R. Kelly Says the #MuteRKelly Campaign is 30 Years Too Late

Published: Wednesday 23rd May 2018 by Rashad

Is the #MuteRKelly campaign 30 years too late?  There’s one person who definitely thinks so;  R. Kelly.

The R&B legend is seen in a recently surfaced video addressing the ongoing campaign – supported by fellow celebrities, industry insiders, and music lovers alike –  calling for the removal of his music from popular streaming platforms.  Weeks after the hashtag first began making its rounds, Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music all answered the call in favor of his detractors (click here to read more).

Unsurprisingly, his supporters struck back by helping boost his streaming numbers on the platforms who continue to play his music. With all the hoop-la continuing, the ill-timed video suggested that Kelly directed his ‘too late’ comments to his most recent accusers.  His team says he was referring to the music platforms who have abandoned him.

What do you believe?  See the shocking video inside and weigh in:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jasmine May 23, 2018

    He is telling the truth. People have a right to not listen to his music just as much as his fans have a right to listen and enjoy his music. Freedom of Speech. It is not right for anyone to ban his fans from enjoying his music. I’m happy his fans interpreted the #MuteKelly crucify campain as a public awareness campaign that R. Kelly music is available on Spotify and other streaming services to listen to. LOL. Now that’s karma. LOL His streaming numbers went up after this viscious attack. Yes they are 30 years too late. After listening and enjoying this man’s genious music you cannot deny his fans access to listen and enjoy his hits, even though must of us own the physical copies of his music at home. To this day I still like to make love while the TP-2 album is playing in the background. His music is genius and classic. People need to be fair. You can’t pick and choose who you campaign to “mute” based off of allegations. Mute EVERYONE (regardless of race) who had allegations or STFU.

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine🙋🏿‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️ May 23, 2018


    • JasmineIsTrash May 23, 2018

      Jasmine is a moron…

    • Jasmine May 24, 2018

      The bullying and obsession continues…. Why oh why can’t this white man leave me alone? Suicide Blond trolls this site day and night looking for my comments so he can respond to them and attack me while hiding behind his fake “Jasmine” fan troll accounts. He even wishes I was a heshe like him even though I have told everyone multiple times I am all woman. I wish he would leave me alone and stop coming for me. We are not compatible and I am not looking for arguments. #Peace_And_Love_2018. Send him some love yall. He needs it. I would send him some but I know he would just repond with more attacks and bullying.

      • Axl May 24, 2018

        Boo-hoo shut up jasmine! How can you say someone makes bullying to you if that is what you’ve done to this women attacking Kelly?
        Go read again some of your past arguments on this blog to defend him and attack this girls!
        You call them h***, s**** and even say they open their legs and now cry for help.
        You’re sick and must’ve problems!
        So don’t cry wolf after someone makes to you what you’ve done to them sugar!

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) May 24, 2018

        Axl these are grown women not little girls! I did not bulky anyone! I call a spade a spade. This white man who goes by the user name Suicide Blonde has been stealing my profile pics, creating multiple troll accounts with my user name, and impersonating me on this site. That is cyber bullying indeed. If I call an accuser a w**** it is because they truly are one.

      • I’m Not Jasmine I am Aladdin May 24, 2018

        Jasmine is a slutttttt…
        She offered her virginity to Kelly but he refused
        She was lower ever by his standards
        Street hooker and if I say she sold herself I have the receipts

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) May 24, 2018

        If I am those disgusting vile things you call me then why are you so infatuated with me? Why do you stalk all my comments? Why do you have multiple fake troll accounts all targeted at me? Why are you obsessed with me? See you are just projecting your fantasies onto me but it is unfortunate you will never be me. You are beneath me. Stay in your place and keep those disgusting names to yourself. I’m too classy to stoop to your immature name calling gutter level.

    • F* that PEDO RKELS May 24, 2018

      WOW. lol yo R Kelly straight up makes PEDO music and anyone i know that still listens to his PEDOFILIAC WHISPERS will get called out LOUD AF in front of everyone. PEDO PEDO PEDO, you guys can all keep stuffing this PEDO AND SEXUAL PREDATORS pockets all you want. Just like Age i guess your $$$ ain’t nothing but a number.

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) May 24, 2018

        Pedo are adults that like young pubescent children (ages 1 to 11). R. Kelly had NEVER been accused of being with pubescent children. Thus, he is no pedo. You are dumb, dumb, dumb. Furthermore, R. Kelly has never been convicted nor does he face any criminal charges for being a “sexual preditor.” Again, you are dumb dumb dumb. You want to crucify a man based off od rumors and accusations and want others to validate your idiotic opinion. Think for yourself for once and think outside the box. I make my own decisions and opinions and stand behind them.

      • Carly Simon May 24, 2018

        Aleluia my friend!
        “F*** that pedo Rkels” you’re right once a pedo always a pedo. This sick sad old perv kinky man can cry what he wants i don’t care. He should be muted and should be kept in jail.
        He would love 2b the boyfriend of some of the other men jailed there. Special of the day: R.Kelly ass rsrsrs
        Maybe he could even sing his hit(miss) with Gaga “Do what you want” to the innumerable men gangbanging him there.

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) May 24, 2018

        Carly keep your sick gay fantasies to yourself. You seem like the last person who should be condemning anyone with your projected prison gay fantasies. With those graphic details perhaps you are depicting your own fantasies about being imprisoned and being gangbanged by other men.

  2. DanYiel Iman May 24, 2018

    Hell isnt that damn near ADMITTING that you’re a damn P********?!!🤔

    • Hannah May 24, 2018

      YES! He just admitted he is a pedo, sick, perverted b****** who done all the things he’s been accused.
      But can’t be prosecuted bcd the statute of limitations.
      And I’m shocked how there’re still people saying he’s innocent and wrongful accused!

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) May 24, 2018

      Desperate much? You are so hungry to convict this man you don’t even have any logic or comprehension here. If he is saying they should have done this 30 years ago it means he is confident he has not been doing anything illegal. He is saying this nonsense campaign should have happened when he had criminal charges against him. He was found not guilty on all the charges.

      • gina May 24, 2018

        No dear, he wasn’t found not guilty, the cases were moved to his hometown where he had judges in his pocket & had the cases thrown out. Not the same thing. Stop trying to defend this pedo, you sound like an idiot every time you type your delusional novels defending this perv.

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) May 24, 2018

        Gins you can go on youtube and listen to the jury interviews. They clearly state their reasons for finding him not guilty. If you don’t even know that it was a jury who found him not guilty and not a single judge then you are obviously not informed enough to be condemning him. You are just going off what you heard in the media and not the facts dear.

      • CrayCrayEyes May 24, 2018

        Jasmine you need Jesus in your life girl! Brainwashed desilusional girl!
        You can have your opinion but respect others. You have to answer to all the comments god. Keep your opinion but don’t try to enforce her on others.
        I think he is a sick pedo perv and so. Not going to change it for one million of your b******* comments.
        Respect others and pray a lot for the salvation of your immortal soul.

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) May 24, 2018

        My opinion is an informed and intelligent opinion based on the legalities surrounding this. I do not make opinions derived from fear or emotions like you obviously do. Too many times people have formed opinions on others and publicly crucified them only to learn they were wrong about the person after death. People crucified Michael Jackson because they thought he was a pedo and for bleaching his own skin only to learn after his death that he was innocent of being a pedo and he truly had vitiligo! You need to humble yourself and be open to learning the law. There is a reason these accusers adamantly refuse to file criminal charges and no district attorney will prosecute Kelly even though they could without the accusers’ cooperation! Learn the reasons why that is instead of attacking me or assuming you know the reasons behind my opinions. All of your assumptions are dead wrong. Answer this for starters…how is he a “pedo” when he has never been accused of being with young pubescent children? What makes a person a “perv”? Surely role play games are not perverted and actually are quite common. How is it wrong for an older man to like younger women? Age truly ain’ nothing but a number. Ask yourself why federal law states 12 and over as the legal age for consent and many states have 16 and 17 as the legal age for consent. Why the discrepency? It is quite normal for a young woman to be attracted to an older man and vice versa. God made us that way. Don’t ever attack my relationship with God again because my relationship is rock solid. You are speaking to his anointed. Perhaps you need to be a better Christian and stop throwing stones when you are full of sin.

      • Little Eva May 24, 2018

        Not reading this girls comment! U’ve just wasted your time jasmine 😉

      • Little Eva May 24, 2018

        Ps. Btw I also thinks he is perverted and a pedo and a very mentally sick man.
        Bye Jasmine Felicia

  3. gina May 24, 2018

    We all already know he’s a pedo perv, but he’s right. This whole #muterkelly should have started back in 1994 when it came out that he had s** with a 15 year old minor then lied about her age on an official state document in order to cover up the statutory r*** by calling it a “marriage”.

  4. Lmfao_Hoe May 24, 2018

    I swear common sense is becoming so RARE he’s referring to the music platforms not supporting his old and soon to be NEW MUSIC smh hes clearly talking about that decision they made on him. But I tell you this, Kellls music will forever sell and be in rotation whether you like it or not. HIS MUSIC is birthed so many late 90s and 00s babies and continuously doing so right now. HIS CATALOG is up there next to the likes of MJ, Prince, and Marvin Gaye.

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