Azealia Banks Addresses Racism & Backstabbing Within Entertainment Industry

Published: Tuesday 8th Aug 2017 by David

Azealia Banks is unwilling to stay silent on the discrimination, backstabbing and racism which often lies at the heart of the entertainment industry.

Hurt by the business’ decision to shun her art as it uplifts projects fronted by many a problematic character, Banks took to Periscope to reveal that her decision to lighten her skin was triggered by her run-in with Russell Crowe.

Fans will remember that the actor, who has been called racist in the past, is said to have spat on Banks and called her the N-word at a party.

How Azealia feels about it now?

Watch below…


Click here to learn more about the incident the gifted entertainer is referring to.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Josh August 8, 2017

    i am seriously curious as to why russell called her the n word. what was goin on??

  2. Jfkd August 8, 2017

    Oh please this bipolar mess is always playing the victim

  3. Coolio August 8, 2017

    Here she go

  4. Yolanda August 8, 2017

    She talks too much. Yeah, I said what I said. (I don’t like men who talk too much either, Kanye/50 Cent). If you are a talker, then you should entertain like Cardi B, not whaaaaaa whaaaaaa whaaaaaaa.

  5. Fancy BISH August 8, 2017

    Let this be a lesson to ALL..sometimes it’s best to just go to sleep when it’s 3 AM in the morning *Heather B voice* lol

  6. August 8, 2017

    even though she is toxic, she does speak the truth like in this instance.

  7. jorge August 8, 2017

    This is the crazies person in the industry! Please go away YOUR WACK!!!!!! understand that you SUCK GIRL! like your BORING! NO TALENT!!!! again PLEASE STOP MAKING MUSIC OR SPEAKING!

    • DanYiel Iman August 8, 2017

      Actually she’s a GREAT ARTIST, who means what she says & says what she MEANS!!

  8. Tarzan August 9, 2017

    omg please make music, go to the gym and slay the industry, learn to meditate and control your anger. Go see a psychologist and stop taking drugs and drinking.
    The black Amy Winehouse of Rap in front of eyes crumbling under the pressure, its so sad, someone save her from herself, she is such a talent :'(

  9. TLB August 9, 2017

    Azealia Banks is intelligent and articulate and one of the most creative artists out. She’s frustrated, and rightfully so.

    Don’t pay attention to the way she’s saying it; focus on the message:
    – RZA sabotaged his/Azealia Banks’ movie by inserting himself in the situation to defend Russell Crowe
    – RZA blames all of AB’s behaviour on her mental health, not taking medication, etc., which is not his information to share
    – RZA says Russell Crowe spitting on AB is justified (how?)

    Watch any Azealia Banks interview and you can tell she’s smart. If AB actually does have mental health issues, which she admits as being true in the videos, we need to support her. The media/public doesn’t support her the way it supports, say, Sinead O’Connor, who recently talked about her mental health issues.

    We need to do better.

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