#JusticeForJanet Trending After Justin Timberlake Announced As 2018 Super Bowl Headliner

Published: Sunday 22nd Oct 2017 by Rashad

Fans of pop icon Janet Jackson have taken to Twitter to give the NFL some…umm…feedback (*insert devilish grin*) after the sports entertainment leaders – alongside annual sponsors Pepsi – officially announced Justin Timberlake as the 2018 Super Bowl Halftime Show headliner [click here to read more on that].

Relying on the hashtag #JusticeforJanet, users banded together in droves to voice their disappointment in the football league for electing the “president of Pop” as next year’s starring act 13 years after banning Jackson for her role in the “wardrobe malfunction” that changed television forever.

The problem?  Jan remains banned by the NFL while Timberlake, one-half of the perpetrators of the “event,” is being celebrated.   Are White privilege and male privilege to blame in the decision?

Some Twitter users sure think so:


Your thoughts?

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  1. Fancy BISH October 22, 2017

    “Yaaaaas! He’s TAINTED and we don’t want it! This is so DORK (dark) SIDED!” -That big gap tooth white lady from Trading Spouses lol

    • Abel Minaj October 22, 2017


    • Angello October 24, 2017

      this HT bombed, didn’t even appear on the top 10 trends

  2. Don October 22, 2017

    NFL doesn’t care about blacks and their opinions, you guys are only good enough to provide whites with entertainment.. blacks have no right to complain, they be grateful for the opportunity provided to them by NFL and NBA. Blacks are still serving the masters although slavery was abolished a flippen long time ago.
    This is white privilege.

    • Fancy BISH October 22, 2017

      WET DOG SMELLING HOEE…shut the FCK UP lol

    • Fifi October 23, 2017

      Your attempt to annoy us is comical at best. Look up the number of dollars black households pump into the economy per year and then come back to me. The world can’t function without black people or their money.

    • Lmfao_Hoe October 23, 2017

      -If Trump can be president.
      -Bill orielly can get his job back.
      -o.j. can get released from prison
      -gucci mane can change his life around
      – KD allowed to join GSW

      Why cant chris Brown perform at the super bowl? Say what ya will but we know eith a stage like that and past to current hits. He’ll light that s*** up and have everyone on their feet. Also I’m glad Jay decline early too.

  3. Abel Minaj October 22, 2017

    President of Pop is the stupidest title. Like wtf does that even mean???

    • Caleb October 23, 2017

      It means he is the Donald Trump of Pop I guess.

  4. Meme October 22, 2017

    Is anyone really shook? Janet s a black woman and Justin is a white man. If they are going to drag her but turn a blind eye to him. I will never forget her America just blackball Janet and ended her career prematurely.

    • Jasmine October 22, 2017

      I agree. I always respected Janet’s courage in still continuing on with albums, tours, and movies, even while she was black listed from radio play.

  5. Jasmine October 22, 2017

    Why is he performing? He is boring. Book a legendary or Popular artist with a new album out that will ENTERTAIN. People want to see artists SLAY the stage not bore them.

  6. Jeans October 22, 2017

    So unfair

  7. Carlitos October 22, 2017

    It was HER t***, not his… Besides, just because Justin gets to do it this year doesn’t mean she can’t/won’t be doing it again in the future. Stop bitching over EVERYTHING. And stop trying to rally and protest for something that shouldn’t be.

    • Fancy BISH October 22, 2017

      Maybe he should sing Rock Your Body with Dolly Parton up there with his scary asss lol

    • Bam October 23, 2017

      And congrats your part of the problem.

      • Carlitos October 23, 2017

        YOU are the problem!

    • Keith October 23, 2017

      Yes @Carlitos, if you can’t see the systemic forces at play, YOU are part of the problem. My hope is that Janet continues to move on, proud of her for doing so…

    • SMH October 23, 2017

      It was HIS hand that exposed her tit. Period. If you can’t add anything intelligent then STFU.

  8. DanYiel Iman October 23, 2017

    Janet is whispering for her tours now & her fools don’t mind..??‍♂️

    • SMH October 23, 2017

      Did you expect a laugh?

  9. Rosy October 23, 2017

    You blacks supported his music and buy it when he puts some rhythm and blues in his songs these white artists like pink Miley Justin uses the black sound when it’s time to return being white their community gladly accepts them when we all know the whites keep stealing everything they do not create anything original I hope all black entertainers boycott the super bowl and these athletes start getting an education instead of going into sports be a doctor lawyer and stop working for these white owners chasing riches the NFL and NBA are dominated by black men as the saying goes white men cant jump what would the owners do without black men really white owners this country uses the black body to get rich from slavery until now

    • Yolanda October 23, 2017

      Thank you Rosy. Where was the black uproar when JayZ and Timberland worked with Justin to ensure he made hits? Even Kanye scolded JayZ for doing a stadium tour with Justin and we all know how Kanye loves his whites.

    • SMH October 23, 2017

      Sorry but I have to agree. Black folks didn’t exactly kick him to the curb back then when all of this went down, especially when he hooked up with Jay Z, Timbaland, even worked with Snoop. That was the most frustrating thing about this whole mess, everyone turned a blind eye to this boy and pretended as if Janet was on stage all by herself. Some idiots still act like she was up there alone and are still defending that punk b*tch timberfake.

  10. Rosy October 23, 2017

    Do you think white people hate what trump doing majority white women voted him into office the whites see their race declining and sitting back wants this divide in the country they want us back in the fifties for example Harvey Weinstein with all the white women that came out against his nasty fat piglet ass he stay quiet as soon as one black woman accuse is smelly looking ass he come out trying to discredit her why his lawyer make some statement this is America and blacks just existing in it I hope the hispanics learn their lessons and stop voting republicans they not for you either

    • Fancy BISH October 23, 2017

      Thank you Rosy for your comments! JT performing is a direct result of a Trump administration America and I’m certainly NOT HERE FOR IT.

  11. Suicide Blonde October 23, 2017

    Janet fans are fuming and I’m loving it ?

    • Yes October 23, 2017

      Of course you’re loving it you cesspool mongol**d looking racist troll. Btw, if you’re going to talk s***, at least do it under your account you spineless coward. So typical.

      • Rosy October 23, 2017

        Her fans has a right to be pissed if that was a white woman artist she would never get black ball white men can abuse women and get rewarded over and over ask bill o Reilly Donald dump trump I do not believe janet wanted her breast exposed on national television Justin is white at the end of the day he the one pull her breast out you know if he did it to a white artist the white feminists would jump all over him

      • Suicide Blonde October 23, 2017

        I dare you to prove that I’m using other accounts to troll, I’m not that type of person, and I’m pretty sure TGJ staff know who are the people behind those accounts, they have exposed many people in the past, I don’t need another account to express my feelings about this, yes, I’m happy that all of you are fuming because JT is performing at the Super Bowl, stay mad, ??‍♂️

    • SMH October 23, 2017

      Yeah i’m sure you and your trump loving neanderthal crackers are loving this.

    • ??? October 23, 2017

      lmao and are you loving that your dinosaur fave hagdonna’s halftime show is totally forgotten? lmao

    • Yes October 23, 2017

      Stfu you repugnant clown. TGJ will only expose someone if there rhetoric becomes extremely offensive, and you and I both know that, you fking coward.

      • Yes October 23, 2017


  12. Jeans October 23, 2017

    Total injustice, sexist, mysigynistic, racist, just wrong

  13. SMH October 23, 2017

    Lmao the next to last tweet by “Typical Spooky Sh*t” wins the internet!

  14. Reese October 23, 2017

    But why are people in Justin’s mentions when this was the NFL that did this to Janet? Besides, since the NFL is being boycotted all season, why was anyone planning to tune in to Super Bowl, much less their halftime show anyways?

  15. mr.m October 23, 2017

    I swear Janet can pull a 10x better performance than JT
    She would’ve KILL IT …
    am not watchin u, JT sorry, we already have ur VMAs vandurad performance
    what else would couls give? I expect nothin tbh …………

    • Angello October 24, 2017

      shut up old man

  16. MCTB October 24, 2017

    lol why are fans of black artists so f****** stupid. First she was never banned, and she knew damn well what she was doing. but then again that’s what ya’ll do, act a fool and when there’s backlash you play the victim and blame others, mainly your #1 scapegoats, white folks

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