Report: Janet Jackson “Open” To Joining Justin Timberlake At Super Bowl – If Asked

Published: Tuesday 24th Oct 2017 by Sam

Is Janet Jackson about to make a grand return to the Super Bowl stage?

That is the question many have been asking ever since Justin Timberlake was officially announced as the 2018 Halftime Show headliner.

Well, it appears the 51-year-old diva may indeed be gearing up for a jaw-dropping showing.

Details below…

Citing a source close to the mother of one, ET reports that although there’s not been a reach out yet, Janet would do it:

“The door is wide open. If Justin or his team did reach out, Janet would perform with him again in a minute.”

The news comes after an NFL exec insisted this week that Janet is not banned. A stance that is a stark turn-around from just a few years ago.


As inscribed in pop culture history, the pair’s 2004 performance caused all sorts of waves when Timberlake ripped a piece of Jackson’s clothing revealing her breast to millions.

Though both have insisted it was an accident, their subsequent treatment couldn’t have been more different.

JT’s career went on unscathed, while Janet was blacklisted from radio and TV for several years and only recently has begun to get her stride back.

The lack of equality – particularly as pertains race and gender – has been a sore spot for fans and cultural commentators for years, and the bandaid was ripped all the way off when Timberlake’s Bowl gig was confirmed.


For us, it would be a smart move for all involved.

The social climate couldn’t be any worse for Justin to secure this particular gig (see: NFL race drama, Black Lives Matter, social media era). So, what better way to combat the inevitable backlash than to confront the situation head-on by doing a redeeming re-run with Janet and closing the chapter with an ending that benefits all?

As for Janet, she’d be able to remind the masses that she’s a megastar titan whose talent cannot and will not be defined by one “moment.” It’d also prove beneficial to any future touring and new music ventures of hers. Because no matter which way it’s diced or sliced, 100 million viewers is 100 million viewers. From where we’re standing, that’s an audience pool too big to deny or dismiss.

Put simply, this almost needs to happen. Because should it not, it’d be a grossly missed opportunity for all.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Suicide Blonde October 24, 2017


    • Lovely October 24, 2017

      Wow, you’re still here. I would have thought you would have followed in Kurt Cocaine’s foot steps. Hopefully you’ll consider it sooner than later.

      • The Wig Snatcher October 24, 2017


      • Paulo October 25, 2017

        LMAO scalp this troll beau yaaasss

    • China October 24, 2017

      JANET JACKSON is an Icon. Her career, Awards, Number 1’s, tours are stuff of LEGEND. She is still the ORIGINAL. No need for a COMEBACK, SHE STILL SLAYS and looks beautiful. Hating ass LONELY H_omo’s always spreading venom……..

    • Jasmine October 24, 2017

      Suicide is a racist f a g g o t. Ignore that diseased b|ttch bottom meth head troll!!! He used to be a golden shower dumpster but now even the other meth heads do not want to use that diseased f** anymore.

      • Yes October 24, 2017


    • SMH October 25, 2017

      Why didn’t it revive madonna’s? Nobody even remembers that she did the halftime show.

  2. Bam October 24, 2017

    “Sources say but where ya gettin it? Don’t create the truth you like.” -Janet

    Until I hear it from her lips all these “sources” ain’t sh*+.

    • SMH October 25, 2017

      Exactly. Janet is no fool. This is a scam planted by the NFL to build hype and drive ratings. They’ve even started lying in the media saying that she was never banned & also never apologized. Janet is not going to let them use her to make themselves and that boy look good, because that’s exactly what’s going on here. No ma’am.

  3. Lovely October 24, 2017

    If this is true, I am highly disappointed with Janet, and she has lost me as a fan. No dignity and self respect at all..smh.

    • Ughhhh October 24, 2017

      If she lost you that easily your fraud àss wasn’t a fan to begin with; no lost here

      • Lovely October 24, 2017

        Germ please, i’m all about self respect. I love Janet, but if she takes this route after the way she was treated, I would be highly disappointed, as with anyone I cared for.

    • MakeItKnown October 24, 2017

      I agree. I love Janet aka the pop Queen, so I hope this isn’t true.

    • China October 24, 2017

      Dear Lovely…..Janet gives ZERO F_ucks over your Self-righteous BULL_S_Hit. GO suck Several D_icks h**.

      • Lovely October 24, 2017

        Dear China/Swine flu, save the projection. Just because you lay up under multiple d**** sweet heart, doesn’t mean everyone else does. And that’s the reason why you have HPV, h**.

    • Jasmine October 24, 2017

      Hold on. Please dont listen to these “sources” because they are just trolls behind a computer. No reaponse has came from Ms. Jackson really!

      • Lovely October 24, 2017

        I hear you Jasmine, I just hope it isn’t true.

      • Its me gowrl October 24, 2017

        I hope it is true @lovely. Reason, she can use this platform to protest the SITE like she did with rythm nation. Use this platform to speak out against injustice. But I’m sure they not gonna let her perform because they know she coming with a message honey and the world will DEAL!!!

    • Caleb October 24, 2017

      You really going to stop being a fan over this? That’s foul.

    • SMH October 25, 2017

      As Miss Jackson always says, if it doesn’t come from her lips, it’s bullsh*t. This is the NFL trying to draw ratings with a lie. Don’t fall for it.

    • g October 25, 2017

      You were never a fan if so

  4. Meme October 24, 2017

    This would be the most amazing thing. We all can agree that Janet hasn’t been the same since the incident. She needs the opportunity to show the world once more that she is one of the very few legends alive.

    • Jasmine October 24, 2017

      I agree but she deserved her oen set like Katy Perry and Madonna got.

      • TAMMAH October 24, 2017

        Exactly!! Janet Deserves Her own Spot!! Janet Better Decline & Demand Her Own 15 Minute Halftime performance. NFL Shod Go To Janet, Not Janet Go to Them.

      • Angello October 24, 2017

        she’s too old and she aleady headlined

      • Jasmine October 24, 2017

        @Angello Your mama is “too old” to keep getting gang banged by those random crack heads for chump change.

    • DanYiel Iman October 24, 2017

      Janet’s whispers are touring..??‍♂️

      • Jasmine October 24, 2017

        I can do without your repetitiveness. We know you are a hater and the only thing negative you can say about Janet is that she whispered on the STUDIO versions of some her late 00s songs. Get a life Troll. Janet does not whisper and if you don’t like her voice then go find some artists that scream and shout to troll on. You must have said the same thing about Janet on every Janet post 100s of times. You must be a re-tard if you feel the need to repeat yourself over and over and over and over.

    • SMH October 25, 2017

      She’s already doing that with her tour. She doesn’t need table scraps from the NFL to prove who she is.

      • g October 25, 2017

        No tour dates for 2018, I do believe she will do it

  5. Josh October 24, 2017

    Please don’t. As much as I respect Janet, I want the flaming spotlight to be on Justin. He is like the male Beyoncé.

    • MakeItKnown October 24, 2017

      You tried it. Beyonce can sing AND dance, Timberfake can’t do either.

      • Angello October 24, 2017

        You tried it fomo MakeItKnown. I will take music publications’ word over you, and they all say he’s an A1 performer.

      • Yes October 24, 2017

        ??? at “he’s an A1 performer.” This guy has jokes ?

      • Angello October 24, 2017

        @Yes that’s what your father say when he left your family

      • Yes October 24, 2017

        ?@Angello, sorry man, but my father and mother have been married for 22 yrs. That being said, I am sorry that happened to you though ?

  6. #TeamTinashe Stan (New Single “Faded Love” Ft. Future Comes Out 10/10/17) October 24, 2017

    Honestly Janet should’ve been the sole performer back then and now. Why was she sharing the stage with a new solo act? smh.

    But imo I feel like with everything going on in the world, Janet would of been the perfect choice as the world needs a little bit of “Rhythm Nation”.

    • Meme October 24, 2017

      Exactly. I thought that was weird. Was she even the headliner?

    • JOHNVIDAL October 24, 2017

      All have shared the stage in recent years except for Gaga. All of them. Madonna had several irrelevant young semiartists, Beyonce had Destinys, Bruno had legendary RHCPeppers, Katy Perry (how the hell was her non performing ass a headliner for this?) had Missy and so on. It was normal that Janet had someone.

      • Jasmine October 24, 2017

        @JohnVidal I dont think you saw the game when Janet performed. 2004 had a bunch of artists perform like Nelly, Kid Rock, and Diddy. No one technically brought anyone on stage to their headlining performance so those comparisons you mention are useless.

    • Jasmine October 24, 2017

      @Tinashi I dont think you saw the game when Janet performed. 2004 had a bunch of artists perform like Nelly, Kid Rock, and Diddy. No one technically brought anyone on stage to their “headlining” performance because nobody was a headliner that year.

    • g October 25, 2017

      If Janet performs , No one will talk about Justin , It will be all about Janet . so actually she will be the headliner. Her business team should make this happen and do it as a surprise. I think that might just happen , a smart business move on her end. Trust me that will top all the halftime shows EVER. Her album sells will sky rocket to the top as the younger fans that have never seen her perform will become fans.

  7. pat October 24, 2017

    but sources also say she doesn’t want to…sooo

    • g October 25, 2017

      she is confusing people , smart business move on her end . It will be a surprise if she does it. No one will know until the halftime show. Which will probably be good for the NFL as well , because more people will watch the game just to see if she will perform . By the way ET is a reliable source , her camp talks to them directly. ET has always been right on with what ever she is doing .

  8. Anne October 24, 2017

    I think she should perform “Rhythm Nation” somewhere in the middle of Justin’s set and then come back out along with several others for a “We Are The World” type of unifying message towards the end. Then they should all take a knee before the set ends on a fun note with “I Can’t Stop The Feeling.” At least that’s my suggestion, who knows if any of it will come to be.

  9. Brotha October 24, 2017

    I want her to come back on her own will not someone else’s coattails

  10. Fancy BISH October 24, 2017

    I support Queen Janet, so it’s whatever lol..the only way I’m even PEEKING at the TV screen is if she’s performing hunnie ?

  11. Ashanti #1 Fan October 24, 2017

    I want her to rip out her other breast while kneeling

    • Fancy BISH October 24, 2017

      lol yaaaas

  12. thomas October 24, 2017

    Fair is FAIR!!!!! JANET Jackson MUST RETURN if he does!!!!!

  13. JOHNVIDAL October 24, 2017

    I don´t like the idea if it is performing as a guest for him. I just think if in THEIR opinion these two caused them so much trouble then he (nor she) shouldn´t be performing again to begin with. He performing again as if nothing had happened and as if he wouldn´t have been part of that PLANNED performance over a decade ago is very unfair.

  14. L smith October 24, 2017

    We love j. Jackson’s and yes she should return this year her state of the world tour was successful and she ll really get the crowd on their feet Janet Janet Janet or bust or we ll barcott halftime show!

  15. ka October 24, 2017

    Got a feeling Timberlake people are fueling this rumour do to lack of excitement and lot of entertainment shows are saying they wish it was Janet. #true talent Queen

  16. I speaks the truth October 24, 2017

    Good for Janet, black privilege will always provale.

  17. DanYiel Iman October 24, 2017

    I can do without either her whispering wears me out..??‍♂️

    • Jasmine October 24, 2017

      I can do without your repetitiveness. We know you are a hater and the only thing negative you can say about Janet is that she whispered on the STUDIO versions of some her late 00s songs. Get a life Troll. Janet does not whisper and if you don’t like her voice then go find some artists that scream and shout to troll on. You must have said the same thing about Janet on every Janet post 100s of times. You must be a r***** if you feel the need to repeat yourself over and over and over and over.

  18. rsd October 24, 2017

    The way Janet’s been treated as a pariah when while Justin came away unscathed, I hope she doesn’t do this.

    It was on HER stage that the incident happened, HER show. Think of all the rich white men at the NFL and Viacom who happily threw her under the bus yet turned their heads on Justin. There were two people up on that stage that night, remember.

    Now, the same rich white men are supposedly tempting her to come back on HIS stage, on HIS show, to supposedly FORGIVE her and make enormous amounts of money when ratings are low and especially at this time when they are in dispute with their BLACK athletes over taking a knee.

  19. eric October 24, 2017

    7 minutes for Justin and 7 minutes for Janet or I’m not watching. I doubt very seriously Janet would appear as Justin’s guest. He needs to be able to say, ‘How they treated you was wrong and I’m sorry I didn’t say or do anything to publicly support you during that difficult period (from which you are still suffering).’ That’s never gonna happen, so me supporting Justin will never happen.

    • g October 25, 2017

      Ok so you are saying in the middle of Justin halftime show he should just do an apology and not bring out Janet . That will be a waste of time and who would really want to hear all of that crap and not bring out Janet. Janet should will do it as a great business move. She is starting her own label and needs money for that label to keep going, and provide for other artist that she puts on to her label. If you know Janet she is all about business and if it is good business she is down for it. You will not hear anything from her until she pops up at the halftime show . Watch 😉

  20. Jeans October 24, 2017

    Totally not true

    • Jeans October 24, 2017


  21. Paulo October 25, 2017

    nah I don’t think he’s that big of a person to actually reach out. f*** him

  22. eurotrashboy80 October 25, 2017

    Although i believe Janet deserves more than ever and everyone else to have her own show ,it is not a bad idea to perform with Justin this year to end up this f* SB bull* that follow her the last 14 years.
    Janet s name is so related with the “malfunction” and erase those 2 decades dominating eveything as an aritst.Sales ,awards,No1 albums singles everywhere.
    I believe if she is return to the show then it will be the only way to end up this thing!
    Yes Janet go for it!

  23. Amanda D. October 25, 2017

    Janet would NEVER do it even if asked (which Timberberb*tch wouldn’t do anyway). I don’t know where the hell ET is getting it’s “source” from. Personally, I think that they just made it up b/c that’s what THEY want to see happen. And, no offense to TGJ but, you sll are British and don’t know the full scale of the racial environment happening in the US. I strongly doubt that 100 million ppl will be watching this time b/c ppl are not going to the games b/c of the Colin Kaepernick/ kneeling protest situation. If Jay Z backed out b/c of what happened to Kaepernick then, you all should know full well that Janet won’t do it for the same reason (plus the fact that Timbertwit is headlining).

  24. The truth October 25, 2017

    I’m so here for that if Janet joins him

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