Whitney Houston Fans Take Aim At Kanye West Over Cruel Publicity Stunt

Published: Friday 25th May 2018 by David

Cruel. Sickening. Nasty.

These are just some of the words to use describe Kanye West‘s decision to license a horrific photo pulled from Whitney Houston’s bedroom after an alleged “episode” and use it to promote Pusha T‘s brand new album.

Full story below…

Determined to generate publicity for Pusha’s album ‘Daytona’, West (who served as one of its contributors) went out of his way to purchase the rights to a photo lifted from Houston’s “drug-infested” bedroom.

This of course sent her fans spinning.


Whitney’s estate is yet to respond.


Your thoughts?

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  1. ~The Arcade~ May 25, 2018

    Wow kanye knows no boundaries. Horrid.

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) May 25, 2018

      Kanye and his permanently placed resting b|tch face are cancelled.

      • Abel May 25, 2018

        Yes agree add Kanye to the canceled list right after that p******** RKelly

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) May 25, 2018

        Kelly will never be canceled until ALL celebrities with allegations have to suffer repercussions. You can’t pick and choose based on race. ALL or nothing. His fans will support his music which is why his streaming numbers went up after they removed him from Spotify playlists.

  2. Xoxo May 25, 2018

    Yet another reason why no one should be supporting his dumbass. I’m so done with him it’s not even funny and I wish no one was giving him the attention he is longing for and maybe just maybe he’ll stop doing sh!?t like this. What if someone posted a picture of his mother during her surgery or just the room where she went under? Would he think it was ok? WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS MAN??!!!!

    • IG@dirtfreshnews May 25, 2018

      He was gonna use the surgeons face for his album cover but couldn’t get permission so he does this s*** to himself too

  3. DanYiel Iman May 25, 2018

    Wow and to think folks will buy this foolishness because it’s considered art?!! He should have used his mother’s death situation as the picture to be shown!!

    • Stars Are Blind 98 May 25, 2018

      Or Kim’s sextapes. Plural because she shot two but only released the one her mom approved of. #Tea

      • Mother May 26, 2018


  4. Olusheyi May 25, 2018

    WTF is Kanye thinking. I hope this album does not sell at all. That is beyond f***** up

  5. Yolanda May 25, 2018

    Let’s see what Charlamagne has to say about this!

  6. May 25, 2018

    Damn, what is wrong with you Kanye West….

  7. ??? May 25, 2018

    lmao remember folks, this is the same man that said roach had the greatest video of all time. so hes always had severe mental problems lmfaooo

  8. @KurtisLeeSinger May 25, 2018

    Kanye is over and this is from a big Kanye fan! I can’t with him
    The choice of slavery now this
    Shocking he has finally become a Kardashian and NO ONE wants to keep up with Kanye no more!! Exit stage left!!!
    He’s no longer a man of substance!

    • Caleb May 27, 2018

      He has now out-Kardashianed the Kardashians with the fuckery he’s been doing these past weeks.

  9. Lmfao_Hoe May 25, 2018

    Smh I can’t this isn’t f****** art it’s disrespectful and if I were related to Whitney nevertheless even as a fan I would want to slap this b****. Kanye it’s over, your season has already found itself cancelled. From supporting Trump to disrespecting a Black Queen ?? Oh hell no. Career definitely over and your sells gonna look worse than Pablo was on Tidal now

  10. Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ May 25, 2018

    Wow the public is about to docro Kanye like David did to TROLLMINE on 5-3-18 and 5-24-18… clock, expose and CANCEL!

  11. Teflon Boy May 25, 2018

    How is Pusha out here acting as though he isn’t complicit in this mess? As huge a personality as Kanye West is, he isn’t going to decide someone’s artwork without their consent. I mean, Pusha T claims he had no idea. Like Bruh, are you really that removed from the creative process?

  12. Casual May 25, 2018

    Kanye walks that fine line. This is certainly tacky, but it’s art. And I’m saying that as a Whitney “stan” from long before Eminem and the song “Stan,” which begat the term.

    Minor note: The pic was NOT taken the day Whitney died but years before. It was a pic published in the tabloids (Enquirer, I believe) at the height of her drug addiction. I believe Pat Houston was behind it, following through on a threat to expose Whitney’s drug addiction as a way to get Whitney into treatment.

  13. tesha May 25, 2018

    Put KIM K screen shoot of her swallowing raj s dik!

  14. Dan May 25, 2018

    Kayne West use you dead mom for f****** PATHETIC overrated piece of s***. Bobby Briwn comin for that ass

  15. Black Women Matter May 25, 2018

    Kanye West ought to be ashamed as a BLACK man disrespecting one of the most iconic and successful artists of all times, who broke many barriers in music, film, and television…a black queen – known as Ms Whitney Houston. Kanye West has lost all of his credibility as an artist, as a man, as a damn human.

    Whitney Houston set the bars so high that even she couldn’t break them; and that says a lot abt her groundbreaking career.

    It is a shame that in death, this woman continues to me mocked and disrespected by her own ppl. This is why white folks do not have to do too much racist acts nowadays, because black ppl does the job for them and to their own ppl.

    Kanye West just disrespected the most decorated and influential female vocalist of our times and put a price tag on her.

    That photo of Whitney’s alleged bathroom was staged anyhow. Whitney had moved out of that house 4 months after the pic was taken by Bobby’s sleezy sister Tina Brown. But that’s another story for another day…

    Anyhoo. I hope he has saved his money or that trash bag he’s married to takes care of him ” because this insensitive and disgusting act has put the nail in his coffin.

    Rip Queen Whitney

  16. King May 25, 2018

    Says the hypocritical people that watched her and her daughter’s crack addiction play out on vh1….humans i swear

  17. Chunbelievable May 26, 2018

    Playing devil’s advocate here but maybe it’s one of those harrowing images which people shouldn’t be so quick to forget about. It’s a poignant reminder of the consequences of drug abuse (something Kanye is probably all so familiar with right now).
    Using this infamous picture makes the message all the more powerful as addiction can destroy absolutely anyone, even those on a pedestal as high as Whitney’s.

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