Social Media Continues To Blast Chris Brown Over Beyonce Wish

Published: Tuesday 13th Feb 2018 by David

Chris Brown has a serious problem.

What it is? The polarising nature of his legacy.

For, while some commend him for maintaining his position as one of the world’s biggest stars, many cite his declining pure sales and quality of his new material as grounds for their refusal to name him one of the greats.

Worrying, as he now finds himself forced to look on as Beyonce, Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Drake elevated to heights his critics believe he will never reach.


Now, the critical mass has launched a scathing attack on his art after he took to Twitter to reveal that he’d like to tour with the first three artists mentioned above.



The public’s estimation of Chris’ career below…

Totally unfair.

However, with so many agreeing with the messages above, we hope the undeniably gifted Brown uses the criticism as motivation to deliver music and videos just as brilliant he is.



Your thoughts?

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  1. I hate Blacak. And Whiyte bitczhc February 13, 2018

    . Beyonce is a rip off copy cat thief. Who is jealous of Rihanna

  2. SMH February 13, 2018

    The roach nest is the most pathetic, low class, uneducated, ratchet, delusional fanbase I have ever witnessed in my life. I’m no fan of Chris Brown, but that girl’s fans need to stop acting like she’s the greatest thing to ever walk this Earth, because she’s NOT. and her basic record sales & lack of Billboard hits reflects that. Truth be told, they’re on the same level creatively & commercially so the insects need to STFU already.

    • Danny Bey February 13, 2018

      If they were on level the same level you’d see the same results. Did Beyoncé hurt you? You sound ashy and dumb.

      • SMH February 13, 2018

        And if I wasn’t stating the truth you wouldn’t have felt the need to respond. Does the truth hurt you? That’s usually what makes her fans get in their feelings and lash out.

  3. Cumtwat February 13, 2018

    I ? Chris brown very tatatent man he would bring fire to anyone who calabrate wit him hold ur head up ur fans got u!

    • Mother February 13, 2018

      B****, where the f*** did you got to school?!?

  4. Chil’ February 13, 2018

    People fail to understand how talented he actually is

  5. Jasmine February 13, 2018

    So he can’t dream? What is wrong with people these days. Who attacks a man over his dreams?

    • DaRealest February 13, 2018

      Say that again! ?

  6. Ousha February 13, 2018

    ALL yall chris brown haters need to f****** die already

  7. Justme February 13, 2018

    The same ones supporting him are the same ones just like his fans NOT buying his music.

    • DaRealest February 13, 2018

      I don’t care what none of the haters say. I know if Chris hit the tour with beyonce and them that will be Awesome! And just because people are still holding from his pass it don’t matter. Chris is still shining. A little advice to you hypocrites and wanna be self righteous mfks. Let him without any wrong doings throw the first slang or lo blows on this individual that have admit his wrong doings. I guess if he was hiding and still doing it then it will kool huh. Mann! Yall need go someone where and sit down and be humble. Smh.

    • tyana February 13, 2018

      HBFMO IS PATIUNM!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

      • Caleb February 13, 2018


  8. de truth February 13, 2018

    First off Chris Brown IS a better dancer than Beyonce Rih and Bruno. Yall stan too hard just be real you have your faves but dont be delusional. He has been labeled a bad guy since the Rihanna incident and most white ppl will never forgive him some blacks wont either. He really would be a way bigger star had that not happened lets not act like this isn’t true. His music has always been great but it seems like he doesnt always release the right singles. Anyway lets not forget if Bruno was African American he wouldn’t he get the same praise even with the same music.

  9. Jeannie CEE February 13, 2018

    You sad haters out there for Chris Brown need to freakin back off. Your luves so sorry that bashing Chris makes you relevent. I mean you dub ass must know none these celebs you hypying up to me untouchables give a s*** about you right. So what is the point of dogging out One Celeb over the next. Wow it never surprises me how you haters find the energy or the time to wastes to say so much negative s*** in one breath. I’m totally convinced you haters have no life. NO ONE will be edified by your nasty insulting language. Get a life please!!

    • DaRealest February 13, 2018

      Thank you. It couldnt have been said no better. Let that dude live and be happy.

  10. A&R February 13, 2018

    Yo… this cut me and I’m not chris. I think it cuts because for the first time I’m seeing how much his negative decisions has impacted his legacy. Truth be told, Bruno is getting all of CB’s glory. That’s because there isn’t any one else. Bruno is good but that’s it. He’s definitely not outstanding and I hate that society has placed him in the circle with Bey and Ri. The dude is hella safe and delivers bare minimum within the world of stage performances. Again, he’s good (I’m not saying Bruno is bad) but at the moment he’s nothing great. Chris really has the talent, creativity, and drive… he poor decisions though.. and him currently just working with anyone.. it’s bad business man. It cheapens him so much. Man, this low key has me emotional. Christ would be where Bey is if he would’ve never had the domestic violence case and then went out of control. He can actually sing too… lol just those drugs.

    Oh man.. my heart is heavy. So heavy. Damn??

    • de truth February 13, 2018

      Preach! everything u said is str8 truth! and tbh ppl bring other artists accolades is weak because at the end of the day no matter how many Chris Does have number 1s and a Grammy. Other than Bruno or Beyonce most relevant Rnb male or female singers would love to be on Chris Browns level.

  11. DaRealest February 13, 2018

    If that man want to ride with them people then let it be.. Y’all some dumb ass folks. That man is kool. The same ones that is on here hating and throwing lo blows are the ones thats miserable can we all just get along.??Go Chris. Keep doing it. The ones that ain’t feelin ya is just still amateurs. Don’t know no better.. ?

  12. DaRealest February 13, 2018

    Say that again! ?

  13. Justme February 13, 2018

    All of sudden people writing essays about cb. His music isn’t that good it is a repetitive as the Migos.. when you watch him perform he doesn’t sing live.. Bruno music regardless how u feel about it doesnt sound the same as it does when he first came out . Listen to fine China that’s something on a different formula then he does. Ppl wnt variety and cb ain’t that

    • DaRealest February 13, 2018

      Stop watching. Then there will be no more hating. If you dont like what you seeing then cut ig off. That just like a mf. Mad because he trying and you aint doing s***. Just like the rest just voicing your opinion. No difference so dont get in your feelings because ones are showing who they favor some love. This aint no competition about who like Bruno mars or who like Chris. Much love for both.

  14. John L. Anderson V February 13, 2018

    Now I like Chris, he has some bops and I enjoy his older music but just because he is a great dancer that does not mean he is a great performer. When I think of Chris , I think of wasted potential.

    • DaRealest February 13, 2018

      Mann! Y’all sleep. Chris can get on anything or with anybody and make they music a hit. He can dance..perform..sing..and Rap..Go put your head in the toilet for saying that.

  15. ??? February 13, 2018

    Lmao the roaches are mad cuz if chris and roach go on a tour together, hell show just how basic that b*tch really is lmfaooo

  16. TheNewKidOnTheGrape February 13, 2018

    The girl who said he should do a tour with Usher and not Beyoncé because Brown is not near the level of Beyoncé…Either this person is dumb or too young.@chrisbrown Chris Brown is not on Usher level neither. The things she said about Beyoncé( sales, hits, #1 songs & #1 albums ) applies to Usher too. Don’t get fooled because hangs out too much with Chris Brown.

    • Caleb February 13, 2018

      Ikr. Does this person not have a clue who Usher is? Usher’s one album ‘Confessions’ has sold more than all 8-9 Chris Brown albums combined.

      • tyana February 13, 2018

        don’t matter what happed to hard to 2? oh that,s right it Straight up flopped hard.

  17. Bounce Back February 13, 2018

    Beyonce is overrated; her delusional fans treat her like she is a music God.

    She serves you stale album after stale album of other writer’s work and you think that because she gets on stage and shakes her ass and does a little shimmy she is God’s gift to music.

    If anything, her fans should be praising the multitude of writers it takes to craft her “sound”…..

    • Justme February 13, 2018

      Ooh you definitely need to be on Google doing research than on the. Numbers don’t lie but people do just like you . U better look up next time u comment on her. Her last album went platinum. It actually sold over a million copies not counting the streams. Her last tour sold out only 49 shows. $256Million . U better look her up b4 commenting on her.

  18. Tino February 13, 2018

    Bruno is a great artist love the guy but comparing him to MJ is a joke. Live performance wise he just ok with those lil frat boy routines lol but combining album sales single success impact influence and live performance Usher is the closet we’ll see to MJ.

    • Tino February 13, 2018


  19. A&R February 13, 2018

    Hol Up… I AGREE that ppl trying to deny that Chris is one of thee most talented performing artist alive, is wrong; but, I can’t stand here and let you all act like Beyoncé isn’t deserving of her status. As a proud Beyoncé supporter I can safely say Chris Brown,without the scandal, would give Beyoncé a run for her money. I legit think, because of male privilege and his potential, Chris could’ve been the bigger star and Beyoncé runner up with Rih sitting at third. Chris was slated to be MJ reincarnated. Outside of the scandal Chris also isn’t as business savvy as Beyoncé. That’s where Beyoncé beats all of these stars. She’s talented, works her ass off.. hence her development as a dancer, and her business is STATE OF THEE ART! Bruno is also a sound business man.. which is why he is grossly overrated. The dude branding and strategy is tight. Rihanna has started to perfect her business and is on Beyoncé heels. If Rihanna perfects her art.. she’s going to be a living legend too.

    In closing, give Chris his rightful glory but don’t knock King Bey. Sorry.

  20. Tino February 13, 2018

    Bruno current prime compared to Usher prime Usher wins Bruno is basically a singles artist. Yeah his albums have sold 1 and 2m but Usher was selling 5m plus an album and yeah the music industry was better back then but when you’re a great that doesn’t matter. Last i checked Adele Beyonce and Taylor was still selling 5m.

  21. Tino February 13, 2018

    Usher has been out 25 damn years. Just cause his past 2 albums wasn’t successful doesn’t mean He’s not a legend. Prince and MJ later work wasn’t as successful but they were still considered iconic up until they deaths.

  22. Tino February 13, 2018

    Chris is talented yes but live performance wise he can’t sing. When it comes to hot 100 and album sales he just doesn’t measure up FACTS

  23. DanYiel Iman February 13, 2018

    Beyoncé sells arenas without anyone!! ? ?

  24. T-southafrican guy February 14, 2018

    Why does people think the world of beyonce..every damn post on this website then shes dragged in…shes a great performer yes.i give her that…but not a great a singer…beyonce steal ideas and style from the legends and make it as if its all her original style…wakeup people..forget about bey for a second okay..

  25. crazyc April 19, 2019

    no limit was still in the top 10 hot rnb songs on billboard and so was missin’ u. good kisser, i don’t mind and she came to give it to u were all big hits as well. i just wish he released tell me as a single. all 8 mins needed to be on the radio station.

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