She’s Coming! Beyonce Rehearsing 11 Hours A Day For Coachella

Published: Tuesday 3rd Apr 2018 by Sam

The countdown to Coachella is on for Beyonce – and music’s reigning royal is readying herself rigourously.

Full story below…

True to form, Queen Bey is taking an Olympic like approach to preparation for the Californian spectacle – which takes place over two weekends later this month.

According to TMZ, the singer has ramped up rehearsals for her headline slot and has multiple 11-hour days booked at a top rehearsal space in LA. There, she and her team of dancers, choreographers, technicians and tech crew are getting to work for what is promised to be a must-see extravaganza.

Word is that Queen Bey has drafted in round-the-clock security (as many as 7) to keep the rehearsals top secret so as to avoid any leaks.

As widely reported, the diva was initially set to perform at last year’s Coachella but pulled out due to the high-risk nature of her pregnancy with twins Rumi and Sir.

It would appear she’s going all out to ensure this more than compensates.

‘Coachella’ kicks off April 13th and wraps April 22nd.

We’re ready? Are you?!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Meteorite April 3, 2018

    If Beyoncé decides to drop a single or album around this time… Christina Aguilera you are f??ked! And rightly so! No one told you to take forever to release an album!

    • ??? April 3, 2018

      lmao yeah right, they both came out in the early 2000s and roach still hasnt matched xtina’s album sales lmfaoooooooo

      • JuCantBSerious April 3, 2018

        Right…she’s exceeded them.

    • OLivier April 3, 2018

      How many time Christina top Forbes list . How much her touring worth?? How many Grammies mtv vma bet. Etc Christina has?? And by the way Beyonce sold way more album than Christina worldwide.. what’s christina net worth? Please hAters make my queen relevant that’s your job..

    • Jasmine April 3, 2018

      I don’t think Christina is screwed when Bey drops an album this year. You act like people can’t afford to buy more than one album. The problem really is that only a small percentage of people are buying albums. It really is all about concert tickets. If Christina tours then she will make good money but her star power is declining by being so slow. She is missing out on being a sought after artist to the new generation. In today’s market she should want concert audiences of all ages.

    • cory April 3, 2018

      Do Beyonce fans realize Christina’s first album outsells Beyonce’s first two COMBINED is US sales ALONE? I don’t even have to add worldwide. Let’s not compare the two.

      Christina has outsold Beyonce in US and Worldwide album sales. Both are great but let’s not act like she’s the biggest ever.

      US Sales:

      “Christina Aguilera” 9.2 million
      “My Kind of Christmas” 1.1 million
      “Stripped” 4.4 million
      “Back to Basics” 1.8 millon
      “Bionic” 330k
      “Lotus” 300k

      Total: 17.13 million

      “Dangerously in Love” 5 million
      “B day” 3.4 million
      “I Am… Sasha Fierce” 3.2 million
      “4” 1.5 million
      “Beyonce” 2.3 million
      “Lemonade” 1.5 million

      Total: 16.9 millón

      • Jasmine NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ April 3, 2018

        The difference is Beyonce has been consistent with decent numbers. Christina had big numbers early and has been a commercial failure, music wise, for a really long time. Beyonce, tho not the biggest seller, has been consistently a decent seller her entire career and that’s for 20 years and she’s the biggest touring act of her generation. Christina doesn’t have any of that to her credit, she’s a judge on “the voice “

      • Jasmine April 3, 2018

        You cannot skip Destiny’s Child sales. Nice try though.

      • OLivier April 3, 2018

        U need more update if u think lemonade is at 1.5 millions you dilusional..

    • China April 3, 2018

      While Christina Aguilera has the BETTER voice and A+ range. BEYONCE gives ICONIC performances with her B+ vocals. Beyonce will never match Christina in Vocals, but Christina has had flop after flop and poor Material. Christina refuses to embrace her soulful roots and make that Soulful stripped CD. She has destroyed her own legacy. Mariah/Whitney/Celine/Madonna ………..she will never be

      • Its me Gowrl April 3, 2018

        Girl stop up. Christina just yells

      • IOWNTHEWORLD April 13, 2018

        Christina has the better voice? The only VOICE she has these days is that pathetic show she’s on.

  2. Yeah I said it… April 3, 2018

    Go ahead Bey!!

  3. fatusankoh April 3, 2018

    You go queen Bey god luck with all you do god bless protect you and your family for life your haters will never win

  4. ??? April 3, 2018

    lmao she needs 11 hours a day to give the same booty poppin in a onesie to prerecorded tracks that she always does? lmfaoooooooo

    • King z April 3, 2018

      My thoughts exactly

      Who rehearses damn near half a day for days on end to come I come our given the same routine

      • King z April 3, 2018

        *to come out giving

      • Jeans April 3, 2018

        Exactly. Same ole same ole

        Same onesie, different designer
        Same 10000 girls on stage
        Same blowing fans for effect
        Same lip syncing
        Same tired one line dancing
        Same booty poppin

        Chile keep it

    • Jasmine April 3, 2018

      Maybe rihanna should try it cause she’s the worst performer while bey is regarded as the best of this generation. Did she have her baby yet btw!?

      • Meme April 3, 2018

        Why is rihanna name always in your spitty mouth? This has nothing to do with rihanna. At least rihanna gives us something different each time and not the same recycle bull.

      • Jasmine April 3, 2018

        Rihanna gives the same boring lifeless performance. Bey is regarded as the best on stage of this generation, rihanna is regarded as a joke on stage. Dry vocals, dry dancing… borrrrring

      • The truth April 3, 2018

        ???Not a Rihanna fan talking about performances. Rihanna is the WORST performer of this generation,..thee WORST! And that alone is an understatement. I literally have second hand embarrassment for her when she hits the stage ?

    • Meme April 3, 2018

      Facts, if you’ve seen 1 Beyonce performance you’ve seen them all. She literally does the same thing over and over and over and over since she started.

      • KillMonger Was Right (Tyler) April 3, 2018

        Rihanna sucks in comparison……so whats your point?

  5. Jeans April 3, 2018

    For the same show she been doing for the past 10 years?

  6. Gee April 3, 2018

    I know that her production value of her shows have gotten from MCWT up to now but the routine is basically the same unless there are some major surprises in store. But props to Beyoncé for still putting in work all these years later.

  7. iamdiego April 3, 2018

    Go head BB!… Now don’t get me wrong…I am hoping for something different this go around as far as setlist (vocals), hair (dark) and wardrobe (i’m over the leotards too) but If you feel she that she does the same thing….why do you continue to watch? lol I will never understand the mind of a Beyonce hater. I think secretly you can’t wait for Coachella lol.

  8. B2B April 3, 2018

    This woman doesn’t make $200+million on the road for no reason, but you probably think she buys her own tour tickets too. maybe y’all fav need a routine and stick to it because clearly what she is doing is MF working. QUEEN BEY FOREVER Outgrossing all y’all faves from Adele to Drake to Rihanna and Taylor. With the same ole performance allegedly.

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