New Song: Keyshia Cole – ‘Vault’

Published: Friday 13th Oct 2017 by Sam

Keyshia Cole is a week away from unleashing her seventh studio album ’11:11 Reset.’

The creation of the LP, her first for new label Epic Records, has been chronicled within the Cali native’s run on ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood.’

Now, Cole is continuing to drip feed its material with the debut of ‘Vault.’

An emotional slow jam, the track sees the songstress wax honest about the love she longs for.

Take a listen below…

Another strong cut from Keyshia. We’re loving most of what we’ve heard thus far from ‘Reset.’

Should the album deliver holistically, it’d be great if it was rewarded commercially.

Your thoughts?

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  1. erica October 13, 2017

    I always been a fan even when social media turn they back on her for having a opinion like all of us do, she’s real and she’s from the hood like I am so I appreciate her music cause I can relate, she doesn’t pretend like a lot of these artist & it make me so mad when some of these critics judge her & say s*** like she giving a concert at walmart when they know they sleeping on a air mattress by they step mom house the audacity

    • China October 13, 2017

      Heaven Sent. Work it out. I Remember. Got To Get My Heart Back. Give me More. So Impossible. Thought you had my back. I should have Cheated. Love. Should’ve Let you go. How do you make beautiful music like these songs……………and just drop …..Ron Farr please call her…………………

    • Fancy BISH October 13, 2017

      erica, you went in DEEP on em’ with the air mattress ish LOL

    • ? + ✈ = ? October 14, 2017

      This song should’ve been kept in the vault

      • Fancy BISH October 14, 2017


  2. Hillary October 13, 2017

    I’m not usually a fan of Keyshia’s newer stuff, but this was beautiful.

  3. kingbish October 13, 2017

    Keyshia is really bringing the fire this era! I’m so proud of her!!

  4. Gee October 13, 2017

    Loving this song and most of what I have heard thus far from the new album. I’m rooting for Keyshia.

  5. God October 13, 2017

    This is CUTE! Pretty solid.

  6. Sandra October 13, 2017

    This song is great and goes well in my playlist just before Toni Braxton new song Deadwood.

    • Dev October 13, 2017

      Followed by Jessie J’s you’re not my ex.

      • Sandra October 13, 2017

        followed by Bridget Kelly Happy for Me

    • Jasmine October 13, 2017

      Followed by Ledisi – Add To Me

  7. Credits October 13, 2017

    Did Lyrica have a hand in writing this?

    • js October 13, 2017

      no TC wrote it can you just hear brandy singing this

  8. Brent Christpher October 13, 2017

    I really LIKE this one!

  9. Team Keysh October 13, 2017

    Underrated and Unappreciated…..THIS is REAL music!!! ? No negativity even matters at this point…proud of you Keysh! ❤? #1111Reset 10/20

  10. DanYiel Iman October 13, 2017

    Not a Keyshia Cole fan but it’s a cute bop..

  11. eric October 13, 2017

    I bought one of Keyshia’s albums, but I don’t really follow her closely anymore. This particular song gets an A+. I love the different sound; it stands out from all the same old garbage playing today. She can win my attention back with more music like this.

  12. Ratedxxx October 13, 2017

    One thing. About this chick i love that you can actually feel the raw emotion in her voice. She reminds me so much of mary j b

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