BUT either way, 5th Harmony DELIVERED on this album — BY FAR their BEST WORK!!!!

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