The Predictions Are In! Fifth Harmony Album Set To Sell…

Published: Monday 28th Aug 2017 by Sam

Fifth Harmony saw their third album fly into stores last week. But is the set flying off shelves?

The sales forecasts are in and the answer awaits below…

According to Hits Daily Double, Lauren, Ally, Dinah, and Normani‘s self titled offering is on-course to open with with:

40,00 – 45,000
[Sales Plus Streaming]

[Pure Sales]

The figure puts the group in contention for a top 10, potentially top 5, placing on the Billboard 200.

Lil Uzi Vert is set to top the tally with 110-120k SPS [25-28k pure] and there’s also XXXtentacion who is eyeing 65-70k SPS [15-18k pure]. Queens of the Stone Age round out the top tier of new releases with a predicted estimate of 50-55k SPS [55-60k].


The ladies 2015 debut ‘Reflection’ opened with 80,000 SPS (62k pure), while last year’s ‘7/27’ premiered with 74,000 SPS (49k pure).

So, it goes without saying that today’s prediction represents a fairly steep dip.

However, context is everything.

In the case of their 2015 LP, sales were higher than now industry-wide. While with ‘7/27’ they had the added benefit of the massive success of single ‘Work From Home.’ This go round, despite their project being praised for housing many a potential hit, they’ve yet to score one.

Lead and only official single ‘Down’ debuted and peaked at #42.

That said, it’s climbing again following their show-stealing performance at the VMAs. They also have ‘He Like That’ in their arsenal – the video for which debuted last week. A radio add date hasn’t yet been announced.

A benefit of today’s age is that there are many ways to “win.” As such, 5H are tasked with establishing as many of angles to slay as possible – whether that be via the success of singles, steady album sales, touring, endorsements, and the like.

We have faith in them, do you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. G7Pat August 28, 2017

    Wow. Flops. Mani go take singing lessons n go solo now

  2. Belladonna August 28, 2017

    If people love them so damn much & think there better then let’s say Taylor why the he’ll isn’t anyone buying there album or songs? This is so crazy Taylor is not the best because she has the better music she’s the best because her fans go hard 24/7 for her & they never let her down no matter how much people hate her. If you want so called good music to be at the top Stream or buy it people.

    • Evah September 8, 2017

      @Belladonna of course, many artistes are way better than Taylor but like you said, some fans support with their money while some fans like 5H on social media and only invest their money on concerts..(which is good cos that’s where the money lies now for artistes)

  3. Jamie August 28, 2017

    Bye girls, and don’t forget Camilla.

    • Get real September 1, 2017

      The sad part is she is actually doing quite well. Better than them

    • Evah September 8, 2017

      @ Get real
      That’s a HUGE LIE. Check the charts. and compare sales of their “singles” to Camelo’s. They doing WAY BETTER and booking MORE than she is. #FACTS

      • 6thharmony September 18, 2017

        LOl camilla’s song just entered the top 10 in UK and 2nd to the most streamed artist in spotify …she is also on the hot 100 charts and 5h are flops and nowhere to be found

        Camilla slaysssssss

  4. Francis August 28, 2017

    Damn, I wasn’t expecting this, maybe it will be better worldwide, it’s not a great album, but I think it’s their best body of work.

    This is a crucial album for the group, I don’t know if Epic Records will keep them if they don’t meet expectations. At least their last tour was a success, they actually know they can’t sell arenas, so they sell out smaller venues.

  5. HokeyPokey August 28, 2017

    The Only Song I Heard From Fifth Harmony I Like Was Work. Other Than That, Who Are They???

  6. Mr.StLaurent August 28, 2017

    The album is still doing well worldwide

  7. ??? August 28, 2017

    lol excuses, excuses. flop sales are flop sales, no matter how many times you try to call it a “win” lmao.

  8. TingTing August 28, 2017

    S*** .. we can’t sit here and act as if MOST artist aren’t doing those numbers(if not WORST) . at this point I don’t even understand why people make such a big deal about sales in today’s generation anyways .. for them to not have any hit singles from this era and pull off those numbers aren’t THAT bad.

  9. bhyisi August 28, 2017

    These numbers are terrible! The same people making excuses for them would be clowning any other artist. Has anyone ever dealt with their social media fans? Cockiest bunch of whiners ever and here there favorite group that they think is better than any group is flopping for a third time. Never has America ever had such a flop and untalented female group bigger than every other group out and still manage to be flops.Never! So I guess that’s an achievement of sorts.

  10. jammy August 28, 2017

    wait, but based off of pure sales, they have the highest opening week this week?

    • Writer August 28, 2017

      Exactly…I’m really surprised that their streaming only equates to 10000 units hopefully the rrst of theor promo helps build the streaming and puresales so they can hit at least 70k

  11. Michael August 28, 2017



    This is not good AT ALL! and its partly their fault! Artists need to allow record companies and management teams do what they do best. Fifth Harmony this go round decided they wanted to play a more major role in everything and its messed everything up. We technically don’t even know what the real second single is….Angel or He Like That as none have been sent to radio for adds.

    Wrong single selection as a result of the album only being half finished when Down was released. Had they waited until the entire album was finished and picked proper singles….we’d have been in a much better place.

    I love He Like That and believe had they done like taylor and released it as a first single approaching the VMA’s and nabbing a performance slot based on that hype….it would have been much better!

    • Meme August 28, 2017

      Exactly. Same thing I said. Or Gaga at the beginning of her era. Notice now they’ve jump back on the Gaga bandwagon after they realized how her era turned around but at first they were dragging her too. Smh

    • Francis August 29, 2017

      Their team is sleeping on the job! I can’t understand how Down was the first single and how they continue to perform it (at least we have the Normani split).

    • AmbeRussell August 29, 2017

      What they should have done was either make this an EP era OR made Down a promotional single and pushed the album back before the release date was announced.or changed this into an EP if the date was released too soon, did a few songs, like 4 or 5, and allow us to learn who 5th harmony was with only 4 girls and let their vocals shine and then release an album later on. This era was rushed and looks cheap.

  12. Meme August 28, 2017

    That grape juice must get a weekly check from these ladies. Y’all dig up every lame excuse in the book to defend these horrible numbers. But let it had been someone y’all f with like Rihanna, total different story. To this day y’all still drag Anti, that was one of the top performing albums last year but have the nerve to defend this poor performance, both on albums and single. Chile please.

  13. Will August 28, 2017

    Fifth H4RMONY’s album is dope!! Mature and a step up. It down. Why is it you lying media have to bash successful girl groups?

    • Get real September 1, 2017

      You’re not successful if your music doesn’t sell or isn’t at least consumed.

  14. Credits August 29, 2017

    THIS whole roll out was rushed. I’m guessing that they’ve fulfilled the label’s contract and they will disband after this era. I’m calling it.

  15. Gee August 29, 2017

    Those numbers are garbage and no matter how this blog tries to spin it the facts are the facts. This group never really had a fighting chance anyway because nothing about them stands out and their material is always the same. The sad part about this is even with controversy surrounding Camilla leaving the group and their VMA stunt they still could not pull in decent first week sales. This group is definitely on their last leg the lights for these ladies are about to go out once and for all after this album.

  16. AmbeRussell August 29, 2017

    Ehh I guess. But what gets me is how they are going to sell twice as much as one albums and about 7,000 more of another album and still debut lower bc those other ppl have 1 or 2 popular songs that push the album streams higher.

  17. MessyJessy August 31, 2017

    No. This is what happens when your shady and immature. Meanwhile Camilla is on one of the hottest tours of 2017 and performing in Stadiums gaining millions of more fans.

  18. Get real September 1, 2017

    Context isn’t relevant. Industry sales shrink but marginally and gradually, to drop by almost 40% when they release albums year-to-year is pretty insane. They flopped hard, even without a hit lead, which neither XXXtentacion or Queens had. Sure they’re in different genres and therefore their music is consumed differently, but come on they didn’t get VMAs, Good Morning America promotion and a week of headlines the way Fifth Harmony did. They’re a 5 year old group who has occupied plenty of space and attention in the pop sphere for a while now with just 2 Hail Mary hits to show for it and nothing tangible beyond that–they don’t even have a platinum album, their tours don’t sell out and barely edge even a third of occupancy, and all of their accolades are fan voted. I’m not trying to entirely discredit them but I do think people need to stop being so delusional and giving them a pass. There are plenty of talented and capable pop acts who produce quality material but don’t get nearly an 1/8th of the attention these girls get by virtue of being a manufactured machine group. Everyone gets a shot (or 3) but I think they need to give it a rest. The member that left is doing much better than them, already selling better so maybe the 4 remaining ones can shoot to do the same.

  19. Evah September 8, 2017

    Whatever the case might. Music sales has generally gone down in recent years (even for the veterans..they still make lots of sales but its gone down compared to their past years). The girls are getting more bookings now (which is were the money is), they still have more “singles’ sales” than their ex bandmates and way higher on the charts than her. Plus, experts n everyone has been saying they will get nominated for the next Grammy n I hope they win.

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