Stream: Justin Timberlake’s New Album ‘Man of the Woods’

Published: Friday 2nd Feb 2018 by Rashad

Four years have separated longtime fans of Justin Timberlake from new music from a studio effort, but that wait came to a welcomed end tonight with the release of ‘Man of the Woods.’

Two days ahead of a highly anticipated performance at Sunday’s Super Bowl LII Halftime Show, Timberlake’s newly unleashed LP is a star-studded affair featuring the likes of Grammy winners Alicia Keys and Chris Stapleton alongside production contribution from the likes of longtime collaborators Timbaland and The Neptunes (Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo).

The 16-song project was kicked off by the moderately received ‘Filthy,’ ‘Supplies,’ ‘Say Something,’ and most recently its title track (click here to listen).  Curious to hear what the rest of the album sounds like?  Look inside to hear:

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  1. Cough Cough February 2, 2018

    Sorry I would but I have this paint drying and I REALLY need to watch it ??????

    • ??? February 2, 2018


    • Fancy BISH February 2, 2018

      LMAO, this whole album is hot garbage hunnie! ??

  2. Ughhh February 2, 2018

    I turned the whole album off after Flannel. He tries to immitate Prince, which he can never and should have never tried. I didn’t find one song I liked before then and I will never know what the rest of the album is like because I’m not here for this bîtch at all. This bîtch can choke in the woods and I still wouldn’t be here for it.

  3. Erica February 2, 2018

    This is his lotus & Bionic, good thing he has the super bowl

  4. Latina chick February 2, 2018

    I am jamming to Justina’s new album because she is white trash just like me. We are both old bottoms who love to groove to the sissy bop.

    • Strawberry. February 2, 2018

      There you heard it from the horses’ mouth,TGJ.. suicide just admitted that “latina chick” is in fact an old gay racist WHITE man!

      • Yawn February 3, 2018

        I suspect a bunch of these “girls” are just dudes (gay ones)…

    • Caleb February 2, 2018


  5. Jahmal February 2, 2018

    I Love “Wave” and “Man of the Woods”

  6. Belladonna February 2, 2018

    Oh my god this album is boring lol I liked Justified & Future S** Love Sounds but for the most part Justin isn’t really the best at much really. The only songs that are ok ( just ok) Are #Montana #Breeze Off the Pound #TheHardStuff & #YoungMan But the thing about the song Young is he talks about fighting for things you believe in but what the hell does JT fight or stand for???? He is the definition of a Basic B*tch in his personal life & he’s the biggest bystander of all time. He’s the opposite of what it Means to be Brave & he’s build a career off of f*cking over the Women around him (Britney & Janet) So yeah. Lol

    • Mar February 2, 2018

      This got right to the point lol. I get what he was trying to do musically and I actually appreciate alsome of the elements to the album…. Buttttt I just wish the music were more melodic and structured. The Album sounds very experimental. But I enjoyed a couple tracks. Flannel was pretty good upon first listen.

  7. Belladonna February 2, 2018

    Adele has a lot of White privilege that has got her very far but know one can say she doesn’t deserve success. But if you take away JT being White,Male & Straight I don’t think he would have a career. If he were Black, a Woman or Gay he would never have made it.

  8. Stephy February 2, 2018

    Another Prince rip off

    • Jasmine February 2, 2018

      I have to disagree with you Prince never released anything like this. We know that Prince used to copy MJ to try and stay popular because that why black artist do but this is a different sound, plus I can’t even remember the last time Prince had a hit single or Album apart from his old stuff.

      • Jasmine February 2, 2018

        Suicide stop impersonating me racist trash. Everyone knows I do not type like that so stop it b|tch!

      • Jasmine February 2, 2018

        Justina is a copy cat who is always trying to steal from black artists like Michael Jackson and Prince and Janet Jackson and Usher and Timbaland and Cee-lo Green.

  9. LiLi’n’RiRi February 2, 2018

    EEWWwww no. u should be listening to Tell Him by Lauryn Hill

    • Stephy February 2, 2018


  10. Aj February 2, 2018

    This is the biggest pile of steaming sh*t since Bionic and NERD’s most recent album. It’s so self indulgent and boring. I didn’t think he’d surpass the 20 20 experience in that aspect but he managed. Much like Reputation, this will most likely oversell

  11. Suicide Blonde February 2, 2018

    The album is great as a whole body of work, very experimental, there’s really no hits on the album, so no single from this album will do well on the charts. This album is not for those who want to see him dance or those who want him to make SexyBack type of songs.

    • Fancy BISH February 2, 2018

      At least you’re being honest! I respect that ??

    • Jasmine February 2, 2018

      Suicide stop impersonating me on here you racist B****. Nobody cares about your little opinions so get lost

  12. tru.tea.ldn February 2, 2018

    Man of the woods is a good song. TBH
    think this album goes over black peoples heads this album is not for us…
    it is for his people white america. And i think the album will be well received for them.
    Justin is very very socially aware & is not going down the same road as iggy n macklemore so he is moved away from cultural appropriating and is trying to make music for middle america and i don;t think the album is that bad 3.5/5 stars id say…

    only thing is he was happy to rival usher when cultural appropriation was okay. now its not hes back pedlling & going to chris stapleton etc. but yeah album will still sell whether black people like it or not.

    • Cough Cough February 2, 2018

      Music isn’t race specific as black ppl don’t listen to only one genre of music. You sound clueless. “Black ppl” lol.

      • Haters Gon’ Hate February 2, 2018

        Music isn’t race specific – and no – Black People dont listen to one type of music.. however – Black People were checking for his music previously – and notably feel some kind of way that he used to be ‘urban’ and now he’s transitioned away – coupled with the Trump era – and the resurgence of negative mess about his perceived snub (and white privallage) re: Janet after Super Bowl – it’s safe to say he has alienated some of his previously ‘urban’ BLACK audience.

    • Caleb February 2, 2018

      Gtfo. This wack album didn’t go over anyone’s head that’s for sure.

      • Fancy BISH February 2, 2018

        lmao ?

  13. Mike Breezy February 2, 2018

    “He is the biggest bystander of all time”. Of course he is. Because he doesn’t yell as loudly as the next person and focuses on his life and his passions. “Everybody says say something, say something”. Whether you like it or not, Justin and not those “faux-activist” pop stars will rock the superbowl. Not everyone has to be an activist. It’s a choice and Justin chose a long time ago. Think seven years away from music.

  14. Liam February 2, 2018

    This is his worst album it’s just ok I respect that he stepped outside the box but the execution failed maybe next album he gets it right ??‍♂️

  15. Boytoy1814 February 2, 2018

    This album was made for Trump Deplorables

  16. Yawn February 3, 2018


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