The Predictions Are In! Tinashe’s ‘Joyride’ Set To Sell…

Published: Saturday 14th Apr 2018 by Sam

It’s been quite the journey for Tinashe and new album ‘Joyride.’

Announced way back in 2015, the project was subject to several false-starts and abandoned launch singles.

Fast forward to this week and the LP finally landed in stores after a “tringle” was rolled out ahead of its release (see: ‘No Drama,’ ‘Faded Love,’ and ‘Me So Bad’ respectively).

After all the pre-roll-out hoopla, what are the album’s numbers looking like?

The answer awaits below…

According to Hits Daily Double, ‘Joyride’ is set to open with the following:

[Sales Plus Streaming]
[Pure Sales]


While the SPS figure tallies with other releases in the Urban arena, those pure sales are horrible. There really is no way around it.

If the set is to have any legs, she’ll need to establish a hit from it quick.

But with these numbers, one has to wonder how viable extra pushing actually is.

Whatever happens, there’s no denying Tinashe’s talent and tenacity. So, here’s to hoping she lands on her feet – in one capacity or another.

Your thoughts?

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  1. ~The Arcade~ April 14, 2018

    Atrocious figures… Man but I do like No Drama lol

  2. W April 14, 2018

    How can people or her label expect it to sell more if usa radio dont play her music?

    Urban and mainstream radio are s***. They just support the same people over and over. No surprise most r&b, urban Girls are struggling, the industry doesnt support them. Only to a few

    • Guest April 14, 2018

      @W Nah, ya’ll can’t blame the industry forever. Enough people heard those songs released to be able to push them. They just didn’t do anything about it. I know I didn’t. Because I didn’t like any of those 3 songs. Solange and SZA both did it. And they did it with a lot less promo by the way. People liked what they heard. Personally, I feel like Tinashe’s artistry has constantly been compromised in hopes of making her into a pop star. Which was the worst idea ever because it reads as wannabe. No Drama is the same sounds people been hearing. She should’ve picked more meaningful collabs too, instead of just throwing in every rapper she could get. And if you read her critic reviews, it’s not Tinashe’s live performances or videos that doesn’t capture people, it’s her voice on records. So If you already got a basic voice, you can’t sing basic songs. No Drama was a record literally any other black female artist could’ve sang, and honestly, they probably would’ve sang it better. No Contest may have faired better. That’s the one her stans were waiting for and it doesn’t sound like anything on the radio right now.

      • A. April 14, 2018

        have u seen the latest numbers of Jhene Aiko, Keyshia Cole, Sevyn or Khelani?

        ALL of them had a poor debut. all of them. This is not about Tinashe, its the industry. Whoever thinks otherwise is blind.

        as I said, some artists succeed, like Solange and co, yeah, but they are the exception, not the rule.

        and wait for the numbers of the next albums of Monica, Ciara and the like. It wont be that different.

      • Jasmine April 14, 2018

        You are “blind” and deaf if you think those 3 new songs are hot. It is just microwave popcorn trash music with no substance. Now Drake is making microwave music too but at least his popcorn has some butter on it.

      • Guest April 14, 2018

        @A. I think that the industry will always be a part of the problem, but it isn’t all to blame. Ya’ll immediately attribute Tinashe’s failures to the industry as if there is no possible way, the music’s a part of the problem too. Superlove, Flame, No Drama, Faded Love, Me So Bad, NONE of these were undeniably amazing songs that didn’t succeed simply because of the industry. You think these were hits??? “It’s not Tinashe.” You’re blind if you think she’s been putting out such fantastic music to the point where it’s only believable that it’s the industry’s fault. And I hated Sevyn’s last album. And interestingly enough, those other girls either had the same or less than the amount of promo Tinashe’s had, and despite their low sales, they still performed better than her. How is she selling the same or possibly less than Keyshia Cole? That doesn’t add up. And Jhene’s was a surprise release. Are you aware that there’s a fraction of people that exist who do know about and hear Tinashe’s music but don’t receive it? You don’t see the criticism she gets on social media and on other music blog comments? I suppose you believe those people’s opinions about her music have nothing to do with her music and it’s all the industry’s fault? If it’s all the industry’s fault, I guess there’s nothing she can do right? Might as well give up.

      • Paulo April 14, 2018

        @A, you crazy. Kehlani sold 10x that much pure sales. Solange did 60k with a surprise release no radio

    • Jasmine April 14, 2018

      Her fans want to blame the label and blame radio play but refuse to face the reality that her songs are not hot! I heard all 20 of her songs and only liked 1 out of 20 which was Player (a song not on her album). No artist is entitled to radio play. It is earned. With social media her songs could have easily been streamed more, buzzed about, talked about, and purchased on itunes if the listening public was feeling them. Hell, even her so called fans are not supporting her with these low numbers.

      • Faf April 14, 2018

        Drake is drake at this point his hype and videos about current topics (black women winning) is what makes him likeable

        Tinashe doesn’t have edge she’s talented but there’s no personal story

  3. Guest April 14, 2018

    I’m liking Salt and He Don’t Want It. There are a lot of individual songs I can see people liking, but I don’t like them together as an album. This has to be the least cohesive album I’ve seen from her. She could’ve benefitted from a better, more interesting, album concept. Nightride>Joyride

  4. Fancy BISH April 14, 2018

    Sheesh sis lol

  5. Lake Erie April 14, 2018

    Well…. on another note. She is still consistent. If I’m not mistaken, she sold around these numbers on her first album. So idk… sounds like a label issue to me. If I’m not checking this site or on Twitter at the right time, I wouldn’t know anything shes doing. Smh.

    • A. April 14, 2018

      exactly. Great point.

      You just cant start the promo the week after your album, well, one tv performance, and the night before the album release another one. That doesnt work. not for these lesser known artists.

      People like Beyonce, Pink, Rihanna, Adele, Gaga and co. already have a huge following. But these new girls dont. so the labels cant expect similar numbers or half those numbers. If the promo is small, and radio dont play their music, they wont sell more. ever. Its common sense.

      Just because all of us on here follow Tinashe doesnt mean the general audience knows about her new album. They dont! lol. They dont hear her music on the radio neither she had 5 tv performances or some Awards shows (like people like Camila, Taylor, Pink and the like had). Sometimes people forget how hard is the music industry… you have to work too hard to even have a decent hit, and with a big machine behind you. If you dont have that, there is no way you will have a hit album.

      only a few cases from time to time break the norm. Its called luck and the right team and media support.

      • Lake Erie April 14, 2018

        Exactly! IT’S A LOT of people who do not know her album is out right now. Smh Barely ANY promo for this era. A video release isn’t enough today.

      • Guest April 14, 2018

        Lol. You guys are really delusional to think people don’t know this album is out. Even the WWE social media is out here promoting this girls album. She’s getting more promo than Kehlani, Jhene, SZA, and Solange had combined. Tinashe is not a well known artist but if you think the amount of people who know about this album is proportionate to 5-7k in pure sales, you’re crazy. She didn’t get a video release, she got three video releases with four different rappers, a GMA performance, a late night show performance, and anybody following Billboard, Fader, or Tidal gets the album release announcement. But that’s “barely” promo? Ok.

      • Lake Erie April 14, 2018

        @Guest WWE? Well that’s a interesting audience to promote to… as if they paid attention of that’s true.. … Next, her album isn’t even in a lot of the stores in my city, so I could imagine how many other cities are experiencing the same thing. And I could also imagine HOW that would equate to pure her sells obviously, along with the lackluster promo. Video releases aren’t enough in today’s climate… People make and upload videos every day ALL DAY. There’s nothing SO special about videos anymore. It’s not enough for her which is the POINT I made above with the other commenter above. There were so many avenues HER TEAM could have visited to VISIBLY get the word out. That last minute GMA and Late night show though? Lol. And let’s not even look at that BIG picture of all the gaps in between when she FIRST announced the title of joyride and “HOW SOON” it would be coming. For all everyone knew, her album has been coming for the last 2 YEARS. No consistency, who was going to keep up? Again, I doubt MANY knew her album dropped on Friday. I like Tinashe but Her promo was a FAIL.

      • Lake Erie April 14, 2018

        ALSO, I disagree with Jhene, SZA and Kehlani… ESPECIALLY Kehlani & SZA… idk if you was under a rock.. but they got hella promo. And Solange pulled a beyonce, but after she dropped album, she got hella promo after.. so nah..

      • Guest April 15, 2018

        Hella promo?? Explain that to me. Jhene dropped a surprise album?? What promo did she get?? It was after her album dropped that she performed When were young on Jimmy Kimmel. Kehlani had the distraction single and video. She then had the CRZY single and video that she performed on Jimmy Kimmel AFTER her album came out. And Sza has the Love Galore video the Rihanna feature. Solange dropped a surprise album too. And like you said, Solange got promo after her album dropped but her FIRST week sales were still ten times that as Tinashe???? So….. nah. Tinashe got hella promo. Maybe 3 whole videos isn’t enough for Tinashe, but it was certainly enough for everybody else. That only shows her mediocrity. Everybody else was able to do more with less. I guess Tinashe just needs the extra help…

      • Guest April 15, 2018

        Also the other artists didn’t have physical albums in stores their first week of release either. Why are y’all acting like Tinashe isn’t succeeding because she has to face obstacles no one else did? “It’s because it’s not in stores” ? “it’s because they got more promo” ? “it’s because her promo was last minute” (even though everybody else’s promo happened after the album release ?). Stop. They had the same chances. The other girls just did better.

    • Jasmine April 14, 2018

      Sure blame her label. It’s the label’s fault people were not feeling any of her 20 singles or 12 videos. That makes a lot of sense.

  6. Theman April 14, 2018

    They don’t play her music. So how can she sale? These labels don’t back these artists without huge followings.

    • Jasmine April 14, 2018

      The artist has to pop off on their own. The public has to believe they have the IT factor. Look at Rihanna vs Tearra Marie. The label invested more into Tearra initially but Rihanna popped off better with Pon Da Replay than Tearra’s No Daddy plus Rihanna won the public over with her celebrity filled drama lifestyle (dating Chris Brown, never denying rumors she hooked up with Jay-z, leaked nude photos, etc). Simply put Tinashi is boring. Who exactly is interested in her music or her life besides a small group of fans? These numbers are better than I expected and her fans should be happy that it opened with these high numbers (although I expect these predicted numbers will likely be higher than her actual sales).

    • Guest April 14, 2018

      EVERYBODY started out that way though? The artists today that have huge followings didn’t have their fans “given” to them. They were backseated by their labels for not being popular just like you claim Tinashe is. But they worked for it, gained fans, and the more popular they got, the more opportunities they received. Why is it that you think Tinashe should be given the perks of being a successfully selling artist without being a successfully selling artist when everyone else had to pay their dues the same way?

  7. Meme April 14, 2018

    This is horrific given all the promo this project was given. I mean everytime I log into Facebook and IG I saw an ad, I walk to times square big ole billboard, I turn on my TV she’s performing, countless videos and big features.

    Y’all really have to do better. And honestly if you ain’t support the album don’t come on here commenting.

  8. MurdaBrunette April 14, 2018

    If we look at Aaliyah back in the day, her first week sales for her albums were close to this, but it didn’t make her less of a star

    • Jasmine April 14, 2018

      Lies! Tinashy is not anywhere near Aaliyah’s level of sales, fame, beauty, likeability, relateability, and hit making history. Yall Tinashy fans are very delusional! It is an insult to lie on Aaliyah like that. Tinashy is just a one hit wondrr. She lacks the easily recognizable beauty Ashanti, Aaliyah, and Mya had to sell records and the exotic beauty Rihanna has. Tinashy also does not have a sound…all her songs sound like demos for bigger artists
      Aaliyah had her own sound and hit making ERAs with each album! There is no comparison. Not to mention when Aaliyah was alive she had huge competition…Whitney, Toni, Mariah, Celine, Mary J, etc. You cannot compare 90s charts with millions of sales from urban music to modern day charts where sales are pennies on the dollar to 90s sales.

  9. Evan April 15, 2018

    Are her singles still on radio though? Her label didn’t even do much, thinking social media influence are the priority they could hang on to. Thing is Tinashe’s new music still remains buried in the middle somehow. No Drama sounds like a song to sit on Hot 100, Faded Love too, and Me So Bad is somehow yes. Those are songs people listen to. R&B/alt R&B isn’t doing well commercially, but can her label at least doing something like TDE did to SZA?

    • Lake Erie April 15, 2018

      Exactly!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!

    • Jasmine April 15, 2018

      Those songs might have charted better if SZA sang them instead of Tinashi. Tinashi is boring / whack / unrelateable for music consumers.

  10. DanYiel Iman April 15, 2018

    I like her sound at least she’s a better live vocalist than Ri-Whine-A!! Ole flat key alto!!

  11. iam April 15, 2018

    Dang, she bought all those C.D.s…..just hoarding them. I tire of people talking about “the right push!” There isn’t a commercial for Ramen noodles, but they sure are popular.
    The chick is just a basic mixed girl, she dances tooo damn hard in everything. She doesn’t have the “It” factor.
    To prove my point, most people don’t even know how to pronounce her name. Her music, her image, just like her name is hard to remember. Is it Tina Shay, Tin-Ashy or Tin -otch ey?

  12. Trent April 16, 2018

    Flop queen

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