Preview: Remy Ma – ‘Melanin Magic (ft. Chris Brown)’

Published: Tuesday 16th Jan 2018 by Sam

Remy Ma is revving up the promo machine for new single ‘Melanin Magic.’

Chris Brown joins the rapper on the track, which serves as the second single to be lifted from her hotly anticipated sophomore solo album ‘Seven Winters & Six Summers.’

Due to debut on Friday (January 18th), the song has been previewed by the femcee.

What are you waiting for? Listen to a snippet of ‘Melanin Magic’ below…

The hook sounds all sorts of catchy.

Could this be the radio hit to ignite Remy’s campaign?

Your thoughts?

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  1. tyana January 16, 2018

    remy and bhris breezy will take #1 spot.

    • ??? January 16, 2018

      lmfaooooooooooooooo maybe on mars lmfao

      • RihNaj January 16, 2018

        Lmfaooo dead

      • tyana January 16, 2018

        maybe breezy not mars.

  2. Justme January 16, 2018

    It does sound catchy.. like it did in the 90s when it came out. She is so unoriginal.. the problem with her and so many is that they need to cater to their base AND the casual listener.. that is why riri, bey, Adele, tay, Bruno, drake, and Abel stay topping the charts.

    • ??? January 16, 2018

      lmao abel who?

      • Justme January 16, 2018

        Omg it’s the weekend

    • tru.tea.ldn January 16, 2018

      but she is catering her base she just isn’t that marketable due to her music. being for an older audience. funny how nicki got dragged…for staying relevant …all remy did was make it easier for cardi to take the crown

      • Jay January 16, 2018

        Ain’t nothin wrong with staying “TRUE” to your self and sound. As an asrtist, thats what you do!

  3. Mami January 16, 2018

    She could’ve did this without the crack head..but i wanna see her win do imma jump on this

  4. TaylorDuh January 16, 2018

    Love the sample. Best release since she was released.

    • Mami January 16, 2018

      You mean release as in the time that Denver radio host wouldn’t release Taylor skeleton b*** cheeks while taking a picture?

      • TaylorDuh January 16, 2018

        I’m not sure what this even means I’m not a Taylor swift fan. My name is Taylor lol haha

      • Faf January 16, 2018

        Dead when shade fails

  5. January 16, 2018

    I will say it and ill say it again this chick, isn’t a good artist she is a battle rapper that’s it. she only has all little hype because she dis Nicki Minaj, and people love to ask her about Nicki Minaj mostly in interviews because people love to talk about Nicki good are bad.

    • tru.tea.ldn January 16, 2018

      100% agree

    • Maxie foxx January 19, 2018


  6. High_Price January 16, 2018

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Remy! Finally something I can BOP too

  7. BaduIzm January 16, 2018

    She raps like she’s having a seizure.

  8. Meme January 16, 2018

    Issa absolute no for me. Remy just isn’t well sounded enough for me. Sounds the same on everything. I’m sure urban radio will play it but I don’t see this doing well.

    • Tori January 16, 2018

      “Well Sounded”?

      • Meme January 16, 2018


  9. BadboiV January 16, 2018

    Why are all of her singles samples from other songs?

    Chick can rap, but issa NO for me.

  10. tru.tea.ldn January 16, 2018

    sounds dated wish her the best tho

  11. DeDot January 16, 2018

    I hate the way she sounds. Suh sounds like she’s stuffed.

  12. Nishawn January 16, 2018

    This.. is trash. She off beat. AGAIN!! People are tired of hearing Chris Brown.. and it sounds like yet Another dated sample. She needs to just collect her love and s**t hop checks. She isn’t in anyone’s conversation of being a queen on rap.. .

    • tyana January 17, 2018

      not his fans.

  13. menotu January 16, 2018

    I love rem but that flow sounds dated

  14. Blah January 16, 2018

    So is her entire album going to be filled with sampled beats and featured artist that add nothing to the song? Who is Remy’s manager? We should’ve got an album by now. We should’ve had albums by all of the female rap artist popular by now. Nicki,Remy, and Cardi are doing themselves a disservice by waiting so long.
    I wanna like Remy but honestly her music isn’t good. Battle rappers hardly ever make it as artist because they can only battle, but can’t make actual music. Remy is starting to fall into that category. If it’s anything like her debut, she should keep it!

  15. Lake Erie January 16, 2018

    Dammn…. she might be on to something with this… I see this being a slow… creeper hit.. not #1 but a hit 4sho…

  16. Lester January 16, 2018

    Everyone keeps saying it’s a sample what sample is it???

  17. GurlWepa1989 January 17, 2018

    Girl with all these fuckery releases..first “Wake Me Up” and now this mess?? Columbia gonna drop yo ass and you’ll be left with no label forany more winters to come.

  18. Jacob January 17, 2018

    Sounds like her and neyo

  19. justafan January 17, 2018


  20. justafan January 17, 2018

    Fire but I wish she flowed like in Money Showers. This flow is a little too much

  21. Cynthia Adams January 17, 2018

    OMG y’all just fuckedme up with this one!!!!! Straight fire, I’m in my feelings cause the “snippet” is too damn short!!!! Remy your style of rapping is soooooo original!,,,,, I saw you up close when you came to Lynchburg Va a couple of years ago!,,,, What I give to sing a hook for you!!!

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