Watch: Remy Ma Talks Cardi B, New Album & Bitter Feud With Nicki Minaj

Published: Monday 13th Nov 2017 by David

Remy Ma has offered fresh thoughts on her wickedly bitter feud with Nicki Minaj and how she feels about the rise of Cardi B‘s star.


A new interview the charismatic Hip-Hop star gave to Real 92.3, a platform she hopes will support her as she gears up to release her new album ‘7 Winters and 6 Summers.’

Will you like what she has to say?

Find out below…

Great interview.

With a deal with Columbia in her arsenal, the pressure is undoubtedly on Ms. Ma to deliver an album which sells enough units to recoup the million dollar deal some outlets are reporting she picked up.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Sam November 13, 2017

    Nicki who?
    Iggy who?
    Cardi who?

    • ??? November 13, 2017

      lol remy who?

  2. AnonymousTruth November 13, 2017

    I can’t stand this broad … and this interviewer a fool for gassing her .
    BET only gave her that award to spite Nicki Minaj for one ….. Issa truth 🤷🏽‍♂️
    Now He calling her the queen because she won it 😂😂
    And she tryna take credit for Cardi B success …. b**** whet ! . and other females too Wtf ! Remy ain’t done s*** outstanding … other than release an hour long ghostwritten dissrake . She only relevant because of her Nicki Feud. If anything Nicki opened doors for her bitter old monkey a$$. You can tell she a nasty girl , even what she said about her initial thoughts on Cardi being just another “pretty girl” , you can just tell Remy got that ugly dark skin girl complex . I’m done . Nicki Better just drop her album , and keep this chick in the shadows where she belongs with her ugly troll ass .

    • Meme November 13, 2017

      No lies told.

    • ??? November 13, 2017

      lol not a single one.

    • Killian November 13, 2017

      I concur,I concur ,I get the Cardi hype and Kim’s clout (legacy) but Remy is just a popular for being a jail bird and dissing Nicki,I wanna like her but nah she’s not all that

    • barbwire November 14, 2017

      AnonymousTruth What have been smoking AnonymousFabricator ? Remy been spitten heat way before she even met Pap, so who writing for during the anti up days ? They’re calling her the queen because she “ACTUALLY WRITES” her BARS, check “writers” ASCAP. A lot of these b**#hs ya’ll be praising have ghostwriters Nicki included(THERE’S RECIEPTS FOR DAYS ON THIS). And as far as Remy ma bet award,( do you even know what stipulations pertaining to the award) ? The “award” is base off HIP HOP and music from last year, Remy ma had 2 hits with joe, plus numerous features and freestyles that year( something Nicki can’t do without ghostwriters). mind you nicki barley did anything last year hip hop related, let real. What does her being darkskin have to do with her being Real saying what’s on her mind, you brainwashed c***

    • Sandyb November 14, 2017

      Girl your so right about remy hating ass, she needs to take 20 seats back, Niki is wining and she also looks better than remy manly sounding ass

  3. RihNaj November 13, 2017

    Hmm i think all these girls are waiting for nicki to drop her album first 🤔 they so afraid of dropping their album, so they won’t get outshine by nicki. It’s sad really cause cause they still gon get outshine lol but that’s my theory….who agree’s?

    • Caleb November 13, 2017

      Nah, if anything it seems like Nicki is waiting on the others to drop their albums first. I mean she been saying that album about to drop since January. It’s now November and not an album in sight.

      • Coolio November 13, 2017

        I agree with you nicki is waiting to drop that album. But im thinking shes going to drop it on her bday or on christmas like beyonce does.
        But nicki def is looking to see how shes finna move this time around

      • Faf November 13, 2017

        Ok let me break down what the issue is

        Nicki been done her album

        When remy dropped the diss she redid a lot of it bc now she has new material
        Plus hip hop has changed in just a year

        Top Last year migos and uzi werent nearly where they are now
        So she’s added features to keep it current

        another thing baby is f****** with Wayne’s money and the contract over young money artists

    • Notyou November 13, 2017

      I agree! Remy is WAITING for Nicks album to drop so she can do a surprise release at the same time for buzz!

      It’s similar to what 50cent tried to do to Kanye, when 50 said that he would quit rapping if Kanye sold more than him 😂 & Kanye still ended up selling more.

      • Faf November 13, 2017

        That wouldn’t be smart on her behalf

        Can u imagine an artist like remy who has older fans compared to nicki who is gonna likely do 300k first week with streams

        Imagine the embarrassment if remy only did 9k sps

  4. MK November 13, 2017

    F*** her. She won that award, gloated, sat her ass down and did nothing but mediocre s***! Her music, her videos, even that cheap love and hip hop trailer. She will never be on Nickis level and her pulling a taylor swift talking about she brought out everyone on stage. Non of this h*** will be on Nickis level because of one thing: NICKIS WORK ETHIC! She worked her ass off over the last decade and yall will deal. POES!!!

  5. MK November 13, 2017

    And her manly voice just annoys me too.

    • Cbeylive November 13, 2017

      Is you mad or naw??

    • AnonymousTruth November 13, 2017

      Agreed , she just talk like a tranny . Can’t stand her manly frog face a$$

  6. Bey Is Grown November 13, 2017

    She really needs to stop talking about Nicki

  7. November 13, 2017

    this ich was nothing back in the day, she made her career off talking about Nicki and she only gets press because of Nicki no one give a damn about her unless she is talking about Nicki. it’s always about Nicki, it’s like these girls cant help their selves. always talking about unity then dis Nicki every chance she gets damn fraud, now she acting like Cardi hows her something like she responsible for Cardi’s success this chick is out of her damn mind. she needs to get this in her head Cardi was the one who was supposed to win that BET award if it wasn’t for Nicki, they gave her that award to spit Nicki, nothing more nothing less.

  8. LostOne November 13, 2017

    The interview was coo. I wish she focus more on promoting her song that’s out n talk more about her album. It’s good to see that we have more than one female rapper on the radio.

  9. nuru deen November 13, 2017

    This b**** wanna Nicki as ladder to the top

  10. Meme November 13, 2017

    Her tone is always so aggressive. I can feel the interviewer was very uncomfortable. She needs to tone all the way down.

    • Caleb November 13, 2017

      The interviewer seemed star struck to me. What are u talking about?

      • Meme November 13, 2017

        You have to know how to read body language to understand. He was “star struck” because he was uncomfortable. He over complimented her and fumble over his words trying to structure his sentences to not offend her. You can tell he was hostile.

  11. bash November 13, 2017

    She really think she started and opened a lot of doors she didn’t…it’s quite funny tho…

  12. ??? November 13, 2017

    lol and when her album flops harder than iggy azalea, what will she do then? lmao

    • Notyou November 13, 2017

      Exactly! & watch her record another diss record once it flops!

      She’ll try to say that Nicki was stopping her bag again 🙄

      “Stupid h** should’ve befriended me, & she could’ve prolly came back” 😂😂 idk why that line came to mind

      • Oh November 13, 2017

        But Sis, the real inside scoop on Nikki is that she does try to stop peoples bags. I mean I understand being a fan your defensive but it will take away from facts.
        Facts Nikki does not want any other female rapper to shine. She wants to be the only one and will do what ever it takes. She is really not a nice person or not nice to all people. Wolf in sheeps clothing all day.
        It Is not pleasing to say that what they say about her is true. And I do not get my sources from bloggers. I get it from those that actually work in the industry. Sorry not sorry

      • Oh November 13, 2017

        *but does not take away from facts.

      • Notyou November 13, 2017

        So you’ve heard. Where are the receipts though??

        If this were truly the case than there would be some type of proof floating around, emails, txt messages anything.

        Because she got the shether record pulled? Anyone in their right mind would of had that 7 minutes of slander removed. So I don’t blame her there.

        You forget that Nicki is a brand, therefore if someone is coming for her, of course her label/team will put an end to it. She doesn’t even have to ask.

        But I wouldn’t blame them for stopping bags (like the TSA 🤣) when EVERY single one of these rap chicks have thrown subs her way at one point or another.

        If I was working for her, I’d be doing the same ish, she wouldn’t even have to mention it. It’s logistics.

      • Faf November 13, 2017

        If that’s the case how did cardi have success if nicki could’ve prevented it

      • RealRapQueens November 13, 2017

        “Nicki is a brand” So is Remy! You act like Nicki’s the only relevant female rapper and therein lies the problem. Female Rap cannot progress with Nicki in the picture, period. The more smoke you blow up that fake ass the bigger the hate grows. That’s how the circle of karma works.

  13. Gee November 13, 2017

    Funny how it’s only a B.E.T. award to you die hard Nicki Stan’s but did you feel the same way the seven years straight Nicki Minaj won the same award I think not so stop with the sour grapes. Honestly as of late Nicki has been very stifled musically. Hopefully now that this beef is dying down both Remy and Nicki can focus on putting in that work and releasing great albums.

  14. Jasmine November 14, 2017

    Ok whatever happened to journalism 101… Type what the video says. Don’t expect people to listen or watch a 40 minute video when the article should just spell out what the video says. NEXT.

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