New Song: Jennifer Hudson – ‘I’ll Fight’

Published: Friday 4th May 2018 by Sam

Jennifer Hudson soars to the rafters with powerful new song ‘I’ll Fight.’

The track, which was penned by the formidable Diane Warren, serves as the official anthem for ‘RGB’ – the eagerly anticipated documentary bio on Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Smartly, the cut arrives alongside the domestic theatrical release of the film (which also premiered today).

Take a listen below…

We like.

If anything is a cert, it’s that JHUD stays booked and busy.

That said, we’re still waiting on her to deliver a new album (as it’s been four years since her last).

Her success in multiple fields in undeniable, but we feel she could still have a “music moment” with a definitive body of work.

Your thoughts?

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  1. China May 4, 2018

    Whose waiting on a NEW ALBUM? Why? To hear her with 12 fillers with NO hit potential. Girl go do Gospel and stop playing….She’s lost weight. She’s cut the weave out. She’s put the weave back in. She is a SHOW TUNES type gal…..tribute queen………

    • Yonce May 4, 2018


    • Yolanda May 4, 2018

      Yes, Yes, and Yes. The industry tried to make her have a better image than Fantasia when she had a baby out-of-wedlock too. At the end of the day, people still want to hear Fantasia sing live. At this point, Fantasia doesn’t have to make new music and she can tour her catalog. Jennifer did one tour with Robyn Thicke. No one wants to hear her sing outside of a telethon or tribute. This song sounds like a soundtrack.

      • DanYiel Iman May 5, 2018

        Yes’m indeed Fanny Mae can tour off of all her albums & give you a hell of a show!!

    • Jasmine May 4, 2018

      I agree China. I think your comment is 100 percent correct.

  2. dee May 4, 2018

    Pass on the screaming!

  3. gina May 4, 2018

    its a shame Jhud gets overlooked. She’s one of the best singers in the game with one of the most powerful voices since Whitney, while goat yodelers like beyonce get labeled as “great singers”. lmao mess.

  4. 4U2SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May 4, 2018

    DISAPPOINTED!!!i clicked on it like a bait because “I’ll Fight” grabbed my attention. J Hudson can sing of course but her voice is not my cup of tea. Hudson voice It drags on & on and Beyonce voice is not for everyone too. Beyonce slow singing songs are much better. When Beyonce over-sings it’s not my cup of tea either. Her country drawling, yodel, and panic screams is not nostalgic smooth. I like Whitney’s voice it is soooo smooth and eargasmic, that I copy on it every single time to ease my soul. I’m glad they are both helping others besides me. Don’t get mad at my opinion to comment and re-post over to counter-claim my theory. Too add, K Michelle and Keisha cole voice is not my ideal tones and riffs neither.

  5. Mr.StLaurent May 4, 2018

    Love it ?

  6. Chile Please!!! May 4, 2018

    Dayum No Shade but I forgot all about her lol! Anyway good luck to her!

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