Report: Justin Timberlake Shooting Multiple Music Videos

Published: Wednesday 13th Dec 2017 by Sam

With a huge headline slot at the Super Bowl Halftime show fast approaching, Justin Timberlake looks set to release new music imminently.

And that’s not just conjecture, the signs are totally tangible.

Dive below for details…

As reported, JT was snapped filming a video with renown director Dave Meyers last month.

Yet, over the last few days, he’s been spotted in different locations shooting more visuals.

The first was in a desert, where he was joined by a number of his dancers:

And moments ago, the director of TV show ‘Timeless’ revealed Timberlake is filming as we type:

What could JT be cooking up? It appears the answer is coming sooner rather than later.

Talented as he us, we’ve long felt his hype has outweighed his output. As such, it’s cool to see him being ambitious with what clearly feels like a large-scale project.

Are you buzzed for Justin’s comeback?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Truth December 13, 2017

    Just because he’s straightening his hair doesn’t make him the male Beyoncé, only she can shoot multiple music videos first

    • Cough Cough December 13, 2017

      People have done it way before her, and better (Michael Jackson) but yes Queen Bey is one of the greats who does shoot multiple vids.. but not the first, last or best at it.

      • Meme December 13, 2017

        Yes people have done it before Beyonce but let’s be honest, Beyonce was the one who made visual albums a thing and made artist change the way albums are dropped.

      • The Wig Snatcher December 13, 2017

        MJ and Janet did the visual albums and perfected it better than Beyoncé. Beyoncé and her camp happened to give a name to it.

      • Jasmine December 13, 2017

        @Meme you should not use the phrase “let’s be honest” but rather “let’s be dumb”. It is not “honest” to disregard the highly successful / award winning visual albums like Prince’s Purple Rain or Kanye West’s Kanye West’s Runaway or the Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night or R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet. Doing that is either dumb. The aforementioned sold more albums than Lemonade, made visual albums profitible, etc. Also, you cannot credit Beyonce with “changing the way albums” are released when the way albums are released really has not changed that much. Props to Queen B for being successful in her way of releasing albums but don’t pretend like artists (especially signed artists) have the freedom or power to control when / how their albums are released. Queen B is a superstar entertainer and in a league of her own but let’s not take away other artists’ accomplishments or creativity just to wrongly attribute their accomplishments to Queen B. Even with the evolution of the “surprise album” that should not be attributed to Queen B when several artists did that before her and were very successful with it like Radiohead and Frank Ocean.

    • Fancy BISH December 13, 2017

      Justinesha keeps saying braspberries like he’s trying to make fetch happen lol…instead of lemons, he’s using blueberries and raspberries….GIRL, just Bey inspired!

    • Totally December 14, 2017

      @Jasmine. Gotta disagree with you on this one. There’s a difference between success and impact. You don’t have to be the first or the most successful to be more influential. Beyonce isn’t credited with being the first, she’s credited with popularizing it. This is like 2 generations past Michael and Prince. There’s nothing no one has done before. Things go out of style and they come back in. She made it a trend for her time. In this decade, the most popular artist usually gets the most press. That’s the way the world works. Regardless of who started it. Kanye’s visual was no where near as newsworthy. As for the surprise album, Frank’s album was hardly talked about for it’s release strategy. It was talked about because it was good music. He wasn’t big enough at the time. Radiohead gave a 10 day notice that their album was coming. But I’d still give that credit to them and Beyonce. But if you were to just look surprise releases, publications acknowledge Radiohead, but they’ll will say it was ‘Beyonce’ that got the ball rolling. You can’t tell me it’s a coincidence that Kendrick, Rihanna, Drake, and Kanye just so happened to jump on the surprise train with no knowledge of the headlines Beyonce had just made with it.

      • Meme December 14, 2017

        Thank you for your educated explanation. I swear these commenters hurt my head with their stupidity. How is this so hard to understand.

      • Jasmine December 14, 2017

        @Totally I get what you are saying but I do not think you should be generalizing the current generation as single-minded. The previous generations were not single-minded. Just because Michael and Prince were older artists does not mean the entire current generation is not familiar with their existence, work, influence, and impact. Success and impact go hand in hand. If an artist makes a real impact in music then they were successful, otherwise the “impact” is not known. For example, Kelis’s music style is great and could potentially have impact but because she was not successful her music is not recognized as having impact. You make a lot of great points I certainly agree with but I have to disagree that the current generation is single-minded and I disagree that “there’s nothing no one has done before.” There is always room for creativity and new invention in any industry.

  2. #formulation ?☕ December 13, 2017

    Yass waiting for new musac

  3. Meme December 13, 2017

    But Will he be bringing out janet tho? That’s all we want to know.

    And all these artist copying Beyonce making videos for every song and releasing 10 million singles are played.

    • Jasmine December 13, 2017

      Probably not. Janet’s team said her tour is going to the UK in early 2018 and then to Asia. I hope Janet purposefully has a concert on the same date as the Super Bowl so that people know not to expect her at the Super Bowl. Justina will have to rely on some other talented artist to help him at the super bowl gig because he already lost Jay-Z.

  4. Achooo! December 13, 2017

    We don’t care!

  5. Your Mother December 13, 2017

    I am excited for new JT music

  6. Suicide Blonde December 13, 2017

    I can’t wait ?

  7. Mark111 December 13, 2017

    A flop is coming, those 20/20 albums were a bore and trash. The public won’t be fool again, plus Bruno really upped the bar, Justin Bieber has the youth and Ed got the soccer moms. I don’t see room for JT.

    • The Wig Snatcher December 13, 2017

      Bruno Mars set that bar really high. I wish Usher was back in top form musically too.

    • Gautham December 14, 2017

      It will be a blockbuster…u have no idea what you r talking about

  8. Famous December 13, 2017

    Keep it Gollum.

  9. GurlWepa1989 December 13, 2017

    Bruno, Usher and Chris Brown are way more entertaining but white folks will eat it up because they love a white boy from Tennessee that does mediocre R&B music and doesn’t matter whether he inappropriate black culture or not. #Merica

    • Tim Brown December 14, 2017

      Well I see NLT…

    • DanYiel Iman December 15, 2017


  10. Tokyo Vanity fan December 14, 2017

    Why are you even posting about this corny ass motherf*cker

    • Fancy BISH December 14, 2017

      lol ☕️

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