Guess Who?!

Published: Saturday 21st Oct 2017 by Sam

Can you guess who got all sorts of bootylicious on social media today?

HINT: She gave birth this year!

The answer awaits below.

It’s Ciara!

The stunning singer lived up to her billing in a figure hugging ensemble enroute to a Bulgari bash in New York City.

CiCi’s sighting comes a week after she hit Disneyland with idol Janet Jackson and their sons.

With Mrs Wilson back in fierce form, we’re more than ready for that new music she’s been cooking up!

Feeling Like ? Fun….@bulgariofficial !#BulgariPartner

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  1. Coolio October 21, 2017

    She looks pretty as always

  2. TallB October 21, 2017

    can’t wait for some new ciara music. the “smiling in my face” snippet was fire

  3. Jasmine October 21, 2017

    I’m not sure where she fits in with the current music industry. The only way she will be successful is if she can pull off a Janet Jackson – Velvet Rope era to stand out and I’m not sure she has the creativity to pull that off or the confidence to boldly change her physical appearance like Janet did back then (nipple rings, tattoos, etc). It’s like Ciara should already have a big pop fanbase by now this far into her career to support whatever she puts out but she does not for some reason.

    • Brent Christpher October 21, 2017

      I agree 100% with what you’ve expressed here. KUDOS!

    • Bam October 21, 2017

      Bad management that only focused on promoting her to US/urban audiences during her first two (her best selling) albums eras. Ciara should’ve been a force world wide and yet her management team perhaps didn’t have the vision, funds, or know how to get her that world wide recognition. I think she also slipped up big time when she let the leak of High Price keep her from releasing it as her first ‘Fantasy Ride’ single.

  4. #JACKIE October 21, 2017

    Who else but the QUEEN! When will Rihanna’s Ford F-150 shaped ass?

    • Ispeakfacts October 21, 2017


      Did u really need to bring up or even mention Rhianna to uplift Ciara? Ciara is a pretty girl but Rhianna is a full force to be recognied with business wise, music, makeup industry & fashion. She basically slays everything she touches. Didn’t want to diss Ciara & any way but the best thing she could have ever done for her career was marrying Russell Wilson! He saved that girls’ career! On top of that at this point no one really is checking for Ciara musically! Keep Rhi name outcha mouth!

    • Caleb October 21, 2017

      Rihanna’s ass looks way better. So Ciara had one good booty picture. Rihanna has many more.

    • Yes October 21, 2017

      Ciara is clearly wearing b*** pads, because we all know she is as flat as a board.

  5. DanYiel Iman October 21, 2017

    She’s very GORGEOUS

  6. Rihboy October 21, 2017

    Same ole same

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