Beyonce Label Expects To Earn $5 Billion By The End Of The Fiscal Year

Published: Tuesday 31st Oct 2017 by David

Sony Music Entertainment, the American label powered by Beyonce, Pink, Usher and more, has much to celebrate this year.

How sales of Bey’s music have bolstered the business’ profits?

Brilliant news below…

Revenue from recorded music placed $984 million in the business’ bank account in the quarter that ended on September 30th.

Fuelled by Beyonce’s material (solo and the hits she bore during her time in Destiny’s Child) Sony’s winning streak was also powered by sets built by Adele, Little Mix, the late Michael Jackson, James Arthur, AC/DC and Tony Bennett.

Hits Daily Double adds…

Sony is also forecasting a record profit of $5.57b for its fiscal year, which ends 3/31. If it holds, the company will break a record set in March 1998 when PlayStation launched and Men in Black was a box office smash.

Streaming accounted for just under half of its latest earnings.

What do you think the secret to Sony’s success is?

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  1. ? + ✈ = ? October 31, 2017

    With her stealing other peoples writing credits

    • DanYiel Iman October 31, 2017

      Obviously your a mad fan!! She’s getting paid while you continue to HATE!! ✌??

      • ? + ✈ = ? October 31, 2017

        You mad for supporting thieves h0m0

    • ??? October 31, 2017

      lol exactly lmao. sony is the home of thieves lmao.

  2. NT October 31, 2017

    Is that Sony the company or just the label

    • Fifi October 31, 2017

      The label!

  3. R October 31, 2017

    Yea but Adele’s last cd outsold Beyoncés, as did her entire catalogue. Mj is Mj, so anything related to to him goes platinum. So Sony’s secret ain’t Beyoncé by any means

    • TruthHurts October 31, 2017


    • Jamon October 31, 2017

      Amen. But consider the source!

  4. WhiteNigga101 October 31, 2017

    Beyonce ain’t s***…..

  5. Girl October 31, 2017

    Beyonce ain’t bring s*** to this label. Adele brought in the REAL numbers. Michael Jackson’s Thriller era alone brought in over a billion dollars in revenue. Sit down

    • Jalen October 31, 2017

      “Beyoncé ain’t bring s*** to the label” Now you KNOW this is wrong. Why couldn’t you just say you don’t like Beyoncé and leave?

      • ??? October 31, 2017

        lol cuz its facts. bugyonce aint do sh*t for the label, mj and adele are the bosses at sony lol.

  6. Suicide Blonde October 31, 2017

    Beyoncé is a decent album seller, nothing impressive, she has never seen monumental success on that department like the likes of Whitney, Celine, Mariah, Madonna or even Adele, her album sales are mediocre compared to those Divas.

    • Jalen October 31, 2017

      “Decent album seller” Beyoncé recent album Lemonade has sold over 3 million pure (that means without streams and SPS) and with streams is Estimated to have sold over 6 million. You honestly can’t compare older artists albums like Mariah, and Whitney because the music market is completely different. Barely anybody actually buys albums nowadays, people stream and download them. Mariahs recent ablum or single (whatever she released recently) hasn’t come close to what she used to sell back in the day. The same can also be said with Britney Spears. Beyoncé is still one of the top album sellers of this generation and Lemonade has topped the album seller list and Beyoncé has topped the highest earning entertainer for 2016. Beyoncé, whether you like it or not, is one of the most successful artists of this generation.

      • Mark111 October 31, 2017

        Love how you looked over that he mentioned Adele, a current artist that sell like the older acts from 20 years ago.

      • TruthHurts October 31, 2017

        Lol you noticed that too? Lol. Oh and let’s mention Taylor too while we’re at it. She’s a current artist of this generation. Not hate against Bey at all, but this site gives her too much…

      • ??? October 31, 2017

        lol you wasted time on that essay when fact remains that the bug’s album sales are like ciara’s when compared to adele lmao.

      • TruthHurts October 31, 2017

        No lies detected! ???

    • ??? October 31, 2017

      lol less than mediocre. that bug is stalled at 1.7 mil after a whole year and endless promo h0eing, adele did that by the end of her first release day lmao.

      • Miss Salt Gawl October 31, 2017

        Adele and Taylor Swift make mediocre Caucasian music. Not to mention they’re America’s Caucasian sweethearts.

  7. Fresh navi October 31, 2017

    lol. Lemonade is a year old and Sony has tons of other artists with newer records out like Pink who did amazing numbers. not sure beyonce is to thank stupid h** david. had this been last year maybe but no. Can you guys at TGJ just stop stanning like queens and write articles that make sense… the whole entire article is drivel but as expected from yonce fan. basic.

    • ??? October 31, 2017

      lol not even last year, adele pissed all in that koolaid sh*t within an hour last year lmao.

  8. The Wig Snatcher October 31, 2017

    On another note, did y’all see Wendy Williams faint on live TV???

  9. SMH October 31, 2017

    LOl Adele & MJ’s estate are the main sources of Sony’s income, yet this site gives credit to someone who still hasn’t hit 2 million in sales in a whole year’s time, numbers that Adele did within less than a week. The comedy and cl*t riding on this site is not a game here lol.

  10. B2B October 31, 2017

    Lemonade still ain’t on discount. Stay mad, Adele’s record was like 6.98$ at Walmart from release to end of year for Christmas last year, I bought it. Lemonade still $18. Formation tour still brought in a quarter of a billion dolalars

    • ??? October 31, 2017

      lol and koolaid is still struggling for 2 mil, while adele just went diamond-again. nice try roach lmao.

      • B2B October 31, 2017

        Kool aid maybe be biitch, but I’m talking about LEMONADE! You do the math, B had a more successful era. Adele sold more records, but again Beyonce had a bigger era, more awards, more ticket sales, and her era produced more $$$$!

  11. MAW November 1, 2017

    Too much of Beyoncé all the time, I cannot listen to her music anymore. She should disappear for a long time.

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