Beyonce’s ‘4’ Hits A Billion Streams On Spotify / Breaks Record

Published: Tuesday 6th Feb 2018 by Sam

Beyonce is still breaking records – even on her hiatus.

Music’s reigning queen has the world salivating for new music, but her catalogue continues to make major gains.

Case in point ‘4,’ which has just hit a huge milestone.

Full story below…

The 2011 set, which spurned singles such as ‘Run The World (Girls)’ and ‘Love On Top,’ has hit 1 BILLION total streams on Spotify (the market leader).

In achieving the feat, the diva also bags another history making win. Because she now serves as the first female to have three separate albums hit a billion streams on the platform. The preceding LP’s are 2013’s ‘Beyonce’ and 2008’s ‘I Am…Sasha Fierce.’


This is notable on a number of fronts.

Indeed, many will recall the shaky circumstances ‘4’ arrived under – the most significant being a change in management (firing her father) just weeks before its release, an online leak, and an underperforming lead single that was attributable to the two points prior.

Still, Bey worked the era (pregnant and all) and delivered music and moments that are timeless.

‘4,’ for yours truly, remains Bey’s best body of work, hence it’s awesome to see it receiving its due. Moral of the story is that while wins may not materialize immediately, they can (and often do) in the long run. As has been the case here.

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  1. T February 6, 2018

    Yass Queen Bey!!!

    • The Wig Snatcher February 6, 2018

      LOL…and who would you give that honor to???

      • Drinkmybussyjuice February 6, 2018

        Justina Timberfake 😂😂😂

      • Suicide Blonde February 6, 2018

        Too many women doing great things in music, each one of them in different fields, Beyoncé is definitely one of the leading women in music, but not the first, one can say that Adele is the Queen of music based on her monster sales alone, but Beyoncé is above her in the touring department, so is Celine Dion but then Madonna is bigger than both in that department, Rihanna reigns supreme on the charts, etc, success is relative, so is relevancy, Beyoncé status in the music industry is not above all those women I mentioned, not matter how good her PR team is.

      • Bianca February 6, 2018

        @suicide blonde you worded that perfectly and didn’t take away from anyones success.

  2. Kai February 6, 2018

    The Beyonce Juice

  3. TeaOnly February 6, 2018

    First Lady of Music keeps on slaying! Imagine paying Spotify dust yet still racking up them streams through their platform. She’s currently the 16th most listened to artists WW with no new music of her own since 2014. 💀

    • Datredd23 February 6, 2018

      I remember when Clive Davis shouted Rih out aswell in 2014 pre Grammies and she got a standing ovation aswell !

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler February 6, 2018

        She’s not the 1st lady

    • Datredd23 February 6, 2018

      This was in 2014 hun 4 years ago lol and she’s not married to a music mogul why would she be First Lady ? Lol gtfoh

  4. Iyy February 6, 2018

    4 isn’t even top 3 of Beyonce albums. It’s literally the worst set she’s ever released. Self titled and Lemonade have better music. DIL,Bday, and IASF have better vocals and music. I’m not even sure why her fans tout this as the best she can do when she did way better before and after 4.

    Congrats on the record though, that’s pretty dope.

  5. ??? February 6, 2018

    lmao so now roaches are clinging to streaming like they always accuse rihanna fans? this album was still a 4LOP lmmfaoooo

    • Bianca February 6, 2018

      thank u!!!!!!!

      • Electrikblue February 6, 2018

        Haha yea when we hit a billion streams. Stay negative and angry. Also stop using the free computer at the laptop so much

  6. Bianca February 6, 2018

    the hypocrisy in this post alone speaks to how this site hates rihanna just cuz she’s rihanna. and all the ppl in here praising it. rihanna gets number ones and yall holla so theyre generic bey gets one thats not even hers and it HAIL THE QUEEN, THE SLAYAGE rihanna BEEN the stream AND digital queen and its so she don’t sell albums bey finally does one thing in streaming rihanna hasn’t done probably not far from doin and here we go with this queen s***. question if she is such an album seller wtf is streaming if streaming is cheating and all that other stuff yall scream. its only basic if rihanna doing what bey not

    • RihYonce February 6, 2018

      That’s where your wrong sis. We all know Beyoncé is a pure album seller. Rihanna is a streaming force hence ANTI did great in streaming but couldn’t go platinum in pure sales. 4 on the other hand (which y’all called a flop) sold over 3 million records without a massive first single so stop. 4 is finally getting the recognition it deserves. & let’s not act like Beyoncé wouldn’t be even more of a streaming force if she cared enough to put it on Spotify. But anyway B7 is coming VERY soon.

      • Bianca February 6, 2018

        missed the whole point so I’ll just say it. Any success rihanna has its discredited just to praise beyonce when she does it there do you understand now? the album seller thing must only count for the states cuz rihanna sells albums

      • blue February 6, 2018

        you missed the point entirely.
        also rih’s album sales are very close if not identical to bey’s. Anti sold the same amount outside the USA as lemonade did with a huge streaming lead.

        also notice how Rih has been killing the streaming era and not one post about it or when it’s mentioned its dismissed.

        also if bey had released lemonade on spotify, her pure sales would be less than they currently are, and seeing how any of the singles from that era failed to become hits, it’s reasonable to think that her numbers might pale in comparison to Anti’s

  7. Francis February 6, 2018

    Musically, it’s one of her best records.

    She needs to leave that Tidal mess, ‘Lemonade’ could be bigger if only she released it in all streaming platforms, ‘Formation’ was a hit without a proper release. Jay is dragging her down, Matthew would never allow this s*** to happen.

    • Killian February 7, 2018

      I totally agree say all u want about Bey becoming her own woman ,Matthew would never have allowed this to happen

  8. blue February 6, 2018

    congrats to bet but this blog…
    Google it!

    • Bianca February 6, 2018

      wont report that cuz they cant discredit it or throw beyonce’s name as a way to overshawdow so they just won’t report it.

  9. Ashanti February 6, 2018


  10. @KurtisLeeSinger February 6, 2018

    She needs Lemonade on all major streaming platforms now also!! I could be streaming it from my Spotify account but instead it is played on my iPod 🤷🏽‍♂️

  11. Datredd23 February 6, 2018

    Well Anti is closed to being the most streamed female album of all time! Kudos to Beyonce too! Rihanna’s unapologetic hit a billion streams not too long ago along with a few other of her albums where was her post?

  12. Bravo!! February 6, 2018

    For me, this was beyonce epic era, and my opinion Beyonce first classic album. I still listen to “4” album till this day, also made me fall in love with frank ocean writing skills. A lot of people miss out on this album, but with a billion streaming this album is finally getting the listen it derserved.

    • Datredd23 February 6, 2018

      This is my favorite Beyonce album!

  13. Kaz February 6, 2018

    I mean, her stans have nothing better to do than be online worshipping her, fighting her battles, while streaming her s*** in the background all day, everyday…lol

    • TeaOnly February 6, 2018

      But you’re here everyday hating under a new account. 🐸☕

  14. RoyalKev February 6, 2018

    This album deserves so much more than it was given! Of course, Beyonce had us drooling over new music, but I think this album cam eat a time when people so desperately wanted to take Beyonce out! It was met with so much resistance and everything during this era was so controversial (for no reason). This album is classic! The last two ears blew my mind (with themes, performances and visuals), but ‘4’ is golden imo! It’s an underrated treasure!

    • RoyalKev February 6, 2018

      *last two eras

  15. YouFatusankoh February 6, 2018

    Good for her she work hard

  16. mr.m February 6, 2018

    This is her last good album
    Self-titled and Lemonade are over hyped and would’ve flopped HARD if they were released normally without the “surprise-hype-omg” factor #fact
    she’s smart commercially.. but musically… forgettable.. sorry

    • DanYiel Iman February 7, 2018

      Obviously your mad because anything posted about Beyoncé negative messages from you are always here!!

  17. Danyboo February 6, 2018

    Relevance… You just can’t take that away from her.

  18. Olusheyi February 6, 2018

    Wow get it Beyonce

  19. TeaOnly February 6, 2018

    Lmao! People are so pressed talking about Rihflop. What the f*** does that h** have to do with this post? These are the same people who complained on this blog for years talking about “BeyHive always gotta bring up Beyoncé in post that isn’t about her!”. Talk about hypocrisy. 💀

    • Datredd23 February 6, 2018

      If she would get her fair share of posts and ones on her accomplishments we wouldn’t say anything TGJ decided to post something on RIhanna about the negativity she was receiving for wearing a raccoon fur coat! Like so irrelevant when they could have posted the success she had with raising 2.3 billion for charity! Like where’s the positivity for Rih they hate her and it shows

  20. DanYiel Iman February 7, 2018

    That’s awesome 👏🏽

    • Strawberry. February 8, 2018

      No, no,we still save a seat at the table 4 Princess Rihanna. It’s just that Beyonce is the Queen of Pop. Adele, Taylor &’em dont cause all dat conversation! #watch da dam throne!

  21. Alex February 8, 2018

    But she’s not a streaming force?? Ok!! 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

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