Janet Jackson Spotify Streams Surge After Super Bowl Sunday

Published: Tuesday 6th Feb 2018 by David

Janet Jackson‘s stock on Spotify has risen…and it’s all thanks to the Super Bowl!

Sweet news for the ‘Unbreakable’ performer below…


On Sunday night the performer’s nemesis Justin Timberlake was welcomed back to the Super Bowl fourteen years after he- during his guest appearance on Janet‘s showing- did this.

The incident saw Janet banished from the industry and forced to release the albums that followed the incident without the support of a system her sales had upheld for almost two decades.

How her loyalists responded to Justin’s return to the same platform she is said to be banned from? By launching #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay.

The result? Major Spotify gains.

US Weekly reports…

Following a day when social media users started adding the hashtag #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay to their posts, the “All for You” singer, 51, received a 150 percent increase in streams. “All increases were calculated by comparing US streams in the hour that followed the broadcast with the same hour the previous week,” Spotify explained to Us on Monday, February 5.

For JT the news was just as good!

Check out the percentage increases for his jams following the big night below!

“Filthy” (266%)
“Rock Your Body” (300%)
“Señorita” (291%)
“SexyBack” (332%)
“My Love” (203%)
“Cry Me A River” (329%)
“Suit & Tie” (553%)
“Until The End Of Time” (671%)
“I Would Die 4 U” – Prince cover (916%)
“Mirrors” (537%)
“Can’t Stop The Feeling!” (148%)


Your thoughts? 

[Photo credit: Solaiman Fazel]

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  1. ??? February 6, 2018

    lol only difference is that timberp*ss will drop like a stone next week and his performance will be forgotten lmfaooo.

  2. pat February 6, 2018

    the Queen better show out in 2018!

    • IWISHABITCHWOULD February 6, 2018

      Yes the TRUE Queen of Pop!

  3. Suicide Blonde February 6, 2018

    The love she’s getting is not genuine, it’s all about ruining JT.

    • Stephy February 6, 2018

      Whitney Houston is the Queen.

      • HappyAssJanetFan February 6, 2018

        Yes, Whitney was the Queen for her time but…
        Janet is the Ultimate Queen😁

    • Blessed February 6, 2018

      STFU you monogoliod looking racist clown.

    • Cough Cough February 6, 2018

      She just had an arena tour and her last album went number . Obviously the love is genuine, you’re just bitter. And yes we also like to ruin Justin but that’s just an added bonus. He’s cancelled.

      • HappyAssJanetFan February 6, 2018


    • G7Pat February 6, 2018

      its very genuine. People of all races are starting to realize how stupid they were for turning on her after the superbowl

    • NOW CONTROL THIS. February 6, 2018

      So people thought they should listen to Janet to ruin Justin… ok. LOL

      You really are a little pressed Madonna fan aren’t you, shame really.

    • Jasmine February 6, 2018

      @Suicide B|tch who are you to question the love Janet gets trash? Get lost loser. Janet’s love comes from natural public interest in her and her music and a natural boredom with Justina after that snoozy SB performance (which I refuse to watch!)! There are numerous accredited critics publicly stating that Justina’s SB performance was a mess (CNN, MSN, Yahoo, plus the hundreds of blog sites). SB performances are supposed to help boost an artist’s career and not make people bored.

    • HappyAssJanetFan February 6, 2018

      Man, stfu! Even if some ppl aren’t true fans and, are just happy Timberprick is floppin’ so what? I like allies. And, who tf are you anyway? What’s your job description… Justine Timberd*ck’s Professional D*ckholder. Go away, peasant!

  4. RoyalKev February 6, 2018

    Janet deserved every second of this! Her impact is felt in countless ways in this industry and the Superbowl halftime show is not any exception! Janet made it was it is today! Of course, the streams went up, it was her day!

  5. BeyKnowlesBest February 6, 2018

    Can’t hold a Jackson down! Queen Janet Legendary!

  6. Bam February 6, 2018

    The look on her face in that clip when he exposes her breast says it all, it was an accident. Glad people are hitting up her back catalogue as we await a potential new album.

  7. Lake Erie February 6, 2018

    Damn!!!! I love this WOMAN!!!!! Smh!!! I want to see more of her! Smh.

  8. Diora Couture February 6, 2018

    i really never felt (nor feel) that the Boobage was accidental. How can an entire society see that whole piece of leather AND the pink lace all NEATLY come off at once. (plus the bood just happens to have that lovely piercing???)

    Did anyone at any point ever show the actual costume and pointed out where the accident occured? I’m assuming that is real leather and shouldn’t rip as easily. And that boob very accurately fell in (or out of place).

    • pat February 6, 2018

      that’s not the point. even if it was planned they both should’ve shared equal responsibility since they both were equally involved.

    • NOW CONTROL THIS. February 6, 2018

      First of all Janet has had piercing on her breast since the 1990s a good nearly 10 years before the Superbowl in 2004, you can see this in her Velvet Rope promo pictures circa 1997/8.

      Secondly, Justin was to rip of the black leather part of the of the costume ONLY, not the Red lace underneath, he ripped both and that is how the breast was accidentally exposed.

      To add, Justin ripped too early, he ripped on “END” when he was supposed to have pulled on “SONG”
      “Gonna have you naked by the END of this SONG”.

    • Jasmine February 6, 2018

      You are missing the point. The point is that Janet should never have been blacklisted for nearly 15 years after that incident. It really was not that big a deal and viewers watching it barely got to see a niple for less than a second.

  9. Xtina4life February 6, 2018

    I’m laughing cause Janet new dam well what she he was going to do. How the hell does she have the nipple cover on. You would think she wouldn’t if she was caught by surprised. I feel like she had that on knowing dam well that was gonna pull it off. I love Janet but they both knew dam well.

    • cora February 6, 2018

      I thought the same thing for a long time. I saw that part of her top falls off a few minutes before JT yanks at it. She looks terrified afterwards &that was before this incident was known as some big scandalous issue. If JT wasn’t held responsible, Janet shouldn’t be either tho.

      • Its me Gowrl February 6, 2018

        Queen stop with the copy and paste

    • Jasmine February 6, 2018

      You are missing the point. The point is that Janet should never have been blacklisted for nearly 15 years after that incident. It really was not that big a deal and viewers watching it barely got to see a niple for less than a split second.

    • Cora February 6, 2018

      https:// http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v= npF1lkKEM9o
      Watch from 2:15 on. The white girl dancing on the end even picks up the piece that falls to the floor 3 secs later. I think this is why the top so easy to tear off.

    • Its me Gowrl February 6, 2018

      Shutcho bleedingpussy ass up! Tell BLOODtina to stop sshootin that stuff I her lips. She look a mess!

      • Xtina4life February 6, 2018

        I’m sorry but Janet I get all the hate, why should just get blacklisted when Janet probably came up with the idea and it failed hard. Even if justin said something ahe would of still be blacklisted.

      • Jasmine February 7, 2018

        @Xtina4Life You asked a question and it got answered. Why are you repetitvely asking the same question unless you are a retardded racist? The answer is below no STFU and sit down:

        “Janet should never have been blacklisted for nearly 15 years after that incident. It really was not that big a deal and viewers watching it barely got to see a niple for less than a split second.”

  10. Its me Gowrl February 6, 2018

    She a true queen! No performance and STILL making major impacts!! Janet! to be expected if Justin, he performed.

  11. HappyAssJanetFan February 6, 2018

    Now, that’s what I’m talking about!🤛💖

  12. DanYiel Iman February 7, 2018

    IMO her live vocals are always a MESS!!

  13. Caleb February 7, 2018

    Watching that gif I’m really starting to believe it was true that he ripped harder than he was supposed to and removed more clothing than was intended. She looks incredibly stunned.

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