Chante Moore Delivers Vocal Excellence With New ‘Chante’s Got A Man’ Performance

Published: Wednesday 13th Sep 2017 by David

For R&B loyalists, Chante Moore has always offered more than some of her better-known peers.

Soaring into the scene in 1992, Moore nabbed Gold glory with her debut set ‘Precious’ and a Top Ten hit with her 1999 single ‘Chante’s Got a Man.’

Alas, without the money and marketing employed to turn her peers Mariah Carey and Toni Braxton into household names, Moore often finds herself ignored or overlooked in conversation by those who aren’t aware of her contributions to her field.

That’s done little to stop her though. For, as some of the artists she rose with now find their careers (and voices) shattered, she continues to soar on a live music front.

How high?

A must-see ‘Chante’ performance below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. liam September 13, 2017

    This was nice she always killed it live…and she had some really nice albums so underrated.

    • Lisa September 13, 2017

      She is grossly under-rated. My special perfect one, the whistle notes on AS IF WE NEVER MET, Precious, Its Alright, I cry to myself, This moment is mine, Free/Sail On, Am I losing you, I want to thank you, In my life. HER voice is pure fire. Love Mariah also, but Chante is vocally consistent.

      • liam September 13, 2017

        Yesss she has nice catalogue of music…I’ve never seen a bad performance of her live. Straight Up is still my high school jam tho lol and Bitter

  2. TRUTH SERUM September 13, 2017

    Someone tell that other woman with whistle tones that this is how you perform live ? .

    • Fancy BISH September 13, 2017

      Dem whistle tones sold over 200 million records tho…but keep going lol…Chante’s Wey U is my favorite from her…and One More Time with Kenny G is FIRE

      • ??? September 13, 2017

        lol you mean her payola accounts “sold” those 200 million records-while she was married to the boss tho, so keep going lol…and Chante still has her voice. don’t know about that other whale with the whistle screetching tho lmao

      • Lisa September 13, 2017

        Dear ???? or LOSER TROLL. I don’t care HOW Mariah sold 200 million records, all OVER the world, Performed all over the world. DO YOU SEE THE PEOPLE IN TEARS AT HER SHOW FROM THOSE LYRICS AND THOSE UPLIFTING SONGS. You continue to call her a whale — BUT, I THINK YOUR A GAY MONKEY WITH 3 STRAINS OF HAIR — WITH A CHEAP WEAVE……..DO NOT DIM MARIAH, WHITNEY, CELINE’S LIGHT. THEY ARE LEGENDS. BISH.

      • ??? September 13, 2017

        lmao blah blah blah BISH, i dont care how many dumb ass sheep that WHALE has in tears, dont change the fact that she was payola queen until tommy gave her the boot and doesnt have a voice anymore. Whitney & Celine are LEGENDS, this WHALE is reduced to being a feature queen & an opening act. suck on those apples BIIISH. lmao

      • Fancy BISH September 13, 2017

        @???, you’re probably Cissy Houston lol…go cook some collards and neck bones for your bingo game and get some Epsom salt to soak your swollen feet! Mimi will send you a basket of fruit and nuts hunnie lol

      • ??? September 13, 2017

        lmao stop lyin h0, you know WHALEriah would eat all that sh*t before it can get unwrapped. hunni. lmfao

    • Dan September 13, 2017

      Will do. Shanice will be told!

  3. Achooo! September 13, 2017

    She is talented

  4. SMH September 13, 2017

    Both her and Shanice are the two most underrated singers in music. And they both can slay the whistle register. They just didn’t have the luck of being married to the label CEO or the big PR/BS music industry money making machine behind them. I’ve heard Chante sing an entire song in the whistle register from start to finish. Haven’t heard any of the other “mainstream” divas do that yet.

    • DanYiel Iman September 13, 2017

      Right she is a VOCAL BEAT LIVE alongside Shanice!!

      • DanYiel Iman September 13, 2017


      • Melanie September 13, 2017

        Tamia too

      • TC September 13, 2017

        * Cosigns Shanice and Tamia and frantically pushes my button like it’s an episode of The Voice!

  5. Stephy September 13, 2017

    The reason why she’s underrated is b/c her music sucks. I’ve listened to her albums and ummm yeah. Her voice is great tho. She joins the likes of Keke Wyatts & Chanice … Ppl with great voices but lacks star quality and music consistency

    • Lisa September 13, 2017

      Dear Stephy: First dear, please take your time with your spelling, it projects badly when grown gays or hoodrats cant spell. Chante has great music, great vocals and heartfelt lyrics, without the MACHINE behind her its hard to get her music played. Hopefully, you can read: So here goes, listen to these songs:
      1. Precious
      2. As If we ever met
      3. It’s Alright
      4. Listen to my song
      5. Love taken over
      6. This Moment is Mine
      7. I cry to myself
      8. I wanna thank you heavenly father
      9. Free
      10. My special perfect one

      • Stephy September 13, 2017

        My spelling is good. I just don’t care to be proper on a blog or social media.

        I’ve literally listened to all her albums, and again they suck. Those songs you named, even with a machine behind her, would’ve still flopped… big time. Like with that magnificent vocalist, Lisa Fischer. Outside of “How Can I Ease The Pain”… The rest of her music is VERY take it or leave it. That’s the problem with most of these vocalists that wanna be mainstream. Their music just doesn’t stick. Overlooked, under-performed and la-di-da-di-da. Just a voice singing but nothing behind the actual music. Now, Anita Baker is underrated imo. She had the voice & the music. Her album Rapture is brilliant, no reason why that album shouldn’t have sold as much as Whitney’s debut. But then again, she is Jazz/Soul….Which isn’t very popular among the masses.

      • Sam September 13, 2017

        It really projects badly when you resort to name calling someone you don’t know in defense of someone who doesn’t know you. We will work on our grammar, u work on your personality.

        Chante’s voice is amazing, but her music, like your personality, leaves a lot to be desired.

    • Arthus September 13, 2017

      It’s been on Spotify for a week already

  6. Theman September 13, 2017

    She has a great voice. And so what if she whistled an entire song. No one took the whistles to another level like MC. She speaks in them & she does things vocally with them that no other female does. What do these artists not having the proper team have to do with MC?…. It’s also about having the right music.

    • Fancy BISH September 13, 2017


    • SMH September 13, 2017

      Wrong. Singing an entire song in the whistle register IS the next level. Mariah barely could hit that note once in a song in her heyday, but she never did anything spectacular or groundbreaking with it. And now that her voice is gone she has to struggle to hit it at all. Chante, on the other hand, has been doing it for the past 25 years, and she can STILL do it and sound just as crisp and clear as she did in 1992, unlike Mariah. So you can deny it all you want, fact remains that being married to the boss was the sole source of mariah’s success, proven by her decline once they divorced. Without the Sony machine & the CEO’s ring on her finger, Mariah would have ended up just another episode of TVOne Unsung.

      • TC September 13, 2017

        Both ladies are talented and their artistic contributions are remarkable. I got to give Chante’ her credit tho if we are solely talking vocals. Her consistency shows the work she puts in warrants praise. While other artists cop out with prerecorded vocals, audience participation, or struggle to even attempt. TGJ highlighted this particular performance, but truth he told Chante’ always slays live … I can’t say the same for everyone else.

      • Stephy September 13, 2017

        @SMH That’s a damn lie. Mariah has countless of songs where she is literally using the whistle register over & over again. Her whistles were groundbreaking and made them poplar all over the world. That’s why it’s so associated to her name, when anyone else utilizes it. And why do you keep saying she would’ve been a flop without Tommy. That’s like saying Whitney Houston would’ve been a flop with Clive Davis. You don’t know what would’ve happened with her career w/o him. And lets not act like Mariah didn’t sell another 50 million albums WITHOUT Tommy’s guidance. She was still a huge success w/o him. And STOP talking like Chante didn’t have a machine. the b**** was literally signed to MULTIPLE major labels. But she just had HORRIBLE music. Forgettable songs will NOT lead to a successful career in POPular music. Her songs are usually boring, bland, forgettable and just a voice (although excellent) singing on some outdated R&B track. That’s why SHE became the one on UNSUNG talking about how the label didn’t know what to do with her boring ass. Mariah appealed to the masses. And so did Whitney. They had star quality and the actual MUSIC to back it up. That’s why it was so easy for Clive & Tommy to easily successfully promoted them to the masses. So get the f*** outta here with that married to the boss b*******. Because that’s doesn’t secure you a career with longevity like Mariah did. And lets not act like the Emancipation Of Mimi didn’t outsell Chante’s entire career. And that was AFTER Tommy. Proved yet again Mariah didn’t need Tommy. It’s not Mariah’s fault Chante (and them other singing chicks) didn’t have an excellent ear for hits. The music industry is a BUSINESS not a TALET SHOW.

      • Theman September 13, 2017

        Mariah has showed the most versatility out of any female artist that does this. Mariah has always been in demand. So she uses her voice a lot more. Chante only performs seldolmly. There’s a huge difference.. These artists are not machines. They need breaks too. Mariah has literally done all kinds of whistles. So get the phuck out of here..

      • Junior in Jamaica September 14, 2017

        Which song did she sing entirely in whistle ?

  7. Arthus September 13, 2017

    Finally a post about Chanté !

    You should review The Rise of The Phoenix, was released last week.

  8. J. Antoinne December 9, 2017

    Chanté never ceases to amaze me. These background vocalists though, are bothering me a LOT. They are running me LOW. Some parts they are killing it but most others I’m like, what are y’all singing?

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