Yikes! Black Twitter Dragging Tina Campbell For Voicing Support of Donald Trump

Published: Sunday 1st Oct 2017 by Rashad

The weekend started with Tina Campbell, one half of Grammy-winning gospel duo Mary Mary, celebrating the release of her sophomore album, ‘It’s Still Personal’ (in stores September 29th).

The weekend is ending, however, with the singer/songwriter suffering an all out dragging on Twitter after an interview during her promo run for said LP saw her reiterate her support of sitting president Donald Trump.   Asserting she backs the businessman-turned-politician because of his ‘Christian values,’ that very support has landed the reality show star in hot water with fans who are now claiming they no longer support her.

See some of the wreckage inside:


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  1. Tru Voice October 1, 2017

    Watching the interview I get what she’s saying. Maybe she could have worded it better, I haven’t read the letter, only watched the interview. But as a public figure who needs a coin, watch what you say and let the PR people do their job. Just hush sometimes.

    • ? + ✈ = ? October 2, 2017

      Im here for her opinion

  2. S****** Blonde October 1, 2017

    The Bible governs my life

    Stupid people ??‍♂️

    • Jasmine October 1, 2017

      Your mother was a prostitute w**** / meth drug addict when some diseased crackhead knocked her up with you and you have the nerve to call other people stupid?

    • Jasmine October 1, 2017

      Your mother was a prostitute w h o r e / meth drug addict when some diseased bum knocked her up with you and you have the nerve to call other people stupid?

      • S****** Blonde October 1, 2017

        Take your meds Jasmine.

      • Facts October 2, 2017

        Read his racist ass Jasmine.

    • truthteller October 2, 2017

      Well, the Bible doesn’t govern your life and you are both ignorant and stupid. Dumb people come from all backgrounds and belief systems

      • Jasmine October 2, 2017

        She said the Bible governs HER life. Where did she say the Bible governs YOUR life? You and S****** should go crawl back under whatever rock you came from because you both seriously lack reading and listening comprehension skills.

  3. ? October 1, 2017

    ?? Who’s surprised? Nothing about Trump screams “Christian”! This woman is shamelessly trying to tap into Trump’s audience because her normal one doesn’t care for her solo. I mean her solo music is absolutely terrible. She has a terrible attitude and will continue to be a flop solo. Erica might want to check her sister before she further destroys MaryMary’s legacy.

    • Jasmine October 1, 2017

      I did not know she was doing music solo. I thought that was only Erica but Tina does not have the appeal of a solo artist

    • Boytoy1814 October 2, 2017


    • Fatusankoh October 2, 2017

      Well said I was thinking the same

  4. Jasmine October 1, 2017

    There is nothing wrong with her voting for Trump. Every citizen that can vote has the right to assign their vote on the candidate of their choice. What is wrong here is her lack of education, lack of being a polished artist, and lack of professional experience in marketing herself.

  5. Fancy BISH October 1, 2017

    Campbell Soup tried it

  6. RealNegro October 1, 2017

    Gay marriage caused her to vote for someone that grabs women by the p.u.$.$.y

    • RealNegro October 1, 2017

      Had it been me I would have obstained from voting instead of voting for the lessor of two evil.

    • Libra October 2, 2017

      Exactly. Just tell the truth…her PR team poised her for this one. She didn’t preach this sermon when she bashed and smashe’d her adulterous husbands car. This is nothing but smooth over comment to save sales. At the end of the day, she voted for Trump ans not to regret the act, is even worse. Arrogance is going to cause downfall along with pride! If anything she should have related to HRC and Bill’s marriage reconciliation. Her and Paula White scratched off!

      • Jasmine October 3, 2017

        @Libra There is nothing wrong with Tina voting for Trump. A vote is just a vote. This last election was a reminder of how the voting system really works (Hillary got more votes and still lost). Depending on what state Tina voted in (I suspect CA because that is where she resides) her voting for Trump did not make a difference at all because Hillary won the California primary vote!

  7. Bam October 1, 2017

    I Puked.

    • Libra October 2, 2017

      Yep. I gagged and held nauseating feelings.

  8. Paulo October 1, 2017

    I do think she says a lot of BS on the interview but she never did say she voted for Trump. if Twitter wants to drag her then do it but do it for the right and true reasons.

    • So Fresher October 2, 2017

      NEVER SAID SHE VOTED FOR TRUMP!!! Ever!!! Ppl just take a headline and run…but I’m not supporting her making any these statements but after looking at interview, I get what she’s saying.

      • JENNY JONES!!! October 2, 2017


      • Jasmine October 3, 2017

        I agree. She is definitely being selfish here. Her actions do indeed affect her sister and her family. Erika is trying to make a name for herself as a solo artist in the Gospel world and does not need negative press generated from her sister affecting her ability to market her music / acting.

  9. DanYiel Iman October 2, 2017

    Hasn’t purchased her music although I do have all of Mary Mary albums & I’ll be keeping them because I don’t waist money I’ve spent for sure!!

  10. Sleazy October 2, 2017

    Where are they? Where these values you speak of? Just say you hate gays

    • Jasmine October 3, 2017

      It was implied in the video plus she stated she voted for Trump several months ago.

  11. Casual October 2, 2017

    It was her vote to cast as she saw fit. I ended up voting for Trump, and it had nothing to do with religion. Most people in the black community only vote race and government programs. Many gays only vote LGBTQ issues, with the irony here being that Trump isn’t really against gays and never has been. My vote for president was determined by support for capitalism, the 2nd Amendment, and fiscal sanity. If you think this is in error, look to recent years in Greece, The Gambia, Zimbabwe, and Venezuela (just to name a few).

    And before anybody goes there, I am not the biggest Trump supporter. I think he’s a loudmouth. I wanted Rubio, but once we got to the F2 last November, I made the choice that had to be made, and I don’t regret it.

    • Case October 2, 2017

      I’m embarrassed for you. You should have just kept that to yourself, because you sound like a full blown dolt.

      • Libra October 2, 2017

        LMAO. Right. I’ve given ppl too much credit. When it comes to politics ppl really do show how dumb they are. Trump’s actions have said anything but Christian values!

    • Jasmine October 2, 2017

      @Casual There is nothing wrong with you voting for Trump. Where I find issue in your comment is your generalization of black people: “Most people in the black community only vote race and government programs.” Only an idiot black person would assume all black people think alike and they are the only black person that voted for Trump. I know plenty of black people that voted for Trump. Personally, I voted for Hillary, but for those that voted for Trump there is nothing special or extraordinary in doing that. A vote is just a vote and this last election was a reminder of how the voting system actually works.

      • S****** Blonde October 2, 2017

        I know plenty of black people that voted for Trump. Personally, I voted for Hillary, but for those that voted for Trump there is nothing special or extraordinary in doing that.

        Your hypocrisy knows no bounds, you would not hesitate to call racist the white people who voted for Trump. One more thing, I didn’t vote for him, just in case.

      • Jasmine October 2, 2017

        @S****** Unlike you I am not a hypocrite, not a racist, and I do not generalize any group of people based on race!!! My political views have always been independent. Period. S****** when I call you out on being a racist I am calling you as an individual racist! There are plenty of people on this site of all ethnicities but the only person I have ever had to call a racist is YOU. Just because you make many racist idiotic generalizations don’t try to pass that racist idiocy onto me and do not ever try to twist my words again you disgusting piece of trash!

    • ??? October 2, 2017

      lol chump has clearly brainwashed you with his orange koolaid. and don’t sit there and act like white folks don’t vote according to race too, cuz that’s exactly how & why chump won lol.

    • C T October 3, 2017

      I would like to know how in the world you were able to find out how “most black people vote”?!! Cause when I decide to run for something I want to be able to capitalize on that kind of obvious stupidity first hand.. ???? cut it out

  12. stan October 2, 2017

    “christian values” –bish where?

    it’s also really stupid to think what the president does has no impact on your lives. tell that that to DACA recipients, to residents of puerto rico, etc. i swear i lost brain cells listening to this drivel.

  13. Dee October 2, 2017

    Girl what about trump says Christian values. I’ll wait

    • Libra October 2, 2017

      Exactly! Absolutely nothing! She first came out as voting for him in January. Almost a year later from voting day and she’s still too prideful and arrogant to admit the truth. Still taking up for this devil! Must be the tax breaks.

  14. Boytoy1814 October 2, 2017

    So tired of her shape shifting behind. She’s lost & needs to come back 2 reality Keep on dragging her hypocritical behind!!

    • Libra October 2, 2017

      I’m exhausted with her arrogance and pridefulness. Still not humble enough after recent life experiences. She wasn’t hollering bible guidance when she took a bat to her husband’s car in response to his infidelity. To lie and make her vote seemingly about idolatry is sickening. She knows she did it for the party and tax break advantages. Everything about Trump aligns him with the root of all evil…the love of $$$.

  15. Luke October 2, 2017

    Disgrace to christianity. Discernment level is 0. She opened her big mouth and had no clue what trump actually stands for. Stupidity. Stick to that terrible reality show. Leave voting to the grown folks.

  16. C T October 3, 2017

    listening to this interview claiming she doesn’t have to explain why she voted for chump… I’m like ok WHY ARE YOU?! You sounded like a big fool for stating your reasons in the first place claiming common ground on Christian values…wait a minute what?! Oh so your admitting to being one of satans soldiers ?

  17. fashncents October 7, 2017

    THIS attitude is EXACTLY why this trick should be Kim Burrell’ed as well. How in hell do you decree folks should not use THEIR “platforms” to rightly bash the Clown in the WH, but you conversely use YOURS to denounce anyone speaking against him? FOH

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