Pink Tops UK Album Charts After Selling 70,000 First Week

Published: Saturday 21st Oct 2017 by Sam

Pink is winning on all corners of the globe this week.

Because, with opening numbers of her ‘Beautiful Trauma’ album tallied, she’s sitting atop of many a chart – including the UK count.

Details below…

According to the Official Charts Company, the star’s 7th LP sold 70,000 (a combined total of pure sales, digital downloads, and streaming) – easily besting the competition to premiere at #1. In doing so, it becomes Pink’s second effort to achieve the feat; 2008’s ‘Funhouse’ being first.

‘Beautiful’ also sees the 38-year-old score the biggest opening week for an international act on the Official UK Albums Chart thus far this year.

Interestingly (and impressively), her large total is comprised of 64% pure sales. Notable given the overall sales climate and the lack of tour-ticket bundle that she had working in her favor stateside.

The video for lead single ‘What About Us’ just hit 100 million views on VEVO too.

Slayage all-round!

Your thoughts?

[Photo credit: SØLVE SUNDSBØ]

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  1. Stephy October 21, 2017

    Oh wow, she’s doing very good numbers. Good for her.

  2. DanYiel Iman October 21, 2017

    True talent Pink is a vocal BEAST!!

  3. Datredd23 October 21, 2017

    Rihanna is ranked the number 1 pop artist of the last 25 years by billboard!!!

    • Erica October 21, 2017

      Pink is right behind her

    • Jasmine October 21, 2017

      But The Beatles are still Number 1 of ALL Time. Rihanna and Pink do not even make it into the All Time Top 10 List. Top Artists of the last 25, 20, 15, 10, or last year pale in comparison to the Top Artists of ALL TIME list!!!!!

    • JOHNVIDAL October 21, 2017

      It´s all due to singles and the amount of releases. WE ALL know her force as an album seller has been very outshines by many others. She has never appealled to all age groups and types of people as to sell that big. She´s cool for young people and singles production. That´s all. Adele has sold with two albums what Rihanna will sell with the 20? albums she´ll release in her entire career. Enough said.

  4. Theman October 21, 2017

    Rihanna should not be & is not the number one pop artist. That is Mariah. Pink is a beast! Congrats on all of this greatness!!

    • Jasmine October 21, 2017

      No The Beatles, Madonna, Mariah, Janet, Stevie Wonder, Janet, and Michael Jackson all share being in the top 10 artists list of all time. Each one of those artists offer something different and unique the others do not possess so it makes since from a creativity and sales points of view. There is no one artist that appeals to all people. Rihanna did not make top 10.

      • JOHNVIDAL October 21, 2017

        That Billboard list is too singles driven anyway. We all know Michael is 10 times more successful than sis Janet, but she is one spot above him. When it comes to these lists, the only thing I really consider to measure success are sales, album sales. Barbra, Madonna, Mariah, Whitney and Celine are queens in the USA. Still, many men and bands are above them in that regard.

  5. JOHNVIDAL October 21, 2017

    To be honest I´m surprised because her material is blander than ever and sales are going down so fast and she had no hits this time, that I really thought she was going to sell less this go around. Not more.

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