Justin Timberlake Announces New Single ‘Filthy’

Published: Wednesday 3rd Jan 2018 by Sam

Last month, That Grape Juice EXCLUSIVELY reported details about Justin Timberlake‘s new album – including news of a new song named ‘Filthy.’

Well, JT has not only confirmed our scoop – he’s revealed it’s coming in a matter of days.

Full story below…

Following on from the singer’s ‘Man Of The Woods’ album reveal yesterday, he announced moments ago that ‘Filthy’ will arrive this Friday as the first taste of the project:

Per the tweet, it seems Timberlake will be unleashing 4 songs (and visuals) in support of the project in the four weeks running up to the Feb 2nd release of his new LP. All of which serves as the perfect precursor to his performance at the 2018 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Jury’s out on the music, but this is shaping up to be quite an event!

Your thoughts?

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  1. The Wig Snatcher January 3, 2018


  2. Brent Christopher January 3, 2018

    I am extremely EXCITED! I truly am.
    I’m just not confident that I will enjoy the actual music. The promo and release campaign is dope tho.

    • Strawberry January 4, 2018

      Why? Because he’s white? Is this the same Brent that was only excited when Eminem was singin with Ed Sheeran instead of Beyonce, and was dismissive of the song that the same guy eddie sheeran actually did with Beyonce even though its the #1 record in the world ?? Wow, you and suicide blonde kill me. RACISTS havin’ a field day in the era of Trump.

  3. SMH January 3, 2018

    He can go straight to hell with this mess.

    • MissImpartial January 3, 2018


  4. Kennedy January 3, 2018

    “Filthy”, well it fits his inbred looking ass to a T.

  5. ??? January 3, 2018

    lmfao. bye justina.

  6. Dingell jones January 3, 2018

    Janet Career is over now lol

    • Fancy BISH January 3, 2018

      That’s The Way Love Goes ALONE is better than his entire catalog! But keep going lol

  7. Meme January 3, 2018

    If he’s smart he will release the album after the performance. It would so dump to drop a surprise album prior to the half time show.

    I also feel it is too early to drop the first single. This should all be done end of January, beginning of feb.

    He need to take notes from Beyonce. Her Lemonade era/Super Bowl half was planned to the T. Everything was perfect. Single dropped day before the show, followed by world tour announcement and album dropped.

    • Elio January 3, 2018

      Exactly bae. Yesterday I was wondering Where was the point of reading it two days before. You and I should take a coffee

  8. Jeans January 3, 2018

    I’m curious as to how it sounds

  9. Elio January 3, 2018


  10. Fancy BISH January 3, 2018

    Oh dear *Eats Cinnamon Toast Crunch* *SMACKS* lol

  11. Bad_B January 3, 2018

    Hope i’ll like. Wanna get on board with his music

  12. DS January 3, 2018

    Yes. He is “filthy,” Justin Tiki-Torchlake.

  13. Suicide Blonde January 3, 2018

    I can’t wait ?

    • Strawberry January 4, 2018

      Cant wait for what? white hoods? crosses? more rope? ..the next Trump rally?

  14. Mark111 January 3, 2018

    No one is going to want to hear new songs at the super bowl, he may over expose himself. I’m just not hear for the fake Whites one min they are urban, the next they country y’all. Then again his last album did over 900K,so he may have his first million in a week era.

  15. Boushebrat January 3, 2018

    Yayyy I can’t wait .., he f****** talented and always brings something different from his prior …. he should do old music thou at the super bowl maybe even bring Jay Z out as ft,.. but as for the Janet issue she isn’t bitching so why are any of u …

  16. Haters Gon’ Hate January 3, 2018

    So he’s giving us middle america country fake roots authenticity for the album promo shots but has gone with an Urban title for the lead single??? No Bueno. ?

  17. discooo January 3, 2018

    The teaser sounds promising, I was personally disappointed by the 20/20 Experience but I feel like it won’t be the same this time.

  18. DanYiel Iman January 4, 2018

    I’m not a big fan of his but whatever he thinks will win the urban vote ?, Caucasian will buy it NO MATTER WHAT!!

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