2017 Year In Review: Mariah Carey’s Roller Coaster of a Year

Published: Tuesday 5th Dec 2017 by Rashad

Scribbled in history books for some good and not-so-good reasons, 2017 brought with it some of modern music’s most memorable moments.  Now, as the year draws to a close, TGJ is reflecting on our favorite moments that rocked – and to some degree reshaped – the Urban and Pop musical landscape as we know it.

First, we’ll look back on the whirlwind year of pop icon Mariah Carey:

From its onset, 2017 looked to be Mariah Carey’s worst year ever.  The songstress – whose 2016 wasn’t exactly great given the plague of footage of lackadaisical concert performances, rumors of voice loss, and, of course, that nasty breakup with billionaire beau James Packer – was set to make this year even worse.

Kicked off by a shambolic NYE performance where Carey was slammed for shameless lip-syncing and careless choreography, the succeeding weeks saw the ‘Breakdown‘ beauty dominate headlines for playing the blame game with the show’s production company (who returned the favor and pointed the finger at her team for the mishap).  Later attempting to deflect from the story with a failed reality television show and new musical ventures (see:  ‘I Don’t’ with YG), the months that followed the hype around the NYE story mostly featured Mariah mentioned in negative light (see:  weight gain, more bad tour footage, failed promises of new album, reports of alleged outlandish diva behavior, and more).

Just as it seemed she was set to end the year on the same low note as it started, Carey set headlines ablaze with reports she’d split from manager Stella Bulochnikov – a move met with elation from the singer’s  fan base (affectionately called #Lambs).  To add, the ‘Butterfly’ beauty re-emerged ever so triumphantly for a highly lauded WORLD AIDS DAY event where she not only looked but sounded exquisite!  As if that’s not enough, word has it she’s set to return to Vegas for a new show!

Reflect on Carey’s year in headlines below:

First Quarter:

Mariah Carey Kicks Off New Year With Horrific Performance

Dick Clark Productions Deny Claims of NYE Performance Sabotage

Mariah Says No New Albums in the Works, Only Singles

Mariah’s Single ‘I Don’t’ Flops

Second Quarter:

Mariah Carey Confirms New Album Due This Year

Mariah Carey Launches Own Record Label

Mariah Carey Slammed by Will Ferrell For  Diva Behavior

Third Quarter:

Mariah Carey Suffers Weight Jokes at the Hands of Paparazzi 

Mariah Carey Goes Head-to-Head With J.Lo with ‘Paper’ Magazine Covers

‘Despacito’ Ties Carey’s Longtime Hot 100 Record

Mariah Announces ‘Butterfly’ World Tour To Commemorate Album’s 20th Anniversary

VH1 ‘Hip Hop Honor’s Tributes Mariah Carey / Draws Its Lowest Ratings in 10 Years

Fourth Quarter:

Mariah Carey Learns of Vegas Attack on Live TV

Mariah Carey Snubbed from 2018 Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame Induction

Mariah Splits from Manager Stella

Mariah Carey Signs New 2 Year Vegas Deal

Mariah Carey Signs To Roc Nation?

Mariah Carey Shows Off Svelte Figure at WORLD AIDS DAY Event

Mariah Carey Triumphs at Christmas Concert


Here’s hoping this good juice continues to spill over into 2018!

Your thoughts?

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  1. taustin13 December 5, 2017

    Slow news day huh! This year was actually a turning point for her. The album is coming in 2018 and those headlines in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th QTR are not Bad at all as you make it seem. Epic Fail once again by THAT GRAPE JUICE.

    • TGJ’sTrash December 5, 2017

      did you read the same article i did? clearly it said her year started off bad but ended good.

      • taustin13 December 5, 2017

        I sure did and 1st QTR is not majority of the year seen in a negative light.

        “the months that followed the hype around the NYE story mostly featured Mariah mentioned in negative light. ”

        If you are going to type something, make sure the rest of the article matches your credibility.

    • taustin13 December 5, 2017

      ” Later attempting to deflect from the story with a failed reality television show and new musical ventures (see: ‘I Don’t’ with YG). ”
      This show was recorded and announced to E in 2016 to be released in 2017. This was in the makings well before NYE. She didn’t DEFLECT. Who education writes these articles?

    • Mel December 5, 2017

      AT 47 years old she is still trending. Thats not always good. She has let her career zig-zag all over the place, unlike Celine, Aretha, Gloria, and Madonna. She is a mess. A total mess. She needs to look up from the MONITOR at her shows and talk to fans learn to relate to her lambs, release correct singles (FADED and MAKE IT LOOK GOOD), Stop Lip-singing high notes or Hard notes. Push back from Collard greens and chicken wings and have some respect for her body. Do meet and greets like everyone else.

  2. Red11 December 5, 2017

    Yeah – Mariah had a tumultuous year…that’s a fact. BUT she’s always going to have the last laugh…ALWAYS. Check her bank statements and you’ll see see why. #justsayin

  3. IG : mixedboy December 5, 2017


  4. Theman December 5, 2017

    So basically any and every little thing is what you turned this into. This post is a flop. With so many events you used her as a platform for an entire yr. Lol… You’re her biggest fan… Headlines aren’t always facts either…

  5. Faf December 5, 2017

    This is proof that when you look good you feel good it’s apparent she had lost confidence when she was heavier and now that she’s happier with her appearance her delivery is better

  6. Solange December 5, 2017

    Interesting how you completely glossed over the successful joint tour with Mr Richie.

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