Normani Addresses Future With Fifth Harmony

Published: Wednesday 1st Nov 2017 by Sam

When news hit that Normani Kordei had signed a solo management deal, some began speculating about what that meant for her future with Fifth Harmony.

And it’s not altogether surprising to see why.

Indeed, it’s the same trajectory that took place in the frame leading up to the departure of former 5H member Camila Cabello.

However, in a new interview 21-year-old Normani says that’s not what’s going on…

Speaking to ET, she said:

“It’s funny because so many people were like, ‘5H is over! Oh my gosh! She’s leaving the group.’ And I’m just sitting in my bed laughing because so many things can be misconstrued and misread and just taken out of context.

I’m like, no, I’m not leaving my group. I would never. We’re on such a high right now. We’re at our peak. It would be dumb at this point, and it’s not what I want to do with my heart and soul. That wasn’t even a thought.

All it is, is that I got my own manager to kind of help guide me with whatever it is that I want to do aside from the group. That’s all it is.”

Kudos to her for clearing up the confusion.

As excited as we are for her inevitable slayage on the solo front, there’s still much mileage in the Fifth Harmony brand and it’s cool to see her (and the ladies more broadly) committed to the cause.

Tidbit: Never forget…

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  1. DanYiel Iman November 1, 2017

    I’m glad because she’s a force in 5th Harmony!!

  2. Achooo! November 1, 2017

    She is smart. Normandi better milk the 5Harmony train with a fall back just in case.

  3. INAMAD November 1, 2017

    I barely comment on here, but it’s crazy how Letoya Luckett & LaTavia Roberson got kicked out of Destinys Child for attempting to do the same thing Normani did…. #Perspective!! ?

    • 2bad2bme November 1, 2017

      That’s because Beyoncé’s father was their manager, HUGE DIFFERENCE!

    • Meme November 1, 2017

      Because Matthew didn’t want the loss in income. Also if the L&L got their own manager then that means Matthew couldn’t do his dirty work and scam the girls out of millions.

    • Mark111 November 1, 2017

      Matthew also owned the DC name well still owns it. I think he made everyone sign a management deal right before they signed to Columbia, giving him full control. That’s why it was so easy for him to kick them out without skipping a beat. I think each member of 5H just now owns their name. (side note, that’s why Diddy kept Dawn from Danity Kane a lil longer, she came up with the name and owned it. Also the reason why the two blondes had to make a new group name, because they don’t own the DK name, Dawn does.)

      • Rebel Boy Troy November 1, 2017

        That wasn’t the case with Dawn. Dawn was under a recording contract in New Orleans and Diddy got her out of that deal so she could sign to him. She had a completely different deal from the other girls. Hence her staying longer and later forming Dirty Money.

    • Danny Bey November 1, 2017

      That was different. L&L wanted different managers representing them as members of Destiny’s Child, excluding Matt. So Matthew would’ve managed Kelly and Bey and someone else manage the other two girls and it would’ve been a collaborative management and Matthew wasn’t having it, which I️ don’t blame him. Normani is still under 5H’s manager but has a different management for her solo dealings. Two different scenarios

  4. ??? November 1, 2017

    lol who u foolin sis, anytime a group member gets their own manager, its the beginning of the end for the group. happened with every group that ever had a member go solo lol.

  5. Lol November 1, 2017

    Girl please. And that split ain’t helping your sales.

  6. Roab November 1, 2017

    Well, I can tell you now she’s going to tank. There’s no market for her. Not being mean, biased, and I’m not going to compare her to anyone but I predict she will have a lukewarm single that’ll peak in the 20s and that’ll be it. Think about it, is she going to release a pop song? R&B? EDM+vocal? These girls don’t realize it’s actually the group that makes you look yourself you’re just mediocre. She’s super talented but I don’t see her as a solo act at all. She’s stunning she should do more acting. I hope I’m wrong but I’ve been around long enough to know how this plays out.

    • Meme November 1, 2017

      And you are right.

      • Truth teller November 1, 2017

        And you are right too

    • 2bad2bme November 1, 2017

      Man, shut up! That girl is a performer and she has an “it” factor not many folks have. You must be one of them Taylor Swift bang wagon geeks.

  7. Sleazy November 1, 2017

    Normani is the best in the group unfortanetly dark black girls dont really make it big and thats the truth!!! Camilla was the most commercial yet the most boring

  8. 2bad2bme November 1, 2017

    She just needs to go solo while she’s still in her youth and flip out on these folks.

  9. @marlamworld November 1, 2017


  10. Iamdiego November 1, 2017

    She just needs to rebrand herself. I think she should go into acting. Make ppl forget that she is in a group as well. She needs to work on her voice a little but she’s an entertainer. Young black women should know who she is at least.

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