Brandy Slammed After Telling Monica To ‘Check Her Evil Ass Fans’

B-Rocka Refers To Mo's Followers as "Hating Ass Pigeons"
Published: Wednesday 9th Aug 2017 by Rashad

Two harmless tributes turned into an all night, ongoing online smackdown between the fanbases of R&B singers Brandy & Monica.  Yes, the two may share a #1 hit and Grammy award thanks to their smash, ‘The Boy Is Mine,’ but – despite what appears to be continued beef between the beauties (nearly 20 years later) – they also share a common adoration for their idol/mentor Whitney Houston.

As Houston would have celebrated her 54th birthday today (August 9th), the two took to their respective Instagram accounts to honor her memory…

Somewhere along the way, Monica fans opted to attack B-Rocka for what they deemed a “self-centered” tribute.  From there, the ‘Almost Doesn’t Count’ singer’s Instagram and Twitter pages were set alight with mentions and insults.  So many insults, mind you, the songstress opted to clap back:

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The message above only intensified their responses.  Ouch!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Ajm265 August 9, 2017

    Brandy needs to stop Monica has not done or said anything her period.

  2. Jace August 9, 2017

    Tgj stop it the THREE post Brandy made were not innocent and very self centered And Monica has praised her before and called the fans off Particularly after That shady soul train performance. This is particularly disturbing because Monica has been mourning her friend. Whitney was not hers to have alone. It’s sad bc I used to look up to Brandy Only to find she is jealous person. Whitney praised a lot of people including her nemesis Mariah Wasn’t Aaliyah supposed to be sparkle in her remake before she died. Smh needs to be on one of those love Hip hop shows if that desperate for attention…all respect gone

  3. Jasmine August 10, 2017

    In Brandy’s 6 sentence comment about Whitney she mentions herself (“I” and “me”) 14 times under a 9 shot tribute collage which features Brandy in all 9 photos. Brandy is being defensive because Monica’s fans called her out on her self-centered BS. If you want to say happy birthday to Whitney then do it sincerely and genuinely. Don’t make it all about you and use a bunch of photos of yourself cheesing with Whitney like some attention-hungry J******.

    • stan August 10, 2017

      ding ding ding!

  4. Case August 10, 2017

    Brandy is all kinds of disturbing. So disgusting.

  5. Lovely August 10, 2017

    No wonder she doesn’t have any friends, with her ugly bitter shady ass.

    • Lovely August 10, 2017

      And Brandy wants pop off, but won’t even @ Monica,.giirl bye. Brandy’s all bark and no bite. Weak ass.

  6. dyd972 August 10, 2017

    Let me laugh at this because i feel like Brandy wanted to throw shade at monica on that day. You can get the comment section off of your post so shady Brandy knew what she was doing.
    After all this time, she knows monica fans are gonna come for her, and monica cannot control her fans behaviours ( lmao). Brandy grow up mama and stop being bitter. Whitney is dead since 2012 and you still fighting in 2017 to prove you were her favorite… honey, her favorite girl will always be her daughter krissy.

  7. truthteller August 10, 2017

    It was a self centred tribute so I’m glad Brandy got called out on it. Funny how her and her fans think these unhinged rants are taking “the high road”

    • DanYiel Iman August 10, 2017

      Lol my thoughts EXACTLY!! ✌??

  8. Coolio August 10, 2017

    She needs to stay off soical media. She always mad about something.

  9. RCW August 10, 2017

    Brandy is a NUT job!!!! Wow!

  10. OVER BRANDY August 10, 2017

    You know what this is sad. Brandy has allowed herself to fall far from grace. This new light she claims to have found is driving her crazy. Many wanted to blame others, but its Brandy. She is the one losing it. She talks about how brave she is, but she really is displaying fear more than anything. She does have a gift, but baby Whitney passed no torch to you. Anyone with common sense knows there will never be another Whitney. We are witnessing Brandy struggle with her identity. First she wants to dance and perform like Beyonce, then she tries and reinvent herself looking like a fake, all of a sudden woke knock off Lauryn Hill. She is becoming more delusional with each post. She needs an intervention or she may be the next star we find dead. We all loved Whitney baby. Some of us feel just as connected, but she goes too far with it. I truly think its guilt eating away at her because of Whitney’s death. Too many unanswered questions about her interaction with her before she died. The note, her brother supplying drugs. But I digress. Just leave Monica alone. She has always been the mature. I pray she does not even address Brandy publicly. She needs to pull up on her.

  11. Credits August 10, 2017

    This was just uncalled for. She may have a single coming out or something and is looking for any sort of attention surrounding it.

  12. The Wig Snatcher August 10, 2017

    Brandy needs a social media detox and work like yesterday. 1. Monica’s fans are unintelligent to think that self-centered is expressing your gratitude for how someone means so much to you. 2. Monica doesn’t need to check her fans because they will do what they want to do. 3. As an iconic celebrity, Brandy has played herself for all those foolish clap backs on social media towards random people. That should be beneath her.

  13. ??? August 10, 2017

    brandy needs to sit her alien looking asss all the way the fuc down and shut up lmao. both monica & aaliyah never had a bad word to say about that heffah, but she stayed throwing shade at them. thats called being jealous of those more talented than you lol.

  14. now_you know August 10, 2017

    Someone let Brandy borrow their insurance card. She needs urgent care.
    The girl has issues

  15. Anne August 10, 2017

    I do believe that Brandy put the collage together to prove a point rather than just as a tribute to Whitney. It was more of a tribute to their relationship AND proof that they actually had a relationship/a diss at Monica who most likely exaggerated her relationship with Whitney, which obviously irritated Brandy. Due to their ongoing rivalry I can understand why Brandy was irritated by Monica’s fabrication but Brandy is coming across as being real petty and nearly obsessed with this Monica rivalry. Meanwhile Monica looks like the sane one who is not bothered. Brandy needs to let it go because it’s not a good look.

    • Facts August 10, 2017

      You don’t know what kind of relationship Monica had with Whitney. What we do know, is that brandy is mentally ill, and jealous.

      • Anne August 10, 2017

        You are correct, I don’t know for a fact, that’s why I said “most likely.” I’m just going by my observations from being on the outside looking in. I would have had the same suspicion if Beyonce, out of the blue, and after Whitney’s death suddenly claimed to have had a friendship with her when they’re was no documented history of such a friendship. Brandy’s reaction to Monica’s claim was another cause of suspicion for me, she seemed to be genuine in calling Monica out for fabricating or exaggerating her relationship with Whitney during the “OWN Where Are They Now?” interview. I admit that I’m only speculating…I could be wrong, maybe Brandy wrongly accused Monica in the first place, but I doubt it. Either way I agree with the all the comments on how Brandy is really being immature at this point.

    • Credits August 10, 2017

      So you think Monica lied about the time Whitney went to ATL to be with Monica when she was going through a personal crisis? You can watch whitneys last days when she spent time with both Monica and Brandy during the rehearsals for the Clive Davis party, she seemed connected with both of them.

    • Jasmine August 10, 2017

      @Anne I think you are uninformed regarding Monica’s relationship with Whitney. They were very close, performed together several times, and complimented each other numerous times…so you could have easily done a google search and educated yourself before assuming they were not. Brandy is wrong here. It is none of Brandy’s business about Whitney’s relationship with Monica. One thing we all know is that what Brandy and Whitney had in common (Drugs and Ray J) was much different than what Whitney and Monica had in common (vocals). I know Monica personally and the girl hardly even drinks and certainly does not do drugs.

      • Anne August 10, 2017

        Sounds like you’re more informed than me. Maybe I’ll research it one day. Until then, I stand corrected, my bad.

  16. Caleb August 10, 2017

    MONICA should Respond with 2 words.
    “Chile bye”

    • Fancy BISH August 10, 2017

      Or “Meet me in the McDonald’s parking lot Brandy” lol ?

      • Facts August 10, 2017

        Monica’s definitely matured, because the old Monica would have knocked Brandy’s eyes even further apart lol.

      • Fancy BISH August 10, 2017


      • Paulo August 10, 2017

        @Facts I CAN’T NO YOU DID NOT

  17. Caleb August 10, 2017

    Did anyone else notice that in her tirade Brandy essentially admitted to throwing shots at Monica in that rendition of “Talk About Our Love” she performed last year?

    • Credits August 10, 2017

      We all knew it.

  18. Fancy BISH August 10, 2017

    MESS lol..Brandy, you don’t have to explain yourself boo boo…all you had to do was post your loving message to Whitney…cause all the EXTRA stuff is all kinds of bitter collard greens! Monica said it best….the only Grammy each of you received is the one that you SHARE for The Boy Is Mine…ya’ll made history together and ya’ll are musical sisters…who cares about the fans having their digs…and Nippy loved the both of you and her embracing of you two is part of the reason ya’ll blew up in the first place! Monica was signed with Clive, so we know Whitney mentored her and loved her the same…and like I said, Whitney had ONE daughter, ok! We know Nippy loved you to pieces because you KEEP SAYING IT lol…but let the fan stuff go chile!

  19. Paulo August 10, 2017

    Wait wasn’t she acting bitter and jealous over Monica’s tribute last year? Whatever type of drag she getting she had it coming. She’s the new Azealia Banks tbh just shut your mouth and stop barking and allow your gift to shine

    • Fancy BISH August 10, 2017

      Agreed with the Banks comparison! It’s like she’s saying something just FOR the reaction

  20. 4everBrandy_Ci August 10, 2017

    When will this stop………seriously. Brandy should post and ingore the trolls. I really do think it’s best for her to put her emotions in her records. She doesn’t need to go off on these trolls. It’s messed up how both her and Monica somehow and the fans still have this “rivalry”. It needs to stop. I always digged Monica and it’s okay to support both ladies. Brandy just needs to put her emotions into her records and both fanbases need to chill out. As a Brandy fan I’m just seeing the b******* and it’s uncalled for.

  21. cocobutta August 12, 2017

    Bran needs to leave the Love and Hip hopisms to Ray J & Princess Love.

  22. JD August 17, 2017

    Come get your hatin ass pigeons ????????? and then she calls her own fans Starz!

    • WhiteNigga101 August 17, 2017

      Lol Brandy is a really shady woman…

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