Lil Kim Makes Major Spotify Gains For Atlantic Records

Published: Tuesday 9th Jan 2018 by David

With a look, sound and vocal style that dominated 90s Lil Kim‘s reign in Hip-Hop made her one of the decade’s most recognisable names.

Today, the rapper’s influence can be found in sights and sounds served up by the likes of Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Azealia Banks…three artists who often reference the icon (sometimes unknowingly) in their work.

How that works to Kim’s advantage?

Renewed interest in her art.

Brilliant news below…

Though released before the advent of streaming the lion’s share of Kim’s biggest singles have swept up sweet and notable numbers on Spotify.

Here are a few examples.

2003’s ‘The Jump Off’ (produced by Timbaland) has been played 6,649,000 times as her titillating track ‘Magic Stick‘ stands tall with 6.1 million streams.

Fortunately, these numbers pale in comparison to the 7.5 million spins ‘Crush on You’ has garnered or the 79 million plays her Grammy-award winning jam ‘Lady Marmalade’ has earned.

On a sales front, the rapper’s discography finds itself outperformed and overshadowed by Nicki Minaj’s but that’s set to mean all of nothing to Kim’s former label Atlantic Records who are set to see their profits swell as a result of the icon’s streaming figures.

On her way to claiming Kim’s Atlantic crown?

Newcomer Cardi B.

For, with 235 million streams, the starlet’s single ‘Bodak Yellow‘ has been streamed more times than all of Kim’s solo singles combined and saw her beat Kim to become the first female rapper since Lauryn Hill to top the Billboard Hot 100 with a solo Hip-Hop single.

Does Cardi have what it takes to match or outdo Kim on a pure sales front?

Weigh in below…


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  1. Bey Sting January 9, 2018

    Cardi is coming for ha crown.

    • Jasmine January 9, 2018

      No she is not. Cardi does not even have a debut album out. Let Cardi build her own crown and career and don’t bring her up on Queen B posts because Queen B is a legend while Cardi B is a newbie.

      • Breezy Icon January 9, 2018

        Girl hush! If Bodak has outstreamed Kim’s entire discography what do you think will happen when her album drops? Cardi is the new queen and you will have to deal.

      • Olijo January 9, 2018

        If streaming was available during Kim’s younger days she’d have generated the same numbers. Number one rule with LEGENDS we respect not compare. Aspire to be like them and understand that your success is partly due to the one that did it first. LEGENDS paved the way for todays artist… period. Hip hop women need to take a respect class… seriously.

      • Jasmine January 9, 2018

        @Breezy Icon You cannot compare streams to PURE SALES and touring. Kim’s music came out during a CD sales market. I streamed the F out of Bodak Yellow for free when it came out but did not pay 1 cent for the song. When Kim’s albums came out I bought the albums and downloaded the remixes so stop comparing Cardi B to Kim. Compare Cardi to somebody on her level like Iggy. You Cardi stans lack vision and think the only way your fav is relevant is to compare her to Kim and Nicki. When Kim came out she crafted her OWN lane. Cardi and Cardi stans need to realize the importance of Cardi crafting her own lane and stop being disrespectful to other artists to promote your fav.

      • Keith Williams January 10, 2018


    • Cardi&LilKimFan January 10, 2018

      Cardi B is coming for Nicki Minaj’s ass that h** never had a number 1 song lol ?. Since Cardi B and Remy been out it’s like Nicki who lol

  2. Honesty January 9, 2018

    Kim isn’t signed to Atlantic anymore. She hasn’t been with them since 2006

    • Bey Sting January 9, 2018

      They own the music so they’ll make the money.

      • Dedrick January 9, 2018

        They dont owm Kims music you better check Kims publishing which she owns and she executive produced all her CDs but Hardcore executive produced by Biggie and Un Lance Rivera

  3. #TeamTinashe Stan (Tinashe’s New Music Comes Out Very Soon!) January 9, 2018

    I knew this was a David post just by reading the title. What’s so major about 6million spotify numbers of singles that came out two decades ago only to mention how her new female rivals are beating her with only one single against all of hers on Spotify?

    What a dumb a** post tbh LOL hehe!

    • Kim Clone Clown January 9, 2018

      You’re annoyed because he’s celebrating the Queen? Must be pressed that Tinashe debuted in 2014 but flopped so hard she’s trying to “come back” in 2018.

      • #TeamTinashe Stan (Tinashe’s New Music Comes Out Very Soon!) January 9, 2018

        But yet you know she is coming out with new music soon this year? LOL hehe!!

        Thanks for keeping up to date on boo boo 😉

    • Faf January 9, 2018


    • ? January 9, 2018

      You’re throwing shade at David but I actually think he has more gold plaques than Tinashe. ? This post was unnecessary though. Clearly written to make Kim’s fans feel better about the fact that Cardi is going to outsell ha.

      • Trey January 9, 2018

        B**** most of us if not all kim fans,are cardi fans. Wtf yall barbs need to is hope they settle wayne money so nicki can put out a album instead of d*** riding feat cause 3pack flop from paris flopped harder than a gold fish out of water. Wayne bout to dissolve young money and nicki bout to be 36 shes washed

  4. Breezy Icon January 9, 2018

    Cardi is legit slaying! It won’t be long before she outsells Kim.

    • Bravo!! January 9, 2018

      Is Cardi B truly slaying in sales?? Lil Kim sold hard copy albums and singles. Streaming vs buying?

      • Bartier January 9, 2018

        Kim has sold less than 10 million so it won’t be hard for Queen Cardi to catch up. Streams are in now hunty and so is Cardi so fall back old timer.

      • Jasmine January 9, 2018

        Bartier Cardi has never sold 10 million album sales so stop hating on legendary Queen B. Cardi has sold zero albums because her fake fans like you do not care about supporting her. You only care to use Cardi’s name to hate on other artists. I see exactly what you are doing broke no job ho. You are probably one of those tranny streetwalkers with no johns.

    • Jasmine January 9, 2018

      @Breezy Icon Please stop dissing Kim to promote your fav. If you really cared about Cardi you would shut up and send her money to get full dentures instead of those partials she is rocking with all those missing teeth on the side. It is disrespectful to compare a legend from a different generation to a current new artist that has not even released an album or proven to be more than a one hit wonder. Girl Stop. Just Stop. Got the message? Enough said.

      • Bartier January 9, 2018

        Dentures? You mean as in cosmetic work? I won’t even go there with a Lil Kim fan about THAT!

      • Jasmine January 9, 2018

        @Bartier. You can read. I said dentures and I mean exactly that. Cardi B has dentures and LOTS OF MISSING TEETH on both sides of her mouth. Google image her and stop running the Queen B’s name in your mouth. The Queen B has NOTHING to do with Cardi B and you only compare Cardi B to Queen B to generate hatred on Cardi B. I know what you are doing fake Cardi stan! Real fans of artists look forward to an album from them but all you fake Cardi stans do is run your gums negatively about legends and do not even push your fav because you broke pigeons do not care about Cardi at all. You are just using Cardi’s name to be hateful and mean against other ladies.

    • Caleb January 10, 2018

      How can she outsell when she doesn’t even have an album to outsell her with?

  5. Iggy Seaux Fancy January 9, 2018

    Nicki has sold too much for Bardi to catch up but she’ll definitely outdo Kim which is sad because Kim is a better rapper.

    • Jasmine January 9, 2018

      Let Cardi craft her own lane. She is a newbie and should be focused on her own sales (or lack thereof) instead of comparing her to older artists from a different generation. You Cardi stans should be questioning why there is no Cardi debut album out already instead of hating on legendary rappers. Kim has NOTHING to do with Cardi, Cardi’s lack of music, or whatever queeny opinions you have about Cardi’s future sales that have not taken place.

  6. Bravo!! January 9, 2018

    Do lil Kim profit money?? This is a serious question as well.. the way am
    Reading is Atlantic profits of the streams

    • Jigga January 9, 2018

      Yeah if she wrote the songs. Atlantic will make more though.

  7. Theman January 9, 2018

    What does Cardi have to do with this? She is a newer artist so & are her songs. So it’s only fit that they’ll perform so well like that. These are good numbers for Kim. Other artists have nothing to do with this.

    • Bartier January 9, 2018

      Cardi has everything to do with this honey because it means she close to being an icon if she’s already being streamed more times than Kim.

      • Jasmine January 9, 2018

        Cardi is no icon. Why are Cardi stans not pushing her to release an album? Sounds a bit crazy when I read a newbie act one-hit wonder being compared to the legendary Queen B and absolutely NO looking forward or pushing to a Cardi debut album. I read through the lines and these are the queeny rants of broke Cardi stans who talk a lot of BS but would not buy a Cardi album because they have no money. Continue on with your delusions but I know the dire reality of you haters. No dollars = you can only hate.

      • Caleb January 10, 2018

        Lil’ Kim’s music is mostly from 15+ years ago when there wasn’t streaming. Why would she be more streamed than Cardi whose music is from 2017? Put your thinking cap on.

    • Bartier January 9, 2018

      Damn!! The Kim hags are envious!!! Should have listened to the Barbz when they warned us about yall.

      • Jasmine January 9, 2018

        That is a biased delusional opinion. The reality is that Cardi B stans need to keep the Queen B’s name and legacy out of their mouth and go buy Cardi B some more dentures because all those missing teeth in her mouth is not a good look.

  8. Minaj Mania January 9, 2018

    Kim stans swear they’re about unity but look at how they’re treating the Cardi stans because they’re jealous. Sad

    • Jasmine January 9, 2018

      That is a biased delusional opinion. The reality is that Cardi B stans need to keep the Queen B’s name and legacy out of their mouth and go buy Cardi B some more dentures because all those missing teeth in her mouth is not a good look.

  9. Melissa January 9, 2018

    Lil’kim had her time this is card I b’s time different auditance. Only time would tell Kim will always be the Queen

    • Jasmine January 9, 2018

      Finally a real Cardi Fan that is honestly rooting for her. These fake Cardi stans can eat sh*t. I think as a real Cardi fan you will understand that Kim fans are stanning for Cardi and want her Cardi to win! These instigated stan wars are complete BS nonsense instigated by broke Cardi fans and unemployed “bloggers” that are in denial that they need a REAL payroll besides low-pay blogging.

  10. DanYiel Iman January 9, 2018

    Kim’s my girl & I purchase all of her music!!

  11. Cough Cough January 9, 2018

    Lil Kim came out and created her own, legendary lane IMMEDIATELY!!!! Cardi came out and fell in the line that Kim created for her, and Kim Jr aka Nicki. So it really doesn’t matter what they do, congrats for their accomplishments but neither of them will ever have the originality, creativity, CLASSIC s*** that Kim came with FOR THE FIRST TIME. But I love seeing them all in their lil Kim get ups it shows her direct influence and that’s what’s important #TheresOnlyOne

  12. Eethg January 9, 2018

    The best person to work with

  13. LostOne January 9, 2018

    David asked would Cardi ever outsell Lil Kim in pure sales n I think she will never do that. I mean we are living in a streaming era so ppl hardly buy music unless u r Adele or Taylor Swift. BOdak yellow only SOLD 600K n it’s certified 3x platinum cus of streaming. I don’t even think Motorsport sold 100K n it’s certified Gold .SO I DONT THINK CARDI WILL OUTSELL KIM IN PURE SALES.

    • Jasmine January 9, 2018

      Kim also had albums that sold good too. Cardi B has yet to drop an official album. I’m not talking about those free mixtapes her broke fans freely downloaded but an actual album that is marketed at consumers has yet to drop.

  14. Ney January 9, 2018

    Kim was a trailblazer in a time when social media didn’t exist. If you were in the game in that era, you hustled the hard way to make a name for yourself! Nowadays it’s all about tweets, likes, hashtags etc…..these new artist have it easy thanks to those that opened the door.

  15. Da Wood January 9, 2018

    Lil Kim is the Tru Queen. All the rest are just that. Wanna bees. There is & will only be one s*** a** Queen Bee. LIL KIM PERIOD!!

  16. Tyrese January 9, 2018

    This messy a** article pinning women against each other, typical urban geared blogs still pulling this sh*t like it’s 2007.

  17. Gerald Lange January 10, 2018

    Both Cardi and Nicki bite off Lil Kims style and in some cases lyrics so stop hating on the Queen B the original black barbie.Her music is clasic and timeless. so far Cardi B is just a one hit wonder.And Nicki just jumps on other peoples tracks anymore.

    • Electrikblue January 10, 2018

      Please quote used lyrics?

  18. Tim Johnson January 10, 2018

    Just keeping it real when Lil Kim first came out they couldn’t even come out with her let’s stop the nonsense we not talking about no average chick we talking about listen to what I say queen bee ain’t nobody in the game right now can spit with her she’s so low

  19. Jasmine January 10, 2018

    Lil Kim at her finest just spitting Brooklyn rhymes freestyle no features:

  20. LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. January 10, 2018

    HOnika has not outsold Lil’ Kim. HOnika’s last two albums haven’t sold a million copies within the United States, and Lil’ Kim’s album sales are still higher than HOnika’s internationally. Check the real facts. Don’t just read blogs with false tea. The only thing that HOnika has done is sold more singles than Kim, which is easy in the iTunes era.

    • Electrikblue January 10, 2018

      Pathetic you feel you need to call someone out of their name. Nicki has done more than Kim way more except a Grammy for a featured song.

  21. Cardi&LilKimFan January 10, 2018

    So why is Kim and Cardi being compared it should be Cardi and Nicki. This stupid article wanna talk about Cardi is the only artist that had a number 1 since Lauryn Hill. Yes Cardi is since Nicki Minaj hasn’t had a number one either so why not put that out there. Cardi has 2 singles now that went number 1 and her 3rd is about to go there too.

    • Caleb January 10, 2018

      What single other than Bodak was #1 on the hot 100? And there have been quite a few female rappers who had #1s after Lauryn Hill. Lil’ Kim was one of them with Lady Marmalade. Igglo azalea is another. Also the chick on the song with Ludacris (can’t think of her name right now).

  22. Rapelang January 10, 2018

    You cant compare people frim different Times ???? its stupid
    Kim is Rich and she will stay that B****
    cardi still has a long way before reaching Kim’s level …DO NOT DISRESPECT LEGENDS

  23. Camille Carter January 10, 2018

    Lil Kim is an Icon and a Legend….Period.? There is NO reason to compare ANY other “raptress” to Lil Kim-she’s in her OWN lane AND has Paid her dues…….simple!???????????????

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